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Training Log: emilyr

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hiking1 3:51:43 8.23(28:09) 13.25(17:29) 1081
  Biking2 1:34:18 17.24 27.75 49
  Strength3 1:16:37
  Total5 6:42:38 25.48 41.0 1130

Monday Jun 18 #

Strength 35:44 [1]
ahr:114 max:159

Week 11 Workout A

3 x 20 dumbbell hip thrust (36#)
3 x 12 dumbbell bent over row (18# each hand)
3 x 15 dumbbell box squat (42#— I get tired holding these on my shoulders)
3 x (10, 7, 7) push ups (off bed with knuckles, with better form than last time)
4 x 20 dumbbell Romanian deadlifts (48# — added an extra set since I don’t have more weight at home)
1 x 30 lying side abduction (green band)
1 x 20 crunches
1 x 20 reverse crunches
1 x 30 dead bugs
1 x 15 red band twists
1 x 60 v sit twists

Sunday Jun 17 #

Biking 35:00 [1]

I got a fancy road bike! I wanted a bike that was more fun to go on longer distance rides than the Pollution Solution, especially since my running isn’t that great still. Biking from picking it up to a picnic in Stanley Park with Oscar’s family and then back home. It was fun to ride and going up hills is much easier. Still getting used to positioning and drop down handle bars. Might need to look into some options for the brakes since my hands are so little I find it a bit difficult to squeeze the brakes hard. My googling says I might be able to replace the shims. Will see how the break in period goes for the disc brakes and if not, will talk to the bike shop.

Saturday Jun 16 #

Hiking 3:51:43 [2] 13.25 km (17:29 / km) +1081m 12:25 / km
ahr:124 max:165 shoes: Saucony Progrid Xodus 2

Hiking up Elk Mountain in Chilliwack. Probably my favourite ‘fitness’ hike so far. It’s about 800m climb in 4 km and then you’re a pretty meadow (with some wild flowers) that has gorgeous views of Mount Baker, Cultus Lake, and other impressive looking mountains. We walked along the ridge for about 30 minutes until another unnamed summit that had nice views too. Didn’t go on to Mount Thurston as apparently it’s in the trees. Had lunch at the top. Afterwards, went to get some u pick strawberries and followed up with a Mexican dinner. Was with Anna, Thom, David, Kevin, Oscar and Ian. My glutes were sore the next day which I’m counting as a success since it means I used them! Counted moving time.

Friday Jun 15 #

Biking 11:21 [1] 2.53 km (4:29 / km) +23m 4:17 / km
ahr:111 max:163

Biking to spin class. Guess it was an extended warm up :)

Biking 37:18 [3] 22.5 km (1:39 / km)
ahr:156 max:172

Spin class at the Dailey Method (done as part of Class Pass). They had Schwinn spin bikes which I found harder to know what gear to do (although I realize perceived exercise is fine too). Instructor was very cheery and everything was so strong, so fast, so heavy, etc. I think instructing a spin class would be difficult. We were doing a whole range of things which kept it interesting and there was good music

Strength 10:00 [1]

Last 20 minutes of class was a stretching and strength workout. Since it’s also a barre studio, it was more of the 2 lb weights, high repetition variation. The core work was tough!

Biking 10:39 [1] 2.72 km (3:55 / km) +26m 3:44 / km
ahr:121 max:148

Biking home. Starting to get nice out!

Thursday Jun 14 #

Strength 30:53 [3]
ahr:128 max:159

Week 11 Workout B.

3 x 20 bodyweight single leg hip thrust (I found these quite hard)
3 x 3 assisted chin ups (purple band)
3 x 20 bodyweight Bulgarian split squat
3 x 12 single arm dumbbell military press (15#)
3 x 20 good mornings (9# dumbbell)
1 x 60 monster walks with green band
1 x 80 seconds feet elevated plank (off sofa without the cushion)
1 x 20 dumbbell side bend (15#)

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