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Training Log: VeganKeegan

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running 5 3:32:29 27.19(7:49) 43.76(4:51) 346
  orienteering 5 3:08:04 18.97(9:55) 30.53(6:10) 1089
  core2 20:00
  Total9 7:00:33 46.16 74.29 1435

Saturday Feb 4 #

1 PM

running 1:20:05 [3] 11.07 mi (7:14 / mi) +44m 7:09 / mi
ahr:155 max:190

Felt pretty mentally out of it for most of the run and my legs were sore in odd places. By the last couple of miles though finally got into it and finished out strong. Also managed to find a very flat run which was nice.

Friday Feb 3 #

(rest day)

Was feeling a little sore from the week so decided to rest a day. Long run tomorrow.

Thursday Feb 2 #

core 10:00 [3]

6 PM

running 10:00 [3] 1.4 mi (7:09 / mi) +18m 6:52 / mi
ahr:143 max:155

Warm up

orienteering 26:51 [3] 3.82 mi (7:02 / mi) +52m 6:45 / mi
ahr:159 max:174

Six days of orienteering in 7 days???? Really awesome being here and having the opportunity to get out on good maps and train with fast people. Another great sprint today, filled with route choice and multilevel obstacles. I felt more confident today then I have before and think I ran faster as a result. Still have no idea how to read multi level sections on the map leading to many mistakes. On 3 couldn't read it was under so lost some time on route choice there and 6, ya 6 was bad. So its kind of hard to see on the route, but I get to where the control is, think I am one level to high, do a big circle trying to go down, only to end up in the same spot, which was right all along. Besides that relatively clean.

running 23:35 [3] 3.07 mi (7:41 / mi) +51m 7:18 / mi
ahr:147 max:160

Cool down.

I have been doing this thing recently where I run off in a random direction and then try to get back to my dorm. Its good fun because I don't quite know the city yet but it is hard to get lost because my dorm sits at the base of Arthurs's seat. When I get lost I just go up a hill until I can see the mountain and run there. In case it wasn't clear this cool-down also followed that pattern.

Wednesday Feb 1 #

8 AM

running 11:50 [3] 1.27 mi (9:19 / mi) +23m 8:49 / mi
ahr:146 max:163

Warm up

orienteering 22:51 [3] 2.94 mi (7:46 / mi) +13m 7:40 / mi
ahr:154 max:183

3 sets of short technical sprint intervals. Mass start for each interval, with forking (or gaffleing? Still haven't fully figured out this whole British thing) on each interval. Lots of fun training, fast-paced and technical. I found I could keep up with the Brits physically but would lose time on hesitations, bad routes and map reading speed. Quite motivating to have people much better then me to train with though.

Unfortunately, the last leg was cut short because of a small injury. Someone fell on the slippery ground and cut his leg open, he seems to be fine but had to get it checked out and all cleaned up. I also fell while running but escaped with just some scraped hands and a bruise.

Maps! No routes because I just couldn't be bothered but courses none the less.

Also I realized my log is a bit cluttered at the moment due to the large quantity of maps. So doing some experimenting on map display size. Do people have preferences on this? Is seeing the image better or does a link suffice?

3 PM

running 18:58 [3] 1.74 mi (10:54 / mi) +55m 9:56 / mi
ahr:144 max:167

Warm up

orienteering 23:46 [3] 2.1 mi (11:19 / mi) +123m 9:35 / mi
ahr:159 max:175

Some really great forest training up in the highlands. Nice runnable forests, interesting contours, and herds of cows you had to scare away, what more could one want? Technically I felt pretty sound, making just a few small mistakes (entry into 4, route to 7 and 11 and lots of hesitation on 13) but physically felt I could have pushed a bit more. Not the end of the world given this was the second training of the day but want to focus more on pushing during trainings going forward.

2d rerun here -

running 8:20 [3] 0.86 mi (9:41 / mi) +12m 9:18 / mi
ahr:164 max:188

Cool down

running 6:15 [3] 0.76 mi (8:13 / mi) +12m 7:50 / mi
ahr:163 max:169

More cool down

Tuesday Jan 31 #

9 PM

orienteering 37:10 [3] 2.63 mi (14:08 / mi) +89m 12:47 / mi
ahr:135 max:149

Some snowy night orienteering in the highlands with no controls. Needless to say this was difficult and I’m not sure I actually hit any controls. Map will go up later today.

Turns out I hit more of the controls then I thought - 2d rerun here -

Monday Jan 30 #

6 PM

running 53:26 [3] 7.02 mi (7:37 / mi) +131m 7:12 / mi
ahr:155 max:182

Nice easy run as some recovery for the weekend. Legs felt surprisingly fresh after the weekend races which is encouraging. We will see how they fair intervals tomorrow

Sunday Jan 29 #

core 10:00 [3]

11 AM

orienteering 1:17:26 [3] 7.48 mi (10:21 / mi) +812m 7:44 / mi
ahr:155 max:171

Finally some woods orienteering! Well kind of, more open grassland, but still. This was probably the most physically demanding orienteering course I have done in a long while, the only thing that I can compare to in terms of physical exhaustion is my first Billygoat. 800 meters of climb on a 7.7km (straight line) course, oof. So while it was absolutely brutal to run it was still fun. It was also a mass start which is always good fun. This also let me run with two boys around my age. They really forced me to keep running the whole thing which was helpful and probably cut about 10 minutes off my time.

The course navigationally was not the cleanest, especially given the ease of most of the navigation. With that being said most of my mistakes were just small missed turns or the like, about 30 seconds each. My biggest real mistake was just bad route choices on some of the longer legs, particularly 28-29 (lost about 2 minutes to the winners who went around). The long legs though were super challenging trying to find the best route so not that upset.

Also, this green was super thick, even a small amount was basically an uncrossable barrier, hence some of the weird entries into controls.

Results here -
My routes below

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