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Training Log: Mark3

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running - Fell2 6:37:55 36.53(10:54) 58.79(6:46) 3686
  Running - Trail2 1:33:22 11.11(8:24) 17.88(5:13) 803
  Total4 8:11:17 47.64(10:19) 76.67(6:24) 4489
  [1-5]4 8:09:24

Wednesday Jun 12 #

7 PM

Running - Trail race (Calver Peak) 33:51 intensity: (25 @0) + (28 @1) + (1:18 @2) + (31:40 @3) 8.06 km (4:12 / km) +276m 3:35 / km
ahr:144 max:155 shoes: Adidas Speed Pro normal (10.5)

Touch and go whether I came to this, 45 min drive for potentially uninspiring race. But I decided there was no point with all the training if I don't do the races...

Actually it was mostly uninteresting but with some nicer parts. Most of the total climb up roads/tracks at the start where I was in about 15th place, once it flattened out a bit I gradually took most of the place back until I was just behind the first lady. Passed her up the second much smaller climb about halfway and then there was an uninteresting gravel track which was slightly downhill. Got past one more and then I was sandwiched between him an another guy for the single-track, slightly technical downhill which went on for ages. There's a 3:30km in there and it was pretty out of control - but I couldn't catch and was definitely being caught. Lucky for me there was a final short ascent once we were back on the road and we dropped the guy behind, but I couldn't catch 6th so finished in 7th. Another few hundred metres and we might've caught 5th (Greg H who won the Grindleford Gallop this year) as he was definitely slowing. So at the time I thought my result was not great but actually everyone ahead of me is better on Powerof10 so maybe this was okay.

Probably wouldn't do this again unless I was feeling very starved of racing.

Darren did the Calton Crawl yesterday and said it was very XC-like, but with very good cake afterwards - so maybe I picked the wrong one.

Tuesday Jun 11 #

(rest day)

Not feeling it today.

Monday Jun 10 #

7 PM

Running - Trail (Kerrdige) 59:31 intensity: (41 @0) + (53 @1) + (15:32 @2) + (42:25 @3) 9.82 km (6:04 / km) +527m 4:47 / km
ahr:137 max:149

Feeling pretty good considering.

Sunday Jun 9 #

11 AM

Running - Fell race (Howtown) 2:19:52 intensity: (16 @0) + (25 @1) + (1:05:39 @2) + (1:13:32 @3) 22.17 km (6:19 / km) +1375m 4:49 / km
ahr:137 max:153 shoes: VJ XTRM 2 (2023)

5th - 10 mins faster than last year - and a larger field too (48 vs 40 last year...).
I think my legs were in a similar shape to last year - Ennerdale the day before this year vs. Great Lakes the day before last year; so comparable.

Set off optimistically at the front and second halfway up the first climb where it was single track, and then when people could finally get past, overtaken by a fair few...

At the top I realised my compass had become demagnetized somehow, I guess overnight or maybe when I fell over near the end of Ennerdale? But not sure. I didn't leave it any nearer than usual to anything magnetic or electrical, so it's very odd. But however it happened, it was basically pointing not-quite-South (I guess due South would have been fine). So I was very confused at the top of the steep section; the top 3(ish) guys were all way over to my left and so I drifted that way through the long grass etc. It would have been much better just to stay on the path that goes directly to the trig. And with a reliable compass I would have! Really annoying, but actually apart from on this part not much of a problem since it was really good visibility and I know the area pretty well. But still probably at least a minute here, maybe more.

With Matt Nichols at the top and and he ran away from from me on this descent and the next climb.

At Wether Hill there's a cairn and also a choice - left is the best choice. I went right along with the two people in front, and I think that's what I did last time, and it's definitely bad. Actually maybe it's okay if you then go via Red Crag and stay East? But I think staying West is better. The Eastern path drops more to the col and also deviates, so it's both longer and more climb. There is maybe a minute here too?

Crossing the fence/wall at Raven Howe and then recrossing is counter intuitive and not what I did, but looking at Matt on the other side, actually looks marginally faster because the trod on that side is better quality.

Then it's better to cut the Rampsgill Head corner. I did this cut last time but my lack of compass here made me want to stay on the trod. Not much in this one. Some people cut the Knott corner more aggressively but I was happy with my choice there as there's a nice trod.

Dropped down too far left around Satura Crag; cutting the rocky parts/corner by going right is fine, but need to stay right a bit longer or if cross the wall, cross back! Otherwise you end up too low which is what happened. Not a big mess but 30 again - they all add up.

