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Training Log: Danshaw88

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running (trail/fell)2 3:59:08 25.83(9:15) 41.57(5:45) 1426
  Running (road)2 2:25:14 20.13(7:13) 32.4(4:29) 282
  Turbo session2 2:00:05
  Strength tx3 1:40:00
  Total6 10:04:27 45.96 73.97 1708

Thursday Jul 9 #

Turbo session 1:00:02 [3]
ahr:119 max:139

60’ turbo moderate effort

Quads have felt really heavy all day. On the bike they weren’t too bad and seem to have reasonably good energy. Now that I’ve got something tangible to train for I seemed to have a little more motivation.

Wednesday Jul 8 #

Running (trail/fell) 1:30:34 [3] 10.37 mi (8:44 / mi) +611m 7:23 / mi
ahr:142 max:172

20’ easy - 3xlong hill reps - 20 easy

Felt fresh and moving well.

Reps were tough as into a solid head wind. I felt like I was pushing hard without really moving forward. Each rep felt just as hard as the previous. With the strong headwind it meant on the recoveries I had a tail wind and the recoveries were faster than I would of like. Still not quite owning this session and still feel o need to work on my breathing. Managed to get the run done before the heavy rain rolled in.

0.98 mi 10.11/mi 157m
0.98 mi 10.13/mi 157m
0.98mi 10.13/mi 150m

Tuesday Jul 7 #

Running (road) 1:06:20 [3] 8.73 mi (7:36 / mi) +84m 7:23 / mi
ahr:137 max:161

60’ easy 6xstrideouts

Felt proper easy tonight light and easy on the legs. The legs felt fresh and no aches pains or tightness. Felt really good moving well with a nice long stride. Just felt really comfortable through out.

Strideouts felt decent and each one was a little bit better than the previous. Ran Them on the grassy playing field at the back of the house even on the wet grass still managed to get good traction.

Strength tx 35:00 [3]

Modified tiger push up 11 reps 12 reps
Hamstring ball curls Single leg Left - 9 and 11 reps Right 10 and 10reps
Reverse crunch 15 and 16 reps
Adductor side planks L 44” & 35” R 42” & 35”
Reverse plank 35” & 39”
Hip bridge with 9kg dumbell
L 20 & 25 reps R 22 & 23 reps
Windmills 10 reps
High knee step ups 10 each side


Still can’t find a race in august

Monday Jul 6 #

Strength tx 30:00 [3]

Romanian deadlift 18kg
Crush grip goblet squat 17kg
Single leg Bulgarian split squat 18kg
Offset lunge 17kg
Wall ball calf raises 18kg
Angels and devils 4kg
Farmers carries 18kg

Turbo session 1:00:03 [3]
ahr:120 max:132

60’ turbo (moderate)

Feeling ok. Legs felt fine and no real fatigue kept a good moderate effort. Last 30’ dragged a little and felt like time was moving slowly.

Sunday Jul 5 #

Running (trail/fell) 2:28:34 [3] 15.46 mi (9:37 / mi) +815m 8:15 / mi
ahr:128 max:147

2hours 30’ easy (hilly) - fuelling

Very windy today which made things interesting. Kept the pace light and easy. Quads felt heavy but moving well. Never felt strenuous or overly fatiguing.

Ate some new stuff that I bought of amazon which are called Lucho dillitos had three blocks which were like rocket fuel and quite nice to eat.

Saturday Jul 4 #

Running (road) 1:18:54 [3] 11.4 mi (6:55 / mi) +198m 6:34 / mi
ahr:153 max:167 shoes: Hoka carbon x

80’ moderate

Very wet this morning the shoes struggled at times to get traction in the wet. Felt great this morning and the legs felt fresh. Was moving well and can feel that my stride length is improving as I’m less tight in the hips. Felt strong throughout. Had to stop for 30” to negotiate flooding on the road. Could have kept this pace for a long while and once I’d finished I didn’t feel overly fatigued.

Strength tx 35:00 [3]

Modified tiger push up 14 reps 12 reps
Hamstring ball curls 25 and 24 reps (will do this single leg next time)
Reverse crunch 17 and 19 reps
Adductor side planks L 40” & 42” R 38” & 39”
Reverse plank 34” & 46”
Hip bridge with 5kg kettlebell (Will up the weight next time)
L 41 & 40 reps R 38 & 39 reps
Windmills 10 reps
High knee step ups 10 each side


Managed to get an entry into Pembrokeshire coast marathon on 19th September. Struggling to find a rave in august that’s not either cancelled or suspended entry.

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