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Training Log: Mark3

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Gym Cardio2 2:00:00
  Orienteering - Forest2 1:44:41 10.28(10:11) 16.54(6:20) 351
  Running - Road/Track1 1:11:44 6.0(11:58) 9.65(7:26)
  Running - Offroad1 39:18 5.97(6:35) 9.61(4:05) 174
  Swimming2 30:00
  Cycling1 15:00 3.11(12.4/h) 5.0(20.0/h)
  Total5 6:20:43 25.35 40.8 525

Sunday Dec 4 #

Orienteering - Forest race (Ashurst & Matley) 51:27 [5] 9.94 km (5:11 / km) +91m 4:57 / km
shoes: X-Talon 212 (Sep16)

EDIT: 2nd/29
Clive was a couple of minutes ahead as expected before it looks like he couldn't find #17, looked for it for 10 mins and gave up. Bit of a surprise? It was in a clearing 50m away from the path...


Based on advice from rcro, thought this would be worth the extra drive compared to the HOC event.

Correct - it was great. Not a bramble in sight.

Pretty good run as well, despite (IMHO) some dubious feature mapping; knolls which were no higher than surrounding vegetation etc.

Helped into 1 by the large hide halfway with a control on it (control in one of the shallowest pits in one of the shallowest reentrants I've ever encountered) then fine to 5.

6 was about a 1200m leg; just went straight, but struggled to find the control at the end.should've picked up the convenient earthbank but didn't have a lot of confidence I'd be able to find it based on the size of the other features, and didn't want to deviate.relocated on obvious stream bend.never saw the actual knoll.60s.

Another 60s on 7, didn't really know what to do other than go straight and just missed it.came out on the path and didn't really know where I was, but thought I saw something that looked like vegetation and find the control.lucky not to lose more really.

No other real mistakes so only 2 mins lost. Leading when I left but Clive will probably do 47-48 I reckon...

Saturday Dec 3 #

Orienteering - Forest (Knockalls) 53:14 [3] 6.6 km (8:04 / km) +260m 6:44 / km

EDIT:4th/40. Some amazing split times by Pete Ward; 3 or 4 legs where he's 30s ahead of the entire field!

Eventually found the event.

No trouble with 1-6.very lucky on 7, no real AP and got stuck in the green, but it was visible from a long way away.I deserve to have lost time, though.

60s on 10, good line but no confidence and had to relocate from large depression.

13 another lucky one, missed the ruin, the wall and the clearing, but control was hung really high; thanks ngoc!

2mins lost on 14 frustratingly, tried to go straight rather than sensibly following the path, expected the feature to be bigger than it was - in fact I never actually find the ditch, but I did see the knoll to the N and the platform to the S whilst missing the control in between...

16 was a good route choice leg.normally I automatically go round on this sort of leg but it's been slower the last few times so elected for straight; not convinced at all it was better so looking forward to seeing splits.

One last bad route choice on the last control; up and down is 5 contours but I went down and up which was 7.the straighter indistinct path which I ignored for some reason is only 3 so I'm not sure what I was doing tbh.

About 3 mins behind Rich P so it would've been interestingly close if I hadn't made any mistakes.

Running - Offroad race (Gwent XC Blaise) 39:18 [5] 9.61 km (4:05 / km) +174m 3:45 / km
shoes: X-Talon 190 (blue)

12 seconds faster than last year despite the orienteering beforehand, so quite pleased!

Pretty dry conditions, definitely the right choice not to go with spikes.

Caught Paul Jefferson with a few hundred metres to go and overtook, but he clearly wanted it more than me and finished a couple of seconds ahead. Still managing to maintain 100% XC victories over Daryl.

130th place, which is worse than last year and the year before, despite being quicker. High standard field!

Friday Dec 2 #

(rest day)

Made mince pies.

Thursday Dec 1 #

Gym Cardio 1:00:00 [3]

Joined the gym.

20 vario
15 c/o
10 run
15 cycle

Swimming 15:00 [3]

Wednesday Nov 30 #

Cycling (To/from WISE) 15:00 [3] 5.0 km (20.0 kph)
shoes: Specialized Sirrus Sport

Running - Road/Track intervals (B&W Training) 1:11:44 [5] 9.65 km (7:26 / km)
shoes: Nike Pegasus 32

Not the advertised session since Chris is ill. This is the first time in three years he's missed a session, so I suppose that's allowed.


Mentally I thought of these as 300s,600s and 1200s although I should probably have allowed for the different speeds a bit more than not-at-all.

1min: 3:02,2:53,3:19,3:03
2mins: 3:26,3:12,3:27,3:17
4mins: 3:37,3:22

Clearly the temperature is affecting the gps since some of these are clearly way off. was out and back (on the track, which was weird) so there was significantly more going around people on the way back, which makes the greater distances make sense). I remain skeptical, though. Basically I was getting back pretty much to the start line on each even numbered rep, so they were pretty consistent.

One of the coldest sessions I've ever done. My hands hurt so much as they warmed up afterwards I was getting nauseous. When I came to cycle home, a thin layer of ice had formed over my entire bike.

Tuesday Nov 29 #

Gym Cardio 1:00:00 [3]

Free 1-day gym pass:
15mins vario*
15mins crossover*
15mins treadmill
15mins cycling

*i think that's what they were called anyway; never tried either before.the vario was like a cross trainer but the stride length automatically adapted to how fast you went and how much effort you put in.the crossover was similar again but you sort of go up and down and side to side? Hard to will be interesting to see which muscles hurt tomorrow.

Swimming 15:00 [3]

Followed by 15 min sauna and 15 minute steam room :)

Deciding whether to join. Tempting; fancy doing some classes for motivation and improve strength to hopefully reduce injuries...and the walk from my house door-to-door is exactly 2 minutes.

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