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Training Log: kgeisen

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Biking5 18:04:05 200.0(11.1/h) 321.87(17.8/h) 14291
  Trail running1 47:10 2.4(19:39) 3.86(12:13) 205
  Walking1 28:00 1.5(18:40) 2.41(11:36)
  Strength1 22:00
  Elliptical1 9:44 1.0(9:44) 1.61(6:03)
  Total8 19:50:59 204.9 329.75 14496
averages - sleep:7 rhr:49

Thursday Apr 27 #

5 AM

Elliptical 9:44 [2] 1.0 mi (9:44 / mi)
rhr:50 slept:6.75 shoes: Brooks Glycerine

Strength (NROLFW2A) 22:00 [3]

5 PM

Walking 28:00 [1] 1.5 mi (18:40 / mi)
ahr:100 max:122 shoes: Brooks Glycerine

Tuesday Apr 25 #

6 PM

Trail running (Jog/hike ) 47:10 [2] 2.4 mi (19:39 / mi) +205ft 18:11 / mi
ahr:99 max:177 rhr:50 slept:7.25

The fact that an incredibly slow jog elicited that 177 is probably a sign that I've got a ways to go for recovery.

Sunday Apr 23 #

9 AM

Biking (TOH loop 4) 4:21:16 [3] 51.9 mi (11.9 mph) +2769ft
ahr:109 max:154 rhr:49 shoes: Airborne Delta CX

Rolled out of Hermann at the very end of the (considerably bigger than Saturday) group, but Mickey waited for me on the Katy and we actually worked pretty well together. He was a big benefit to me here, because left on my own I'd probably have dangled sadly at the back, and if I'd caught up with the big line of bikes I'd have just hung on back there. Instead I clung to his wheel and we passed a ton of bikes.

Once we were off the Katy it was back to mostly solo with him waiting on me at points, but I felt 1000% better than I did on Saturday. Again had issues with hip/numb foot (weird because absolutely nothing has changed as far as bike fit or clothes). I felt like we kept a better pace on this loop than last year so was a little surprised to see that I was 14 minutes slower moving; I guess all those little rests in 2016 helped.

2017: 4:21 moving/4:31 elapsed
2016: 4:07 moving/4:51 elapsed *waited on Jim bc of mechanical
2015: 4:24 moving/5:23 elapsed
1 PM

Biking (TOH loops 5!!!) 4:56:34 [4] 52.9 mi (10.7 mph) +3786ft
shoes: Airborne Delta CX

Some friends had told me this was the prettiest of the loops. Maybe I was too ready to be done to appreciate it. Lots of motivational math went on ("we're a fourth of the way to halfway!"). I didn't think this leg would be easy, but it was way harder than I expected.

BUT I slogged it out and finished. First time in 5 year's I've ridden all 5 loops and my first time with back to back 100 (ish) mile days. Overall it was a very ugly effort and I'm not sure what the problem was on Saturday, but I guess it was good mental training for pushing through when things suck. Definitely channeled the dogged determination that got me through Land Run.

Saturday Apr 22 #

9 AM

Biking (Tour of Hermann loop 1) 2:23:00 [5] 29.5 mi (12.4 mph) +1745ft
ahr:134 max:165 rhr:47 shoes: Airborne Delta CX

Mickey decided to stick with me for the day, mostly because I think he thought chances of me riding all 5 loops were better with company. Even with fresh legs I felt like I was struggling early and often. We can only manage to draft successfully on really consistent surfaces like the Katy or pavement, so his presence here was mostly just that reminder to keep moving forward instead. Had serious doubts about being able to ride the two big hills this loop but managed. Weird numbness in left foot, left hip was bothering me. Seemed to go away after this loop.

After Land Run having operational brakes feels like such a novel and delightful thing.

15 min slower than last year
11 AM

Biking (TOH loop 2) 3:11:16 [4] 33.0 mi (10.4 mph) +3005ft
ahr:90 max:159 shoes: Airborne Delta CX

10 minutes slower than last year.

Eric missed a turn on loop 1 and rode an extra 5 miles, so he opted to stick with us for the rest of the day. This loop felt like a terrible slog, though it didn't seem as difficult as in previous years. I think places that normally have thicker gravel didn't. Only walked one little piece of a hill, rode everything else.

I felt so lousy, was starting to wonder if maybe I was getting what Jacob had. Mickey asked if I wanted to bail on loop 3 if I really was getting sick, but I didn't want to skip it, wake up feeling better, and hate myself for blowing the chance to ride all 5.
2 PM

Biking (TOH loop 3) 3:11:59 [4] 32.7 mi (10.2 mph) +2986ft
ahr:90 max:138 shoes: Airborne Delta CX

21 minutes slower than last year.

Basically on "just get through this" mode. Last year this loop was much harder than I remembered; this year the first half I was all "oh, this isn't so bad", and then got hit with hill after hill after hill in the second half. So, so glad to finish for the day.

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