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Training Log: Alastair Thomas

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling5 4:36:49
  Stretching/Rolling6 2:51:00
  S & C6 2:35:00
  Running2 1:28:09 10.56(8:21) 16.99(5:11) 444
  Swimming1 50:00
  Total20 12:20:58 10.56 16.99 444
  [1-5]14 9:29:58
averages - sleep:8.3 weight:67.1kg

Thursday Oct 20 #

7 AM

S & C 1:10:00 [2]
slept:7.5 shoes: Nike Lunaracer+ 3


Same as last week but a bit more structured. Felt strong but not as bouncy as I'd like on the plyo yet.
5 PM

Running 47:10 7.55 km (6:15 / km) +297m 5:13 / km
ahr:138 max:167 shoes: Inov8 X Talon 225

Recce of a terrain loop up above Cogra Moss with Zac. Plan is to run the loop as part of a long run to get used to tough terrain. It started with a gradual uphill through heather, some contouring on sheep trods, along a gentle slope then hitting the biggest climb before descending back to the start via the heathry patches. Nice.

Map (without route)

Getting a bit nippy out but was a great evening and setting sun back at the car was very nice, good way to spend an evening!

Wednesday Oct 19 #

6 AM

S & C (BBA) 15:00 [1]
slept:8.5 weight:67.1kg

Right - 36s, Left - 39s.
5 PM

Cycling 43:28
ahr:137 max:182 shoes: Giro Triple

18.01km, 334m, 24.9km/h.

Short ride out to have a bash at the Higham Hill TT segment: a shorter and more punchy climb than Whinlatter. Felt alright and got some nice lactic flowing by the top, new PB by 20sec to go 13th in 4.02 min/s on strava. After that cruising very slowly home, battling darkness.

Hopefully that'll be the last ride for a while and I can get back into running, will see how knee feels.
6 PM

Stretching/Rolling 28:00 [0]

Normal. Calfs feeling a bit sore.

Tuesday Oct 18 #

7 AM

Swimming 50:00 [2]

Normal morning swim. Felt alright and back on the 100 lengths :)
4 PM

Running 40:59 9.44 km (4:21 / km) +146m 4:02 / km
ahr:158 max:174 shoes: Nike Lunaracer +3 SP16

Steady run out on the roads as part of my easing into winter training plan. Took a sprint map for first three km, but once that was finished it got quite boring and very sweaty in my OMM jacket. Anyway felt alright, never out of breath and legs were fine. Will see how knee reacts: it felt fine during the run.
7 PM

Stretching/Rolling 29:00 [0]

Monday Oct 17 #

7 AM

S & C (BBA) 17:00 [1]
(rest day)

Right - 41s, Left - 43s.
6 PM

S & C (Core) 21:00 [3]
(rest day)

Normal Core.
8 PM

Stretching/Rolling 27:00 [0]
(rest day)

Legs feeling completely fine.

Sunday Oct 16 #

8 AM

S & C (BBA) 16:00 [1]

Right - 52s, Left - 41s.
1 PM

Cycling 1:37:30
ahr:142 max:181 shoes: Giro Triple

43.19km, 617m, 26.5km/h.

Longer ride out to do my annual attempt at the Whinlatter pass climb from the Thornthwaite side (hard side). Taking it steady on the way to the climb along mostly main roads then a bit of dual carriage way and then the old main road because it is much safer and nicer than the A66. Through all of this my legs were feeling quite tired and they complained at any sustained power but thought I might as well still give the climb a good go.

Climb starts almost straight away with some steep sections up to a view point (and ice cream van) then another steep bit and then some lesser gradients before the final kick up to the visitor centre. Legs complained the whole way up and probably didn't put down as much as I should have on the flatter bits but still did a good job and took 58s off my time from last year to go 141st out of 10,806 in 10.32 min/s on the strava segment. Next stop sub 10 and top 100 ;)

Enjoyed the decent on the other side then just cruised home actually feeling better than before the climb and enjoying what was a surprising nice day. Good ride.

Few more segments to have my yearly go at then hopefully I can start Base phase!
5 PM

Stretching/Rolling 28:00 [0]

Lower back quite sore, rest of legs are just tired.

Saturday Oct 15 #

7 AM

Cycling 39:34
ahr:153 max:177 slept:8.0 shoes: Giro Triple

18.04km, 320m, 27.3km/h.

Morning ride out before heading on a NWJS squad day. Felt alright, just keeping it steady but had to increase the effort level for a few of the hills. Again it was a cold morning but very nice to get out in. Liking biking atm.
5 PM

Cycling 34:48
ahr:152 max:176 shoes: Giro Triple

15.42km, 301m, 26km/h.

Back from minibus drop off via a few segments.
10 PM

Stretching/Rolling 29:00 [0]

Friday Oct 14 #

7 AM

S & C (BBA) 16:00 [1]

Right - 30s, Left - 44s.
4 PM

Cycling 1:01:29
ahr:137 max:168 shoes: Giro Triple

26.337km, 417.7m, 25.7km/h

Lavely little ride out in the setting sun. Quite nippy out and a bit breezy but still very enjoyable and didn't feel too bad at all apart from some sore legs and a sore crotch at the end, as per.
6 PM

Stretching/Rolling 30:00 [0]

DOMS from the gym.

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