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Training Log: Ari-o

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Run5 5:15:07 36.93(8:32) 59.43(5:18) 677
  Bicycle2 1:36:04 20.06(4:47) 32.28(2:59) 364
  Total7 6:51:11 56.99(7:13) 91.72(4:29) 1042

Tuesday Jun 2 #

1 PM

Run 49:14 [1] 4.88 mi (10:05 / mi) +283m 8:33 / mi
ahr:138 max:205

Our for a bounding run. Top of the park to start, then five bursts up the steep bits below.

Saw a group of young women sitting on the grass making cardboard signs. Wished them well.

HRM still has all sorts of weird spikes. And it took forever for Suunto to push.

Monday Jun 1 #

7 PM

Run 40:24 [1] 4.94 mi (8:11 / mi) +151m 7:28 / mi
ahr:135 max:200

Lots of calls but a nice evening breeze for a run around the neighborhood, down a dead end and then up the hill.

Leg feels mostly better but still a bit of ow, and a visible bruise.

Sunday May 31 #


And of course today is the day when Suunto decides to not sync.


End of month check in, and news, and new goals.

√ 200 miles (218)
√ 5000m D+ (5999)
√ Bounding (just once, though)
- Not getting injured surfing, other than a thigh bruise
√ Not a lot of yoga, more stretching, but blew through 1000 push up / sit ups this week
√ No 20 mile run, will blame the first May in SD history where every day topped 70˚
- Did not run to the InNOut

Some news: I have a repatriation plan. Flying back to Boston on Monday the 8th, bought a seat in F, wearing a mask, etc, etc. Heading up to Maine probably Sunday the 14th, when my family leaves, then isolating there until they come up the next weekend (which would be 13 days since my flight). Then Maine for the foreseeable future. Office closed until Sept at the earliest, good enough Internet there now to work from home (DSL better than advertised!).

So with that noted, goals for June:

* 200 miles of running. Will be some on trails. With shade.
* 10km D+. Maine is easier than here for D+, with mountains. (There are mountains here, but no shade, and the nearby trails are busy.)
* Bounding: lots, and easier, because the camp road is good for bounding.
* 1500 push ups and sit ups. This is very attainable if I keep my mind to it.
* Run to InNOut before I leave California
* Keep up with the last runner standing, meaning a 20 miler by EOM.
* Ride a metric century, prepare for a century in July.
* Mark out and start building a camp running trail.

Some more details …

* Plans for trails in Maine (I'm not supposed to leave Maine, but NH trails might be enticing, and I'm not going to catch crona out in the woods) are to go where they ain't, when they ain't. So Tumbledown on a weekend afternoon? Nosireebob. Tumbledown on a weekday morning before work? Sure, why not.
* Believe it or not my longest ever day on a bike was about 70 miles back in 2017. On an mtb biking down to the 3 Floyds Brewery from Chicago and back (the next year I did a slightly shorter ride on a 1970s Schwinn Varsity). But I'll have my road bike in Maine and lots of time, so no reason why 100 miles can't happen. I've mapped out some nice routes up there, probably starting with a 65 mile ride with really not much climbing on almost entirely back (non-state) roads.
* More hours! I'm getting in miles right now, but with only roads to run on, feel like it's hard to ramp up much/any more to avoid injury. Would love to mix in trails, bikes and rollerskiing while still running 40-50 miles each week.
* Got the idea to build some trails around camp, creating a loop and connecting over to some ski trails at the nearby school. Because having a 5 mile trail run out the door would be pretty darned nice.
8 AM

Run 2:16:23 [1] 16.41 mi (8:19 / mi) +146m 8:05 / mi
ahr:139 max:187

Suunto app is failing today, their support is nonexistent and their UI is terrible.

But, I finally figured out how to export the .fit file (through the phone app, there seems to be no easy way to get into the watch through a desktop, so who knows if it doesn't download to the phone what I do) and now I'm sure it will sync with AP tomorrow.

Actually, they show up in the data import dialogue, but Suunto just hasn't pushed them yet!

Anyway, needed 16 miles for my contest, and still no marine layer, but at least some clouds. First 6 miles cloudy, and then I went and ran on the beach, which was good for my quad bruise. It was cool and breezy, the surf was quite high, and I ran all the way down the beach. That felt good, so I went back to the other end. Then it was just about the right distance home. Got real warm in the sun off the beach, my last mile was not fast.

HRM seemed to work pretty well, at least!
11 AM

Bicycle 45:22 [1] 9.36 mi (4:51 / mi) +124m 4:39 / mi
ahr:97 max:149

Then, burritos and farmers markets!

I got a chile relleno burrito, and then a chile relleno a la carte, and the guy offered to make it a chile relleno quersadilla, which was amazing, and also I ate a lot of food.

Probably 90% of my calorie intake today was Belinda's, and I am okay with that.

Ride wasn't bad, surprisingly not crowded on the bike path.

Downside of AP: If I forget to stop my watch, it doesn't autostop well. But I do get to see my heart rate during zero-movement time. And the wrist HRM seemed to work well here, although standing round waiting for my burrito at 44 bpm seems low.

Saturday May 30 #

3 PM

Bicycle 50:42 [1] 10.7 mi (4:44 / mi) +240m 4:26 / mi
ahr:95 max:160

Bike to La Jolla to get a book. Thought they were still closing at 4, so we pushed up the hill (single speed strong!) and flew down the other side and then they were open plenty long. But a good workout. Came back the flat way.

Friday May 29 #

5 PM

Run 1:02:20 [1] 7.6 mi (8:12 / mi) +64m 8:00 / mi
ahr:163 max:224

Around the Bay. Cool, cloudy, leg feeling much better. More silly HRM.

Thursday May 28 #

7 PM

Run 26:46 [1] 3.1 mi (8:38 / mi) +33m 8:22 / mi
ahr:181 max:203 (injured)

Test run. Iced my leg for a bit and ran. Could definitely feel it, but it was more uncomfortable than anything else. Went for about a 5k around the neighborhood.

A weird thing happened: around 3 o'clock the clouds rolled in and it was cool and not sunny and great running weather. So now I am hoping I am healed up because this is the San Diego I've been waiting for! (It sounds like we'll have a couple of weeks of May Gray/June Gloom for the rest of my time here.) Hoping I'm fully mended for some miles this weekend. Maybe even inland enough to go find some trails.

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