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Training Log: Danish Dynamite

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running3 2:33:53 8.16 13.14 125
  orienteering2 1:54:00
  biking1 1:23:09 10.58 17.02
  Strength3 40:00
  Total6 6:31:02 18.74 30.16 125

Tuesday Feb 21 #

running warm up/down 15:00 [1]

running intervals 30:00 [4]

6 pump house loops and then running back up to the parking lot. Something I struggle with is pushing to my limit when I'm running in races, since I don't have a background in sports like a lot of others. For example I don't think I've ever gotten close to my limit in a sprint or even some cross country races. So I'd like to make this my goal to become far better at pushing myself in races for this summer. I'm thinking when track starts off I'll go for the 1500m because you are more or less sprinting it and I imagine it will be easier to get sucked into a more comfortable pace in the 3000m.

Monday Feb 20 #

biking 58:09 [2] 17.02 km (3:25 / km)

Ended up deciding to go mountain biking today. The trails were muddy as you would expect, but turns out there was still a lot of thick sheets of ice covering the trails. Ended up bailing to the rail trail which had a minimal amount of ice until the trail center and then have of the time I was on ice. After learning that biking on ice does not end well, I stayed on the edge/ditch/forest of the trail. Anywhere it was possible to bike fast, I would go hard but that was limited. Also turns out I have to fix my bike as the chain would keep popping/slipping as soon as I encountered a muddy hill or anything that requires more force.

biking 25:00 [1]

Biking with Noah afterwards

Sunday Feb 19 #

orienteering 1:15:00 [2]

Blainey and Emil were going over to the site for raid the rib to plan the course so I went along and ran on one of the maps. The map is only half completed so doesn't have any vegetation and a whole bunch of edits to the map in green all over it. That all created a bit more confusion as I was running. The forest was really nice and open at times but the area around the scout camp's undergrowth was pretty thick. With the map being confusing to read I tended to wait at the control to come up with a complete plan before I left.

Strength 20:00 [2]

Saturday Feb 18 #

running 1:18:53 [2] 13.14 km (6:00 / km) +125m 5:44 / km

Ran from my house through the muddy/icy trails over to the location a few weeks ago we did the bearings. Drew five legs on the map in the forest and did them. Continued on occasionally doing some forest running along the way.

Strength 5:00 [2]

Friday Feb 17 #

Strength 15:00 [2]

In the morning before school

Thursday Feb 16 #

orienteering race 20:00 [4]

X-league, tonight probably had two minutes of stupid mistakes in here. I started running to the 2nd control of a dog bone from the start and but luckily figured out quickly and had to run back to get the first

orienteering race 19:00 [2]

2nd half of x-league, spent 12 minutes of it searching for 10b, turns out it was 10m of the right to the tree I had thought it was on. After that wasn't to motivated to run hard the rest of the controls so just got a few of the ones near me and headed back late.

running 30:00 [1]

Picking up controls and getting ones I failed to get

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