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Training Log: veinbuster

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  flexibility7 4:43:00
  Cardio2 4:08:11 80.96(3:04) 130.3(1:54)
  weight training2 1:14:00
  Other1 1:00:00
  Snow shoe1 56:20 0.65(1:26:50) 1.04(53:58) 19
  Total13 12:01:31 81.61 131.34 19

Friday Jan 21 #

7 AM

flexibility 42:00 [1]

I can’t remember a month in southern Ontario with this many -20C days.

Still better than the north where I remember going 20 days without getting above -20.
9 AM

Cardio (Tacx/Strada ) 2:06:09 intensity: (35 @1) + (28 @2) + (12:09 @3) + (56:57 @4) + (56:00 @5) 65.2 km (1:56 / km)
ahr:148 max:170 shoes: D2 2D action blue road

Zwift Tempus Fugit age ride

I planned to keep the power down today and consider it a success to have maxed at 218 watts. For the sprints and TT, I just tried to avoid setting a new worst time (Zwift records last 30 days).

A bit more time in the 150s bpm than I planned, but it felt like a good tempo effort.

Age rides: 47 outside, 15 inside

Thursday Jan 20 #

7 AM

flexibility 42:00 [1]

8 AM

weight training 38:00 [2]

Day 2 soloflex and free weights

Wednesday Jan 19 #

7 AM

flexibility 36:00 [1]

11 AM

Snow shoe 56:20 [3] 1.04 km (53:58 / km) +19m 49:22 / km

After taking advantage of low hydro rates to do day time laundry, I opted to play in the snow before it became blocks of ice.

I thought I would take a shot at making some happy faces. The first was more a grimace, but lesson learned. It was tricky at times to try to balance making a single line with the moderate wind.

A small group caught me finishing one and played 20 questions about snow shoes. One of them seemed keen on renting a pair.

I went to a nice open space to try a more artful face, which was fun, even if no one sees it.

Then I finished trying to get a scale that would show as a face on my GPS track. To get the look right, I think I would have to stop and start the GPS so there was only a single line, otherwise covering the same ground looks to scratchy. I tried sunglasses, but got the scale wrong for the face.

Not much distance in the hour, but the snow was deep and is now quite heavy. And I packed down the Turkey Trot for the girl next door who comes home that way in the winter.

Cleaned up the drive and my stairs off the timer - Mrs would not approve of me cracking my skull because I was lazy and let the stairs become an ice sheet.

Tuesday Jan 18 #

8 AM

flexibility 41:00 [1]

Procrastinating on moving the snow plow mound from the driveway, though I will need to go out today or tomorrow.
3 PM

weight training 36:00 [2]

Day 1 soloflex and free weights
Only 45 minutes of shoveling today

Monday Jan 17 #


There was more snow on my walkway for round to than what I shoveled in the morning. Oura says 2:41 total time. I didn’t shovel the stair because my compression came unglued.
8 AM

flexibility 40:00 [1]

9 AM

Other 1:00:00 [3]

Round one of snow removal.
2cm fell on my front walk while I cleared off half the driveway and the sidewalk.
Oura says I was out for 1:20. Probably another hour and a bit to finish up.
The back should be good for snow shoes.

Sunday Jan 16 #

7 AM

flexibility 42:00 [1]

Up to -17C when I got up. And still air like we’re supposed to have for that temperature.

Saturday Jan 15 #

7 AM

flexibility 40:00 [1]

12 PM

Cardio (Tacx/Strada ) 2:02:02 intensity: (34 @1) + (1:44 @2) + (25:50 @3) + (1:14:11 @4) + (19:43 @5) 65.1 km (1:52 / km)
ahr:145 max:172 shoes: D2 2D action blue road

Zwift Tempus Fugit age ride

I wasn’t sure how long I would ride, but did mean to take it fairly easy - meaning heart rate not going over 150.

But a giant pace group went by as soon as the scene came up, so I thought I would take a short at catching it. Little chance from a dead stop with cold legs.

Then I got seduced by some new personal bests and ran the effort up enough to PB the long stretch (7.1km)...twice.

The rest of the time I just tried to maintain a decent cadence with a comfortable power level. That resulted in a good pace for the distance and I’m pretty happy that my heart consistently recovered fast enough to end up with less than 20 minutes over 149bpm.

Age rides: 47 outside, 14 inside

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