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Training Log: bartholemeu

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running6 5:39:10 45.56(7:27) 73.32(4:38) 1043
  Cycling2 1:24:16 4.93 7.94 117
  Hiking1 1:00:00 1.55(38:37) 2.5(24:00)
  Total9 8:03:26 52.05 83.76 1160
  [1-5]7 6:03:26

Saturday Sep 23 #

8 AM

Running long 1:56:51 intensity: (2:06 @1) + (4:57 @2) + (33:37 @3) + (1:05:26 @4) + (10:45 @5) 25.5 km (4:35 / km) +146m 4:27 / km
ahr:160 max:178 shoes: Boston Adidas boost

20k mrp turned into 8k,4k,4k mrp. gps says 3:52, 4:05, 4:05, 4:00, so a bit slow.
Stilll think this was a good session, made the most out of a bad day, although it does show I haven't recovered from syd half yet.
K tape did well on the Achilles.
Need to be more hydrated at the start.
2 gels, 750mls

Thursday Sep 21 #

2 PM

Hiking 1:00:00 [0] 2.5 km (24:00 / km)

Took Oscar out for a bushwalk on the wolli track. seemed to like it.

Wednesday Sep 20 #

Cycling 1:00:00 [0]
shoes: Cervelo P3

TT bike fit.
Managed to get a better setup without needing a new fork or base bar

Moved saddle back, down, and tipped forward
Bodge a Trinity riser under the bars for an extra 1cm rise.
turned pads in slighly for a bit of extra width
Changed aerobars to my other longer ones

Left in the shop for re-routing and move gear cables across to the other bars.
They'll then see if they can move the original pads out on the base-bar with risers to give my elbows a bit of a wider plant.
Happy if it can be ready post-marathon for a solid bike block

5 PM

Running intervals 1:03:48 [4] 12.56 km (5:05 / km) +149m 4:48 / km
shoes: GT2000 WhiteOrange

5ish intervals 1.5-2k. around 3:45 pace. Last 2 were windy and undulating. Also tried to keep cadence up and appeared to stay around 170-175 which is nicer than my natural 166.
Was made a bit imperfect by
a) not realising that the lap button on suunto doesn't move to the next interval in your program and
b) needing to stop for an emergency clearout at the tramsheds... again, JUST made it.

heel was feeling pretty good at the start, but tiring at the end... happy with progress on that front, marathon is looking like a go, pacing around 3:55-4

Tuesday Sep 19 #

8 AM

Cycling 24:16 [3] 7.94 km (19.6 kph) +117m
shoes: Cervelo P3

TT bike in to work so i can get a bikefit.
such sketchy handling on this thing... might be a good idea to do all my commutes on it just to get used to how it feels.
5 PM

Running 41:02 [3] 7.42 km (5:32 / km) +105m 5:10 / km
shoes: GT2000 WhiteOrange

Easy jog home with brad, catching every red light

Monday Sep 18 #




In a similar vein to Ondrej and Keelan, heres my current thinking for the next 12 months
Sept - Western Syd Mara
Oct - Bike focus & brick & TT comfort
Nov - Bike focus & half ironman 4h25m (35,2:25,1:25) = 37kmh(210 watt)
Dec - rest, play, travel
Jan - strength and long.
Feb - Tarawera100
March - long & sixfoot
April - vert & mt solitary
May - vert and UTA100
june - rest
july - long technical
aug - long technical & night running
sept - GNW100mile

Would also like to break some barriers with my current PBs. mile sub5, 5k sub17, 10k sub35, Mara sub250.
8 AM

Running 35:30 [3] 6.32 km (5:37 / km) +55m 5:23 / km
shoes: GT2000 WhiteOrange

Recovery shuffle to drop off my RedCycles in pyrmont. pretty stiff and still sore heel, but felt better for it.

Sunday Sep 17 #

6 AM

Running race 1:19:35 intensity: (1 @3) + (5:40 @4) + (1:13:54 @5) 21.11 km (3:46 / km) +580m 3:19 / km
ahr:173 max:179 shoes: Boston Adidas boost

Sydney halfmarathon 2017. 36th
Aimed to run at 3:40s but suspected it would be a bit much, especially with a dead week from a 90% achilles, so was aiming sub80, hopefully by a margin.
Started our well, keeping Ondrej in my sights for the first half, although the 80min pacer seemed pretty quick and close to my tail.
From just over halfway started struggling to keep the legs rolling through although energy was pretty good and achilles felt painful but not restrictive... Didn't feel like i was slowing but started dropping the splits.
Around 6k to go felt like i should probably be giving a bit more and tried to up the pace but couldn't really get the legs moving. Pushed the last 2k so was destroyed crossing the line.

Not completely happy with the time or the race, i feel like i should be able to go a little closer to 1:18, but i guess preparation wasn't perfect, and i should be happy to break 80mins. I think i probably dropped time more because i didn't have the fortitude to push for the whole race rather than anything else.

1 caffeine gel and watersip at 13k

Will see how the heel recovers and decide on either Western Sydney in 2 weeks, or Melbourne in 4.

GPS too inaccurate for analysis, but this says it all... compared to Ondrej who ran consistent splits...
8 AM

Running 2:24 intensity: (1:33 @1) + (50 @2) + (1 @3) 0.41 km (5:56 / km) +7m 5:28 / km
ahr:128 max:136

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