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Training Log: rocky33

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Adventure Race1 17:30:00 48.0(21:52) 77.25(13:36) 5000
  Mtn Biking2 3:05:28 29.53(9.6/h) 47.52(15.4/h) 1362
  Yoga1 1:00:00
  Trail Running2 55:54 5.42(10:19) 8.72(6:25) 355
  Road Running1 20:39 2.51(8:14) 4.04(5:07) 128
  Lifting1 20:00
  Hiking1 16:54 1.05(16:06) 1.69(10:00)
  Total9 23:28:55 86.51 139.23 6845

Sunday Dec 4 #

7 AM

Adventure Race race (Niner Air) 17:30:00 [3] 48.0 mi (21:52 / mi) +5000ft 19:55 / mi

Raid the Rock 24 hour Adventure Race. So awesome to have an AR right here in Little Rock. Well, 30 min away this time, but still. I got to sleep in my own bed before and after racing. :)

This was the first year Raid the Rock has had a 24 hour race and to be a USARA qualifier. There were quite a few teams from out of state, but still there were very few three person teams, though. If it hadn't been on the same day as Castlewood maybe there would have been a few more. I hope they don't conflict next year, because I would really like to see more teams at this race. They did an excellent job this year with course design, organization, volunteers, etc. I was much impressed, after having a not as favorable review the past two years. This year was not urban, and it was fantastic.

At least the course was, and my teammates too, one a friend with a little AR experience but not much recent training, and the other an AR newbie. The weather, on the other hand, did not cooperate at all. Low 40's and rain the entire day. That got old, especially for my teammates not as experienced in the special self-induced suffering so commonly found in AR. We pushed through many hours after our morale took a dive and made the finish. Very proud of them.

Quick race course summary:

Start - Trek ~8-9 miles to bike drop
Clean nav here except for CP 4, where some briar patches took me a little off bearing over a long flat section and I had to adjust. We were having fun on this section, the rain was only a light drizzle and the temps still in the high 40's.

Bike 1 - ~15 miles All of the bike CP's were off the road, so lots of dropping bikes and hiking in bike shoes. One section of 3 CP's could done together, and I messed up on 2 of them, though the corrections were fairly quick. Our morale dropped a bit there.

Trek 2 - ~3 miles
By the time we reached the top of Flatside Pinnacle, where the rappel was supposed to be, they had cancelled it due to the super slick rocks. Too bad, because I know that is an awesome place for a rappel, on a sunny day. We still got the CP at the top along with three others nearby. Clean nav on this section. Cliff was starting to get really cold and had to change his base layer before we took off on bike.

Bike 2 - ~20 miles
This is where we went downhill in the morale dept. The rain had become a steady state, and the temp dropped. All of the CP's were off road, which made it go slower. By the time we got halfway to the boats, we had decided to skip a few points and likely skip the paddle as well. As we got closer to the boat drop, we found out all of the other teams had already called it and went straight to the finish, skipping the paddle and the last bike leg. We ended up basically doing the same. I was not disappointed to miss out. After all, I can help with CP retrieval. :D

All in all, still a good race. Hope they do the 24 hour again next year in the same area.

Friday Dec 2 #

2 PM

Mtn Biking (Niner Air) 1:22:55 [3] 11.43 mi (8.3 mph) +837ft
ahr:149 max:176

Easy solo ride at Camp in the sunshine and 60 degree weather before it gets nasty tomorrow just in time for Raid the Rock. Took three tries but made it up the rocks on Christmas Tree for maybe the first time ever. My confidence is finally returning, along with my legs. Happy day!
4 PM

Trail Running (Camp) 10:22 [2] 1.03 mi (10:04 / mi) +79ft 9:23 / mi

Short run after my ride. Read somewhere that consistency helps a lot (makes sense, esp when I recall that I used to run daily!), so I am committing to running at least a mile a day for 30 days. We will see where that gets me.

Thursday Dec 1 #

5 AM

Yoga (AR Yoga Collective ) 1:00:00 [3]

Made it! Finally made the 5:30 am yoga class and it did not disappoint. Lots of hamstring stretching, just what I needed. Totally need to do this once or twice a week.
3 PM

Hiking (Treadmill) 16:54 [3] 1.05 mi (16:06 / mi)

Snuck a mile in on the treadmill at work. Wanted to run but just walked quickly. Put incline at 4 to 5.

Wednesday Nov 30 #

7 AM

Lifting 20:00 [3]

Some lifting, yoga, and stretching at home.
6 PM

Trail Running (Burns) 45:32 [4] 4.39 mi (10:22 / mi) +276ft 9:47 / mi
ahr:162 max:184

Burns again, this time for a solo run. Parked at the soccer fields and started on Yellow, then did Green, the fun half of Red, then back the way I came. Worked well for what I wanted to do. Started slow but my pace picked up after I warmed up. Quads not great but didn't stop me this time!

Tuesday Nov 29 #

7 AM

Road Running (Neighborhood ) 20:39 [3] 2.51 mi (8:14 / mi) +128ft 7:51 / mi

Run from home, first time in the morning. Got out of bed late but determined to make it happen after failing so many times, falling victim to the snooze button instead. Quads started to hurt going up the Clinton bridge, so that was unfortunate. Otherwise felt okay.
5 PM

Mtn Biking (Niner Air) 1:42:33 [3] 18.1 mi (10.6 mph) +525ft
ahr:128 max:172

Rode from him to meet Caleb at Burns. Burns is pretty leaf covered at the moment, which makes the rocks even less fun, so we left there at hit Pfieffer for several laps. Practiced taking corners without braking.

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