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Training Log: Ari-o

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Trail Run1 7:33:38 18.88(24:02) 30.38(14:56) 2650
  Bicycle2 1:29:47 22.33(4:01) 35.94(2:30) 147
  Rollerski1 1:08:49 11.41(6:02) 18.36(3:45) 52
  Run1 59:19 7.5(7:55) 12.07(4:55) 18
  Total5 11:11:33 60.12(11:10) 96.76(6:56) 2867

Tuesday Jul 23 #


A couple notes on the Presi:

Valley Way: 19% (starting at Beechwood: 14, 15, 16, 21, 17, 25)
Madhaus-Madison: 26%
Madhaus-Gateway: 21%
Gateway-Adams: 26%
Jefferson: 26 up 15 down
Gulfside-summit: 16%
Summit-Lakes: 16%
Monroe: 19 up, 10 down
Ike: 18 up, 13 down
Pierce: 9%
Crawford Path down from Pierce: 15%

So, yeah, the Presi gets easier past Jefferson a little bit.
7 AM

Bicycle 37:43 [1] 9.39 mi (4:01 / mi) +15m 4:00 / mi
ahr:97 max:126

Ho hum ride into the office.

Legs feel good!

Lake Street light wait feels less good.

Monday Jul 22 #

6 PM

Bicycle 52:04 [1] 12.95 mi (4:01 / mi) +132m 3:54 / mi
ahr:99 max:137

I was going to bike somewhere with Elena but it was too late so she drove but it was an excuse to get out since I'd already put on bike shorts.

Went to the car (at the shop) to fetch my watch charger, then out the bike path to Hartwell and back on Mass Ave (avoid 128 exits).

One Tesla didn't signal in Lexington Center. Seventh or eighth sense of biking was "oh this guy is going to right hook me" and he did, so no harm done, but, come on.

Sunday Jul 21 #

9 AM

Trail Run 7:33:38 [1] 18.88 mi (24:02 / mi) +2650m 16:44 / mi
ahr:140 max:204

Presi traverse!

Had this as a thought for a while and then it turns out that my birthday weekend winds up being good weather. Alex reached out without even knowing this and a crew was formed. Up to the Hi-C (pleasantly surprised, although it's showing its age in some ways) which was a good breakfast for the VW. Left later than planned, a combination of "it's cloudy and wet" and "let's pick up Jess" and of course mystery time. In retrospect, we should have gone earlier (the Obs forecast was quite pessimistic, it was clear by 8:30) and had Elena spot the car. Moving time was only 7:30, but with four people—even very in-shape 40-year-old people evenly match—there's going to be someone a bit slower on each section. I haven't done one of these in a group in a while, there's extra time to even this out (not really even mystery time). I could have probably gone a bit faster on my own, but very much enjoyed being with people. I even had the opportunity to give some naturalist programs!

So, 1:30ish up the VW, stop at the huts to leave packs, scamper up and down Madison, kind of windy. Then up Air Line to Adams, oh hey CSU ski alums, want to drive Alex's car around? Oh, you can't? Stick. Oh well, would have helped. Somehow missed Izzy Ridge and went down to Thunderjunk, which adds minimal, and some nice scampering across to Jefferson. I was feeling the climb up Washington. Sat on a bench with Brendan while Alex and Jess went in, and I ate some salty gummies and had a caffeinated gel. Then ran down to Lakes in 21 minutes, a Strava PR, and if they had had "local legends" back in 2013 I would have been the local legend of all of those segments. Dotties at Lakes, and then didn't realize Jess wasn't in the bathroom and spent more time there than necessary. Also, water fillers? Bougie AF.

Felt good the rest of the way. Eurosticks up the VW may have helped (I'm old now, I can use the Eurosticks on the Presi). We picked up another traverse group past Eisenhower and ran with them to Pierce, then Alex and I ran down and I put my head in a stream. She and Brendan went to do that when he arrived, we waited for Jess, she came by and I ran down with her and didn't quite communicate that she was there (I though we had) so they waited for Jess who had already passed. A later-than-hoped dinner and drive but made it home around midnight.

Did three good deeds on the day:

* On the way up the VW, there was a hiker going down with a bloody elbow. We helped him irrigate/gauze/tape it.
* On Clay, there were a couple of Queebs who were looking for the Jewell ("Juh-well") Trail. I gave them directions. Correct, I think. (I think they meant to be on Gulfside.)
* Just before crossing the cog, there was a woman who went straight onto the Great Gulf Trail, going down. She did not look like someone who should be going down the Great Gulf Trail (to be fair, no one looks like they should be going down the Great Gulf Trail). I said "have fun on the headwall" and she said "this is the Gulf Trail, right?" I asked if she was looking for Gulfside, she said yes, I said "oh, yeah, go that way" pointing away from the headwall and probably saved her a very unhappy trip down (and then probably up).

I guess I also helped a thru-hiker navigate (thru-hikers are bad at navigating trails which aren't named "Appalachian Trail").

A perfect day on the ridge with great company and I want to do it again.

Saturday Jul 20 #

12 PM

Rollerski 1:08:49 [1] 11.41 mi (6:02 / mi) +52m 5:57 / mi
ahr:78 max:97

I should have gone out to ski way earlier since it was a nice day for it.

Nice ski out and back to Bedford until I was coming back through Lexington and there was a couple standing on the other side of the path under the train station canopy in Lexington. One of them saw something she was interested in and, without looking, stepped across the bikeway right into my path. I snowplow braked and yelled "STOP STOP STOP" and she did—a stutterstep away from a collision.

I wouldn't have said anything more but after being told to watch out (or something) I said "you wouldn't walk into traffic on a street without looking, so maybe don't do it here, either."

Otherwise despite being a weekend it wasn't too crowded.

Friday Jul 19 #

4 PM

Run 59:19 [1] 7.5 mi (7:55 / mi) +18m 7:51 / mi
ahr:158 max:214

Pretty peppy run in to Cambridge to shower and then go to dinner. Drywalling done, should be done-done in not too long. Also fed tomatoes.

28/12, 7:45s on the bike path, a little slower in town. A sprint to make the light at Lake St. I want to go out and figure out how long the light is from green to full red, then paint lines with speeds for how fast you have to go to make the light from locations further back. So if I'm running at a 8:00 pace, where I can maintain my stride vs where I have to sprint.

This would actually be helpful for a lot of streets, too. "Is it worth it to sprint for the light or am I just going to have to stand there like an idiot panting and sweating?"

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