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Training Log: Ari-o

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Run4 3:01:26 18.7 30.09 1005
  Rollerski1 2:39:16 26.6(5:59) 42.81(3:43) 415
  Trail Run1 1:24:11 8.2(10:16) 13.2(6:23) 450
  Core1 5:00
  Total6 7:09:53 53.5 86.1 1870

Wednesday Dec 7 #


Oh, boy, Attackpoint is playing invisible video ads.

Run hills 40:00 [2] 2.0 mi (20:00 / mi) +747m 9:15 / mi

I was thinking that today would be #FrogMan1 (50 sections) and that I didn't want to go 50 sections because it would mess with my legs for Friday's PR hills, so I'd take it easy. Then it wasn't: it was start and go out for 20 minutes, then come back for 20 minutes. Without sandbagging (we were told). So I figured I'd take a nice, leisurely 20 sections or so out and back.

19 minutes later I was cresting my 24th section. Well, shit. I had started at 34 so I did 34-10, then 10 twice and then back to 34. And then two of the mini-sections (well, with the metal bottoms), and then realized I'd actually started at 35. So 53 sections in 40 minutes: 50 full, 3 wee. And didn't feel like I was pushing that hard. Probably helps that 35˚ and raining is basically perfect for me. Especially since I'd forgotten a water bottle (not that much a problem in these conditions).

This is good, I think, but we'll see how my legs feel tomorrow. And this weekend (Friday PR attempt, Saturday trail marathon, Sunday Tripoli) is going to be fun.

Tuesday Dec 6 #


I should be going to bed but am thinking about next year's fun already:

Jan: in Chicago. Going to pick a ski marathon. Noque? Boulder Mountain Tour? COLL? Alley Loop?

Feb: in Boston, and then Birkie!

Mar: not running Boston, so hopefully more skiing. And maybe a half.

April: volume training month, maybe an ultra somewhere. Also not dying.

May: a 7 Sisters-Billygoat weekend followed by a Bear Mountain NFECS 50 miler (run all day in Harriman? Oui). And some O.

June: Chicago, and two weddings (Maine and Colorado). Run when/where I can. Frequent Flier miles.

July: Chicago, sign up for, train for Voyageur 50.

August: Going to throw my name in the hat for Leadville. May be able to take most of the month off, and acclimate (i.e. do things like Four Pass Loop) after a wedding early in the month. TBD. Also, have to get in.

September: TBD, things like Pisgah.

October: Chicago 26.2
1 PM

Run 31:17 [1] 4.0 mi (7:49 / mi)

River run, down River Street, under the viaduct shadow along the River, then back on Mass Ave and diagonallyish home during lunch. 4 even.

Monday Dec 5 #

6 AM

Run warm up/down 5:27 [1] 0.7 mi (7:47 / mi)

Running to Dorchester for NP. Running late, figuring I'd get there around 6:35. Got to Mass and Vassar and a car rolls up and offers me a ride. Well, I guess I'll take it.

Made it on time. Thanks DRoth and Carolyn!

Run 21:29 [2] 3.1 mi (6:56 / mi)

The bounce today was pretty epic as the snow began to fly, we ran around the baseball field some, and then went to do laps of the track. Goal of 100 miles combined. I mentioned to Emily—who was 8 hours off an airplane with a hoarse voice—that she could just count to 400, and not have 60 people count laps and then add them together. Then I sprinted off. 5-10-15-20-25-30 alternating between partner push ups and "tick-tocks" which are ab core workouts. Wound up with one guy who is passing through from SF to Bermuda since we were on the same cycle. Ran 2.25 miles, did some core. Snow!

Run 7:00 [1]

Core stuff intermixed.

Run warm up/down 40:43 [1] 4.4 mi (9:15 / mi)

Well, having not run there, I thought about not running back. But the sidewalks weren't too slick, so it was by Andrew, down the Methadone Mile, and back to Cambridge. In the snow. Snow!

(Actually, it looks like this could be very productive for places like Craftsbury, Trapps, etc. for next weekend.)

Sunday Dec 4 #

12 PM

Trail Run 1:24:11 [1] 8.2 mi (10:16 / mi) +450m 8:46 / mi

Just running around the Blue Hills with Tom. Had an old Traverse map which we used to not get lost and worked except for a hilltop where the map showed one trail and there were about 7. Sort of kind of used the map as a ski-o map, kind of good to chat and try to maintain contact.

Saturday Dec 3 #

Rollerski long 2:39:16 [1] 26.6 mi (5:59 / mi) +415m 5:43 / mi

Oh hey rollerskiing. Maybe this will be the last time we are acquainted until next summer (if Allah is willing). I was late since I tried to do too much this morning (knead dough, eat breakfast and put road tips on, yes, in December, after realizing my pole tips wouldn't puncture skin ever) and rolled in at 9:13, eating oatmeal in the car. A quick change and I was on the road, then realized I'd forgotten my hi-viz vest, so I was about 5 minutes behind the pack.

I caught some folks on the long climb, and went no poles for a bit (ow) and then hammered up the top to catch Frank et al at the Harvard decision. I went long with three juniors, the ones who sprint town lines and downhills (ah, to be young and reckless again). Down 110 and up Bare Hill, need to scout out the new pavement on Bolton/Harvard for next year (not sure what it would add, but looks nice). I won't put it on the map until scouted.

Actually, looks like there's a fun-looking loop that needs to be scouted. From the oblique intersection of Slough, Bolton and East Bare Hill, go down Bolton to Old Harvard to Green, right on Bare Hill which becomes Scott, left on West Bare Hill. Maybe I should go rollerskiing again tomorrow to check it out.

Anyway, down and around and caught Frank at Robinwood. Juniors went up Horse Farm Hill and I am done with that, took my route, got to Depot at the same time, but I wanted to ski a marathon, so I did the Picnic climb. A little bonky at the end, but not too bad.

Friday Dec 2 #

6 AM

Run hills 35:30 [1] 4.5 mi (7:53 / mi) +258m 6:42 / mi

Running hills based on cards, with core in the middle. I like this! Mostly back hills, some fronts, mostly sit ups, some push ups. Then a frosty run up and down at the end. Attacked the back hill downhill!

Core 5:00 [1]

Five minutes of core, too.

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