Nailed it from now on though. Jon was only about a minute down at this point. It looks like it's possible to go straight on where the path goes left upon reaching Angle Tarn and avoid some of the rocky descent section - I missed that. But my line on the next part to Place Fell was very good despite the lack of compass, and I ran the whole climb pretty much. Then I looked for the rumoured trod to the right after the tarn just at the top of the descent - I found the start but it seemed to peter out into nothingness. Luckily nothingness was still pretty nice springy grass with few rocks and so other than a few hidden streams it was okay to come out directly at the col and avoid the rocky sections. Maybe it would have been faster to cut back a bit sooner, but tbh I was happy as soon as I could see the col as it was a bit unnerving leaving the path without a compass.

I'd caught a guy on Place Fell when he went over Round How (like I did last year) and we were together again at the col. We both caught Matt who had hit the wall. Took a slightly different line down through the bracken at the very end, maybe marginally longer, but the ford is just behind a small ruin.

The guy was ahead all the way to the start of the climb up Hallin, but I ran up the whole way and left him behind, also passing a Settle guy right near the top. Bit nervous on the descent again without a compass and taking a different line to last year, but other than a bit of unnecessary XC right near the top, I guessed the right trods on the way down and saved some time here on last year.

Great to come 5th - it would have been 4th without all the little nav mistakes (ie with a working compass) as only a minute down, but the top 3 were well clear 7-8 mins away.

Great race, very runnable, maybe one year it won't be the day after a classic! Scope for 2:15 anyway.

Saturday Jun 8 #

11 AM

Running - Fell race (Ennerdale) 4:18:03 intensity: (31 @0) + (3:20 @1) + (30:45 @2) + (3:25:09 @3) + (18:18 @4) 36.62 km (7:03 / km) +2311m 5:21 / km
ahr:145 max:177 shoes: VJ XTRM 2 (2023)

11th, and another PB :)

Splits vs. previous best;

GB 38:16 [38:39]
RP 25:43 [26:16]
BB 39:18 [40:23]
GG 24:50 [26:11]
KF 21:38 [21:58]
P. 32:01 [34:21]
H. 25:22 [26:15]
IC 16:55 [19:31]
CF 21:13 [22:28]
F. 12:43 [13:35]

11:38 faster than 2021.

Slightly worried about the forecast and so carried an extra coat and a thermoshell. But actually, it was way nicer than expected - cold and windy, but only hailed for about 3 minutes and no other precipitation. Took 1L and only drank about 800ml, and 2xKMC was fine.

Let the top 4 or 5 disappear into the distance and sat in the chasing pack on the 2.5k run out. In the past, up Herdus I've taken the path, this time James went slightly further left and everyone followed him assuming he knew something we didn't - turns out nope, and we were just drawn into the long grass. It was technically shorter but I think the path up the nose is faster in future. Note it can be cut slightly before the cairn, but not too much.

Standard to Red Pike although I didn't cut the scree. That way it's possible to keep running for longer. Hard to say; but I didn't gain or lose places. Worth noting that there are two paths which look like they contour Starling Dodd, and one ends up too low. This happened to a couple of people, so worth remembering to get on the higher one when the choice happens.

It's possible to cut the red pike corner and just go diagonal, but I didn't do this. I think there are some rocks but it's probably still better. Do this next time. The trod around High Stile is a bit vague but I ended up on it eventually, you can sort of see the start from the col.

Went S of Seat to join at the col this time, which didn't feel like it saved much time. I think it's potentially more to end up at the fence corner to the S of Scarth Gap and then follow the fence, but the descent from Seat needs a recce.

Standard lines to Green Gable, which is exactly when it hailed for 2 mins. Put my coat on just before the CP. Went halfway down to the col before dropping down the steep scree, this is the worst of both worlds - need to drop straight from the summit or go to Windy Gap and around. Straight is probably best. N of the Beckhead lump and the tarn was fine and standard line to Kirk Fell.

Need to go NW then N from Kirk Fell to avoid having to go E a bit to avoid the rocks. But I ended up in the right gully at least and so caught someone up who's gone too far W.

Finally nailed the Looking Stead line in reverse and no problems to Pillar. The one nav issue of the day was my route off pillar where I continued on the grassy line to the S of the path for too long and ended up in some pretty dangerous rocks near Wind Gap. Luckily the two guys with me didn't gain any time as they blindly followed me.

Contoured nicely round Scoat but the top guys all just go over the top, so maybe contouring isn't a great idea. I am a couple of places slower to Haycock vs the splits either side, but that could also be due to the Pillar descent so hard to say. It's only a few extra contours to go straight and it's pretty runnable by the wall.

Happy with all the other nav choices and the 9th - 8th - 5th on the last three splits. I was with 10th just coming down to the woods before IC and then I fell over and lost 20s - he had about a 45s lead by the top which was slightly too much for me to overhaul on the descent, and I finished 7s down. I had him worried on the gravelly parts near the end though!

Great race. It's feeling very nearly optimal after 4 times - a Seat/Pillar recce loop would nail it down for good I reckon.

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