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Training Log: vandessa

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  run: rec4 2:18:55 17.55(7:55) 28.25(4:55)
  run: long run1 1:02:13 8.5(7:19) 13.68(4:33)
  run: track 1 46:43 6.65(7:02) 10.7(4:22)
  run: race1 35:40 4.89(7:18) 7.87(4:32)
  Total7 4:43:31 37.59(7:33) 60.5(4:41)
averages - sleep:7.3

Friday Jan 20 #

run: race race (GBO 1000) 35:40 [5] 7.87 km (4:32 / km)

activation, 20min wu, active wu, strides in spikes
GBO 1000m - 2:55.51, 4th, pb
15min cd outside

splits: 32/67/1:44/2:21 (32/35/37/37/34)

this was pretty good, i can't complain about a >2 sec pb. the race went out fast so i was just doing my own thang in the first lap knowing the field would slow down. i think around 300 in i was leading the "chase pack" in 5th, and kind of stopped moving forward. my splits for laps 4 and 5 were pretty atrocious haha. i know better but i still let it happen! and then there was lots left in the last lap, big surprise, i'm glad i managed to catch hannah. was hoping for a bit more out of myself, lots to improve on for the next one.

Thursday Jan 19 #

run: rec (shake out) 22:45 [1] 4.65 km (4:54 / km)

activation, 17min wu to butterdome, abbreviated active, 5min run home

this was okay, wasn't amazing but wasn't feeling terrible. will ice bath and get a proper sleep in tonight, should help.

Wednesday Jan 18 #

run: rec (run + strength) 43:53 [1] 8.71 km (5:02 / km)

27min run to sav, strength, 16min run home

strength was just 2 sets of cleans (4x30-35kg), 2 sets of MB throw, 2 sets of circuit and 5min core. pretty good session, kept it shorter. was actually a little bit sore from yesterday which was weird.

Tuesday Jan 17 #

run: track 46:43 [3] 10.7 km (4:22 / km)

activation, 20min wu, active wu, 4x50m in spikes
3x200m, 1min rec
400, 300, 200 (flats), 400m jog rec
2x150m gear change (spikes)
6min SS straight into 16min cd

32.9, 32.8, 32.1
69.9, 48.9, 30.5
24.0, 23.9

this was pretty good. was happy for a nice easy day. the purpose of everything was to feel out some specific rhythms. the 3x200 was supposed to be 1500-1k-faster so we kind of messed that up haha (i led #2). the 4-3-2 was supposed to be the same idea so we did better there. i led the 300. worked with NS and eric chan hopped in for the last couple. overall i was feeling much better than last week.

Monday Jan 16 #

run: rec (shake out) 22:00 [1] 4.51 km (4:53 / km)

Sunday Jan 15 #

run: long run 1:02:13 [1] 13.68 km (4:33 / km)

gorgeous day outside omg. i felt pretty good and was clipping along at a decent pace but i can't help but wonder if i forgot to re-start my watch after pausing it for an unknown amount of time?? right now i don't have a gps watch so i'm logging with mapmyrun, which is pretty accurate so i'm wondering if i messed up the actual timing haha. like i felt like i was moving, but not THAT fast. it'll be a mystery forever!

Saturday Jan 14 #

run: rec (run + strength) 50:17 [1] 10.38 km (4:51 / km)

23min run to sav, strength, 27min run home

hang clean to split press was 4x(30-35-35kg). didn't do the circuit as i slept in and have poor time management so just did 3x the medball toss superset w/ assisted pull ups. other than not finishing the session, today was good. it's super warm outside so the runs were actually enjoyable.

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