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Training Log: veinbuster

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road cycle4 14:14:51 169.07(5:03) 272.1(3:09) 2366
  flexibility4 1:12:00
  Walk/hike2 1:00:00 3.48(17:15) 5.6(10:43)
  Total10 16:26:51 172.55 277.7 2366
  [1-5]10 16:25:20

Thursday Aug 17 #

8 AM

flexibility 17:00 [1]

9 AM

Walk/hike warm up/down 30:00 [2] 3.8 km (7:54 / km)

I needed a bit of exercise so thought I would check just how steep the 5 st hill was and then site the route to the river trail to see how Greenspeed friendly it was. Mrs. hoped out of bed to come along.

Garmin said the hill was 24m averaging 15%. I was too slow to get a reading on step by step elevation but believe a bit was well over 20% - maybe 25.

There is a clear route for the Greenspeed which is good. I forgot to shut the timer off, so time is approximate and likely a bit understated.

After getting Mrs a drink at Bike & Brew and lusting after a sweet track bike, I drove her up to Chokolat.
12 PM

Road cycle warm up/down 16:25 [3] 3.2 km (5:08 / km)

I've been wanting to try a Brompton. They have a surprisingly nice drivetrain for a little bike. A very simple two cog derailleur plus a 3 speed internal with a much wide range than I expected.

The steering is a bit twitchy with the 16" front, but not bad once you get a bit of momentum. It would make a respectable travel bike when space is at a premium.

Wednesday Aug 16 #

8 AM

flexibility 21:00 [1]

4 PM

(rest day)

Another rest day. It might become habit forming. Today a few kilometres exploring Bridgeland with Mrs to find interesting foods. She was a bit bummed that Bike & Brew was coffee and not beer. Knoxville is still the only place I know with a bike shop that has caught on tap.

Tuesday Aug 15 #

7 AM

flexibility 17:00 [1]

1 PM

Walk/hike warm up/down 30:00 [2] 1.8 km (16:40 / km)

Walked up the Sheep River bed with Mrs. It was mostly ricer stones so you had to step carefully. Then we went downstream to the falls, which were beautiful. Lots of photos still on my camera.

And I found the tail light stolen b a Texas gate on Friday and then run over a few times. I rescued it for proper disposal of the battery.

Monday Aug 14 #

(rest day)

I thought I would try a complete rest day.
No compression on the leg for 24 hours and I think my foot is back to normal.

Sunday Aug 13 #

9 AM

Road cycle long (Greenspeed ) 5:39:59 intensity: (1:56:35 @1) + (1:40:26 @2) + (1:08:00 @3) + (46:50 @4) + (8:08 @5) 110.73 km (3:04 / km) +963m 2:57 / km
ahr:125 max:156 shoes: DMT road

Day 2 of Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Today would be mostly about looking after my left foot. I also planned to hydrate more aggressively, but that wouldn't require much thought. My plan was pretty simple:
- use lower gears to keep a higher cadence, which I felt should result in less pressure on my foot
- adjust the foot of the compression at the second, and fourth stop
- use all the stops and make a point of pausing without the foot working for a few minutes - I would also fill an empty bottle each stop

I had sent my vest home Saturday because the night temperature predicted to only drop to 16C. Wrong. It was 11C and I was cold. I lined up to exit as early as I could to get moving and try to warm up. The ride started with relatively small climbs and I was warm by about 15km and took off my light rain jacket at the first pit.

Lunch was too early for me at 45km, but I took a long break to sit with my shoes off for about 10 minutes and adjust the compression to end at a different spot on my foot. I filled both bottles - one water, one Gatorade and ate a few chews and a cookie. The other energy type bar stuff all contained either nuts or soy.

On the road I made a couple of brief photo stops (off the Garmin clock) and basically road an easy ride. EMS and a Fire Rescue truck went by just before the 3rd stop, and sadly I found them stopped a short way ahead where a bunch of bikes were in a ditch. An ambulance joined them into the pit stop. I grabbed some fruit here and ate my waffle and the rest of the chews and filled a bottle with eLoad.

The road out of the 3rd stop was familiar and slightly down hill so I ran a nice pace in my top gear (not especially big on the X5) for a nice long stretch. The riders were spread out pretty far by now so I had a very peaceful ride up to the last stop.

This stop had Gatorade close to the road, but everything else was...someplace else. As I approached I heard a clear "rest rooms are all the way down the hill to the right". I went right and just found back yards. Apparently the right was meant to mean after going into the country club. The detour made me hold a bit of a grudge, so I punished the stop by not loitering or taking their food. I just filled a bottle with Gatorade for the last 20+ km.

Again today, at about 90km, my foot started to be quite sore. Yes, I punished myself more than the pit by not taking some maintenance time and adjusting the compression again. I stuck with the low gear and higher cadence, but for a stretch of about 10km cussed as each new hill showed up ahead of me, until the double hump one we were directed away from. I thanked the crew for not making me climb it and got my sense of humour back.

Approaching the finish, the ramp to get people over some dodgy road was too steep for my road clearance, so for the second time on the ride I bashed my steering. Through the gravel bog and then around the corner to the finish shoot where Flight, Greg and Mrs were waiting.

