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Training Log: vandessa

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  run: rec5 3:16:07 24.37(8:03) 39.22(5:00)
  run: long run1 1:22:39 9.92(8:20) 15.96(5:11)
  run: tempo1 1:08:03 9.39(7:15) 15.11(4:30)
  run: xc intervals1 1:04:29 9.05(7:08) 14.56(4:26)
  Total8 6:51:18 52.72(7:48) 84.85(4:51)
averages - sleep:7.5

Monday Oct 24 #

run: rec 50:12 [1] 10.45 km (4:48 / km)

this was a good one, started out almost shuffling but once i warmed up i felt great. i think i might have gotten a bit carried away in the second half but didn't realize it until it was too late.

Sunday Oct 23 #

run: long run 1:22:39 [1] 15.96 km (5:11 / km)

this was a nice run, convinced a couple of gals to run with me today. we hit a really slow section of single track along the river but otherwise it was pretty good!

Saturday Oct 22 #

run: rec 45:19 [1] 9.08 km (4:59 / km)

still so sore from wednesday haha. also a little stiff from yesterday but otherwise this felt pretty good.

Friday Oct 21 #

run: xc intervals 1:04:29 [4] 14.56 km (4:26 / km)

activation, 20min wu, active wu, couple strides in spikes
2x2min hard, 2min rec
3 x mile loops (Hawrelak), 5min rec
2x90s hard, 90s rec
16min cd

5:53, 5:55, 5:54

this was pretty good. longer intervals (>1km) are nat my forte haha but i think i did a pretty good job of being tough and engaged. the fast stuff on the front and back end was really good quality, it was a fun change to stagger everyone. the mile loops were a little bit short, maybe 30m or so. was working a bit off the back of morgan each rep but would get dropped more convincingly after the hills. otherwise i felt like i was alone, would have been nice if the girls who were breathing down my neck at the end of each loop would have challenged and tried to lead earlier on. had the option of doing a 4th mile but it didn't seem necessary with stewart cup right around the corner; i will have a few more weeks to pile on some more mileage after halloween. it's my only xc race this season so i better make sure it's a good one HA

Thursday Oct 20 #

run: rec 40:36 [1] 7.95 km (5:06 / km)

holy bananas i woke up feeling like i got hit by a freight train.

Wednesday Oct 19 #

7 AM

run: rec 34:07 [1] 6.62 km (5:09 / km)

was vvv stiff, pretty much rolled out of bed and went
4 PM

run: rec (run + strength) 25:53 [1] 5.12 km (5:03 / km)

10min run to saville, strength, 15min run home

activation, clean + split press (on 10min) - first time doing this movement, so it will take a couple tries to not feel so awkward
3 sets: 4 x medball frog jump + 5 x "explosive" pull ups
2 set circuit:
- 5 x box jumps
- 5? x ball pushups
- 3 per side x DB step ups
- 8 lung medball throws
went through all my foot stuff at the end (incl BF skipping)

this was fun, first day back doing strength. was still feeling stiff/heavy on the running bits.

Tuesday Oct 18 #

run: tempo 1:08:03 [2] 15.11 km (4:30 / km)

activation, 20min wu, active wu
in flats from foote:
tempo: 6min on, 1min rec, 6min on, 2min rec, 6min on, 2min rec, 3min on
3x200m on the track, 200m jog rec
2x100m barefoot strides on grass
18min cd

this was pretty good, legs felt loads better than they've felt the last few days. worked well with NS but i think she was feeling her race this weekend more than i was feeling my treadmill run haha. track stuff was fun, nice n easy.

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