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Training Log: Jan Erik Naess

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Run8 5:43:23 38.73(8:52) 62.33(5:31) 20
  Orienteering1 54:00 3.67(14:44) 5.9(9:09)
  Ice Bath1 10:00
  Total10 6:47:23 42.4 68.23 20
  [1-5]9 6:37:23
averages - sleep:7.8

Thursday Oct 27 #

3 PM

Run 45:00 [3] 6.0 mi (7:30 / mi)

Nice recovery run, definitely feeling fast and light on me feet. Looking forward to seeing what I can do at sectionals on Saturday!
4 PM

Run 10:00 [3] 0.75 mi (13:20 / mi)


Wednesday Oct 26 #

3 PM

Run warm up/down 25:00 [2] 2.0 mi (12:30 / mi)

Good amount of stretching to warm up
2 mi jog
6x100m strides
4 PM

Run 30:00 [4] 3.0 mi (10:00 / mi)

6x800m w/ 2min rest
2:23, 2:27, 2:26, 2:27, 2:29, 2:18

*this was in rain where I couldn't even open your eyes while running

Run 20:00 [2] 1.5 mi (13:20 / mi)

Went inside to cool down, also did core and stretching

Tuesday Oct 25 #


3 PM

Run 1:00:00 [3] 8.0 mi (7:30 / mi)

Jogging + 10x8sec Hills

So today my friend who is our top runner, and I were talking, getting mentally prepared for the races, talking about what we could do for the others, and what we needed to do for ourselves to prepare for the two upcoming races. We were also running at what our recovery pace is so it was slower than the other group who's pace gets pushed by our coach (oh the irony)

So afterwards my coach comes up to me and has a talk with me about how I'm not being dedicated enough and creating the right atmosphere for the team because I was running alone on a recovery day. *They run way too fast. And that just ticked off and reminded me why I haven't enjoyed running with our team... He even criticized me for taking extra time out of my day before and after practice for when I do my stretching. Our team doesn't do anything. His response to me saying that it helps me get ready for the run and makes it so that I can get everything out of it was. "You need to be willing to make sacrifices for the team, and sometimes you might not have all of that time to prepare for a race." Well lucky for me I have a shorter warm up plan, but why on earth would I compromise my workout and what I can get out of it to show dedication??

I understand the point where he wants us to run as a team in recoveries, but a guy dropped off because it was too fast, two guys ran a different route, and another two didn't run with them because they do lower millage. We get the team bonding in the workouts that actually mean things, when we push hard together, and out of practice, when you help each other stretch, and do other social things together. A recovery is to recover and individualize to get the most out of it.

Emotion Before: Excited, motivated, and focused
Emotion After: Annoyed, not wanting to do well for them, feeling pretty disrespected

I'm still going to work on doing my best but he just cut off my dedication to the team, which for the first time ever, was actually pretty decent. So, it's back to not enjoying my practices, running at the back of the pack, and being silent the entire time. #Hoppla

Will still try for my goals this upcoming weekend, the coarse is awesome with 1km ever 1.5mi through the woods, and I'm going to continue work on getting into the zone and controlling myself for and during the race.
5 PM

Ice Bath 10:00 [0]

Monday Oct 24 #


Just uploaded my JV Conference Race from last weekend onto youtube:
4 PM

Run long 1:15:00 [3] 9.5 mi (7:54 / mi)

Nice and easy jog. Good amount of stretching before and after :)

Sunday Oct 23 #


10 AM

Orienteering 54:00 [3] 5.9 km (9:09 / km)

Yikes, rough first control

Saturday Oct 22 #

10 AM

Run warm up/down 45:00 [2] 3.0 mi (15:00 / mi)

1mi jog
1mi jog
more stretches
6x100m strides

The entire warmup I was visualizing my race and different possibilities that might occur which I would need to react to
11 AM

Run 15:23 [5] 2.98 mi (5:10 / mi) +20m 5:03 / mi

Regionals at KLM. New 3mi BP of 15:23.

Progress over the season so far(time on this coarse):
Sep 3, 2016 --> 15:58
Today ----------> 15:23

Hopefully I'm on Varsity, the finish was strong but I needed to kick just a bit more in the last 5 meters... Lost two places and went from 2nd to 4th :(

Very happy with my race though, I got into my bubble and kept a positive mindset the entire time and focused on pressing.

Sectionals is next Saturday!

Run warm up/down 18:00 [2] 2.0 mi (9:00 / mi)

Nice cool down. I also did some good stretching afterwards

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