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Training Log: PippaD

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rowing4 5:52:33
  Ergo4 2:06:00
  Rowperfect2 1:20:20
  Weights1 1:00:00
  Total6 10:18:53

Sunday Nov 18 #

Ergo 30:00 [2]

Recovery erg, awful.

Saturday Nov 17 #

Rowing 1:12:00 [3]

Between seat racing pieces.

Rowing 21:00 [5]

4*1500m seat racing pieces. Was swapped everytime...
Was rowing a lot better than I have been previously, know leg drive still an issue but felt a lot smoother.

Rowing 51:30 [3]

Legs still not looking great apparently, but feel like I'm finally getting there. In an 8, everyone shattered from seat racing

Friday Nov 16 #

Rowperfect 20:00 [3]
ahr:163 max:174

Splits going down! 1.58ish. Just really thinking about driving legs then letting body open-starting to feel more normal, and good to start with as I get more tired. Graph now has a peak but still roughly 'm' shaped as dips after the peak...not quite sure why. Knees also come together and sometimes bash so need to use glutes to keep knees out and inline.

Ergo 20:00 [3]
ahr:160 max:170

Must less smooth than on RP3. Was finding it much harder to just get legs down- body just wanted to get involved so not a smooth drive. Splits did start off at 2.06/2.07 though when tech good but then got tired and up to 2.10.

Rowperfect 20:00 [3]
ahr:166 max:176

Thursday Nov 15 #

Rowing 58:45 [3]

In the 8. Knees still refusing to go down in one go, rowing legs only is fine but not a full stroke. So much better than it has been but still progress to be made.

Weights 1:00:00 [3]

Wednesday Nov 14 #

Rowing 1:04:30 [3]

In a 4+. Better than Tuesday, boat not running as well as yesterday for whatever reason.

Rowing warm up/down 20:00 [2]

Ergo 40:00 [5]

3*10mins. 4min r24, 3min r26, 2min r28, 1min r30.
Went in feeling positive and wanting to try and focus on tech which will bring splits with it. 2.02.1, 2.01.8, 2.01.6.
Finished feeling good- obviously splits way off where they should be but seeing glimpses of hope :)

Ergo warm up/down 14:00 [2]

Tuesday Nov 13 #

Rowing 1:04:48 [3]

On way up doing pauses then r18/22 on way back changing every 250m. A lot of the way was getting frustrated with my legs refusing to go down smoothly, but at very end on the way back it started to feel more like it used to! Felt like I was getting less power down though, will see what erging is like tonight.

Rowperfect 20:10 [3]

3*5k (2mins).
Feeling so much more natural than previously, legs still being stubborn but getting better.

Ergo 22:00 [3]

Still can't hold split below 2.10 consistently.

Rowperfect 20:10 [3]

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