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Training Log: fossil

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 3:20:45
  Run2 1:19:35
  Strength1 45:00
  Total4 5:25:20

Tuesday Nov 24 #

11 AM

Run warm up/down 15:00 [2]


Strength 45:00 [1]

Dips 3 x 10 with 40 assistance
Leg press 2 x 15 at 145 + 2 x 15 at 160
Pullups 2 x 10 + 1 x 6 with 100 assistance
Leg extension 3 x 15 at 105
Rotary chest press 3 x 20 at 60
Calf press 2 x 20

Sunday Nov 22 #

Orienteering race 1:14:40
shoes: VJ Integrator (2)

CNYO turkey-O at Lime Hollow.

An interesting course that exceeded my expectations for fun and for score-O. Not hard I guess because I generally don't prefer score-O but this one worked. Maybe because a quick study revealed a reasonable route to proceed through the controls without wasting a lot of time trying to figure out what to do. And I guess it wasn't a bad choice as there were at least a few others taking them in pretty much the same order. Plus at least a few more taking them in roughly the opposite order.

For the curious I went: 23 - 22 - 21 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20 - 24 - 16 - 15 - 14 - 13 - 10 - 12 - 11 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 4 - 5 - 3 - 2 - 1.

Looking at map now I think it might have been a little better to do 18 - 17 - 16 - 19 - 20 - 24 - 15.

Error-wise I had 3 places where I lost time:

1) I left 17 to go to 18 and ended up in some other reentrant that looked right on the ground but didn't have a control in it. Not sure where that was but maybe under the vertical green slashes to the NE of 18. I was very confused for a while but eventually headed back the way I'd come from, spotted the big hill that 17 was on in the distance, and got myself relocated from that.

2) Not a lot of time lost but I left 20 and ran toward the road that I could see, not realizing at first that it was not the road that I needed to cross to get to 24.

3) #4 I attacked from the W following roughly along the south side of the veg boundary and watching for the fence that wasn't there. I think I passed just to the N of the boulder and eventually ran into the N/S trail to the east. After some brief confusion about that I decided correctly which trail that was likely to be and headed back W, this time contouring around the N side of the swamp, and tripping over the less than ankle-high wire fence just as I was approaching the boulder. No wonder I didn't see the fence the first time.

Also... it appears there was an SI clock synchronization issue here, too. Not between the controls, I haven't even looked at that, but roughly 10 seconds difference between Start and Finish. I don't usually time my courses when using SI but since it was a score-O and I needed to know when to be back I started my watch a split second before punching the Start box. At the finish I wasn't so precise but stopped my watch a short time after punching Finish, yet my watch showed an elapsed time 9 seconds less than on my printout. I don't know the details of setting up an SI punch system but my guess is there must be a step in there somewhere to synchronize the clocks between all the units that is evidently not always being done(?).

Saturday Nov 21 #

Orienteering race 2:06:05
shoes: VJ Integrator (2)

HVO Durland Reservation meet Red course.

Fun course, great weather. The gratuitous climb at #3 was well worth the spectacular view.

Just after #9 I was stopped by a group of JROTC folks who were lost and wanted me to show them on their map where they were. I tried but couldn't... because they were no longer on their map. I gestured to show them where they would be on their map if it went that far, then showed them on my map which they took a photo of. Initially I thought that was a clever idea, and then proceeded to show them exactly what they needed to do to get back on their map and to their next control, and they repeated it back to me, but somehow I don't think they got it. I ran off to my #10 control and then messed up on #11 and came back to 10 to relocate, at which point I found them sitting on a rock calling someone on their phone.

After looking at my splits printout and map I think there must be something not right about the synchronization between the clocks in the SI units at the controls. My total time looks about right but several of the splits do not. I didn't take splits on my watch so I don't have data to compare with but just looking at the map and replaying my run I think some splits are too long and some are too short. Wondering if anybody else noticed this?

In the parking lot afterwards I heard some old guys (yeah, even older than me) grousing about the map and stuff out in the terrain that wasn't mapped and how the map needs to be redone. And I was just shaking my head listening and thinking that the map was great.

Somewhere it seems the art of generalizing the map to show just what needs to be shown for the runner at competition speed is being lost. Maybe it's due to LIDAR or maybe it's something else but it seems that more and more we're seeing maps that are showing everything that can be found to draw on the map, no matter how insignificant, and cluttering it up so much that it becomes unreadable. Why?

Thursday Nov 19 #

Run 1:04:35 [2]
shoes: Brooks Cascadia7

Green Lakes trail loop. Saw a 4-point buck.

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