I parked and took off my shoes and walked around in my white socks a bit to have the missed bathroom break and get some fruit. Shortly after my arrival the Olsen clan came by, which was quite a treat. We all had ice cream.

Interestingly, my relaxed approach today had me spend noticeable less time riding. Even with more elevation, none of the hills felt as punishing. I haven't checked moving time to see if that is where the difference is.

Saturday Aug 12 #

9 AM

Road cycle long (Greenspeed ) 6:01:30 intensity: (1:31 @0) + (1:16:52 @1) + (1:11:37 @2) + (1:45:42 @3) + (1:14:16 @4) + (31:32 @5) 111.14 km (3:15 / km) +910m 3:07 / km
ahr:131 max:160 shoes: DMT road

Day 1 of the Ride to Conquer Cancer

Last night a digestive disorder stormed in violently at about 7. I hoped it was just too much dairy during the day - all delicious, but didn't want to bet on it. I had just a tiny croissant and a juice box for breakfast and decided I would pause at each pit stop, even though the map suggested one or two could easily be skipped.

I dressed for the 12C I got up to, but for riding, not for an hour of pre ride sitting waiting for riders to be released. I started shivering so had to play mind games with myself to keep a lid on it. The first 5km where quite congested and there was about 1.5 km of loose gravel - not nice.

The new road west was hwy 8. It was not trike friendly for the first half. Very wide rumble strips on not enough shoulder to ride outside of them. This meant I was in the lane a fair bit and there was lots of traffic. The second half generally had enough shoulder for me to ride outside the rumble strip.

Pit 1 I ate a few chews I brought. Once we made the left to Bragg Creek the road got much nicer and I knew the road so it was quite comfortable. I drank my Tailwind on the way to Pit 2 and tried two cookies there. My Garmin showed 20 of climb in each of the first two segments, but none of it too demanding.

The left at Bragg Creek put us on the same unpleasant bit of road with grime all over the shoulder and inconveniently placed rumble strips. The bad road didn't seem too last too long, maybe 5-7km but this stretch had the big climbs as we went up to something over 1350m - 100 up, 50 down 100 up. Several big curves on the hills made it demanding. It was in this segment that I realized I wasn't able to milk the descents because there was too much traffic. The front discs earned their keep.

Lunch was a bit over 70km and a welcome break. I refilled my bottles, one with eload. I ate half of the sandwich, the carrot cake and the rest of my chew pack. I gave back the trail mix that I might be allergic too and the salad that might have vitamin K. I left lunch having spent 40 minutes in pits.

The next pit was only about 10km away, but I drank most of my water shortly out of lunch so filled one with Gatorade and the other water (one of mine is always water), grabbed a chunk of orange and headed out for the last 29km.

The headwind that showed up leaving lunch was getting increasingly unpleasant - enough that it was the topic of the day in camp. I started to notice a bit of an energy drop about 90km, mostly showing up as dropping off the big chainring sooner on climbs and just sinning a nice low gear towards the top. But, I was also passing a lot more people. Many riders just seemed to have hit a wall.

No traffic control in Okotoks - our guides were just there to tell us which way to turn, but not to manage traffic as they had everywhere else. Sailed into camp alone at pretty close to 6 hours ride time. I stopped the clock for pits, but not for traffic control pauses.

I pulled the bike shoes off immediately. There seemed to be a blister on my left foot, but it may just have been too long with the compression in a tender spot and more bruised than blistered. Flight fetched me to get some mole skin and I put a bit on and cut a few more to carry with me tomorrow.

And camp I quickly consumed my maple syrup pack, a beer, sun chips and a freezee. Quickly followed by an orange juice, two grapefruit juices and a light dinner.

And I'm ready for a good nights sleep.

Friday Aug 11 #

7 AM

flexibility 17:00 [1]

2 PM

Road cycle (Greenspeed ) 2:16:57 intensity: (16:41 @1) + (19:34 @2) + (23:33 @3) + (27:36 @4) + (49:33 @5) 47.03 km (2:55 / km) +493m 2:46 / km
ahr:140 max:167 shoes: DMT road

Flight and another of the Watt Riot crew took me for a warm up ride out of Turner Valley. Beautiful road with minimal traffic, all showing the bikes a great deal of respect. There was a bit of smoke in the air, hopefully the wind moves it elsewhere for the weekend.

Some excellent Parlour Gin drinks at Eau Claire followed up with Village ice cream post ride.

Numbers are highly approximate. I'll load actual s with the GPS, but maybe not until after the weekend ride.

Edit: Texas gates struck the trike again. I lost the top flags on one - Flight rescued them on the return. Another stole my super-duper tail light with enough battery power to last me all weekend. I didn't notice this until I took the trike out of the truck back in Calgary. I mounted my backup tail light - decent, but not nearly as broad a light and less than half the battery life. I put Flights in my bag to use as a backup backup.

Also all three of us have sore throats from the smoke that didn't seem too bad. I'll have twice as much exposure both Saturday and Sunday, so it could be interesting.

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