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Training Log: BorisGr

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cross-Training4 2:40:00
  PT4 1:40:00
  Orienteering1 58:41 3.73(15:44) 6.0(9:47)15c
  Total6 5:18:41 3.73 6.015c

Friday Oct 21 #

Cross-Training 25:00 [1]

Feeling tired today. Got on the recumbent bike for a bit and learned about the first battle of Ypres on Hardcore History.

Thursday Oct 20 #

Cross-Training 35:00 [1]

Elliptical at the work gym.

PT 25:00 [1]

Planks, glute exercises, hip raises, calf raises.

Wednesday Oct 19 #

Cross-Training 40:00

Intervals on the elliptical at the gym at home. I did 4x4 minutes with 2 minutes rest.

PT 30:00 [1]

Full set of exercises, except for the resistance bands.

Tuesday Oct 18 #

PT 40:00 [1]

Robert spent nearly an hour with me. I got needled, and then we worked on activating my glutes. It seemed like there was some progress since last week, and he showed me a few things I could work on before resistance band exercises.

Sunday Oct 16 #

Orienteering 38:32 [2] *** 3.3 km (11:41 / km)
9c shoes: VJ Supra Fall 2015

I walked the Brown course at the Mid-Atlantic Championships after walking the Yellow with Alli's mom.

This went well - I was smooth and clean and did well on most of the trickier legs. I hesitated some on the way to 8, but quickly figured out what was going on and lost minimal time. Obviously, the fact that I was walking made that easier. Greg Lennon and Ron Bortz were both faster than me (though Ron appears not to have punched the last control).

Orienteering race 20:09 [3] *** 2.7 km (7:28 / km)
6c shoes: VJ Supra Fall 2015

Relay at the Mid-Atlantic Championships

I was on one of QOC's 3-point teams, together with Tom Wells and FUMA student Sam Marinace. I planned to walk this course, but the competitive juices kicked in quickly as soon as Ted Good came flying past on the way down from the start.

I picked up the pace, and ran the whole course at a consistent jog, which felt pretty good. I stayed on the trail longer than Ted and got past him while he was getting through the rocky green re-entrant cutting across. On my attack to 1 I passed Nadim. I strung together trails on the way to 2, even though that meant extra climb - the climb was on the trail, so I didn't think it would be too slow. I passed Peggy and Tori (who had stayed higher) going in to #2. Going in to the big boulder at 3, I attacked a bit early, but quickly figured that out by using contours and got to 3 together with Dave Pruden. The next control, #4, was the spectator control, and this leg was mostly a road/trail run. I think I lost ground to both Dave and Ted here, as I could see them coming towards 4 as I was leaving it.

I stayed ahead to 5, despite running a step past the trail I planned to turn onto and having to come back. The last control - 6 - was a pretty technical leg with a bit of a trail run followed by an attack across a somewhat featureless hillside. I was careful here and was surprised to see Aaron Linville, who has started in the lead with Sam Kolins, leaving the control as I was coming in.

I had to look back to check that Ted was far enough back on my jog to the finish, and I brought our team across the line in 4th place (both overall and among 3pt teams), having started in 9th.

Even though it was a small, local relay, and even though I wasn't running at full speed, it was still such a blast! We need to have more relays, especially at events that involve a lot of kids.

How do we not have a relay at the Interscholastics?? That seems like a no-brainer to me.

So much fun! And I felt quite a bit stronger than I did at NAOC, so maybe there is some hope for recovery here.


Saturday Oct 15 #

Cross-Training 1:00:00 [1]

A "long" elliptical session at the gym in our building.

PT 5:00 [1]

Resistance band exercises

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