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Training Log: BettyRun

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hiking2 7:24:00 22.99(19:19) 37.0(12:00) 2780
  Cycling 2 5:20:00
  Easy3 3:02:00 18.45(9:52) 29.7(6:08) 390
  S&C2 1:20:00
  Moderate 1 33:00 4.78(6:54) 7.7(4:17) 128
  Total8 17:39:00 46.23 74.4 3298
averages - sleep:7.3

Tuesday Jun 18 #

Moderate 33:00 [3] 7.7 km (4:17 / km) +128m 3:57 / km

Didn’t feel sick when I woke up, still quite bloated.
Tried take 2 of a moderate paced run. I wanted to fit in S&C too before leaving for work (as missed it yesterday) and in London today so won’t be able to do it tonight so Run was short at 33 mins.
Legs felt pretty heavy on run, especially first 20 mins, got into a bit more of a flow after that and let better by the end.
Walked 4 miles to Leeds station to get train to London. I’m working in London for 3 nights, back home Friday afternoon so will do second S&C on Friday afternoon when I am home as no gym at hotel.
7 AM

S&C 30:00 [3]

Did 2 sets of S&C - all felt fine
Missed out dead bugs but didn’t build in new bits as short on time.

Monday Jun 17 #

Easy 1:15:00 [3] 10.5 km (7:09 / km) +130m 6:44 / km

Early start at work (in York) so didn’t run before work.
Felt ok during day. Set off on moderate paced run at 5.45pm. Started to feel a bit nauseous after about 7-8 mins and stomach was bloated, so eased the pace for the next 12-15 mins. Stomach started to really hurt and felt more and more nauseous so slowed to a walk. Walked for 45mins, felt a bit dizzy and stomach very large. Jogged a couple of mins every so often.
Got home and straight to bed for an hour. Just woken up and don’t feel as sick. Managed to drink a peppermint tea but can’t face any food for now. Could be something I ate as ate a mushroom burger for lunch that was quite old.

Sunday Jun 16 #

8 AM

Hiking 4:27:00 [3] 22.5 km (11:52 / km) +1800m 8:29 / km

Slept really well
Saw your email about 5-6 hours but only had 4.5 hours as needed to get the 15:30 train from Langwathby.
Did a loop around Buttermere (Robinson, Dalehead, haystacks, High Stile and Red Pike)
Walked the ups, jogged the flats and downs, although the descent of haystacks is really rough so that was really slow.
Actually enjoyed using poles today.
Felt really good, not a massive desire to run but that was probably due to what I was wearing/size of pack.
Short turnaround in Buttermere (15 mins) to change and eat sandwich before ride to station.
1 PM

Cycling 2:35:00 [3]

52km/700m ascent.
Would have liked a bit more rest before ride but also wanted to fit in as much hike as possible. The climb over Newlands Pass was a hard start to the ride, especially carrying my 7kg overnight pack! Lots of time in the pedals but surprised I made it up without walking.
Stopped in Threlkeld for 10 mins (after 70 mins) for coffee and cake, then another 85 mins to the train at Langwathby.
Really enjoyed today’s ride

Saturday Jun 15 #

Cycling 2:45:00 [3]

Woke up at 4.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Legs itching to exercise!
Got train across the dales to Langwathby then cycled from there to Buttermere. It was 10km longer than I expected.
Did 1.50hr to Keswick then stopped for lunch before final 55mins to Buttermere. Rode easy. Felt surprising good considering i’ve hardly been on my bike for months.
Total 60km/750m. .

Hiking 2:57:00 [3] 14.5 km (12:12 / km) +980m 9:07 / km

Spent about 30 mins in Buttermere before I set off (had a coffee and a snack!)
Walked the fells on the south side of Buttermere, red pike, high pike etc. 1 big steep climb, I walked all the way, even the flat bits and used poles. I’d forgotten how useless I am with poles. I practised trying to get into a good rhythm using them and felt I got slightly better by the top. Along the ridge line I ran the descent really slowly and walked the ups. On the descent back down I ran some bits but lots of parts were quite steep and quads didn’t feel quite ready for a pounding. It was a lovely sunny evening and had the fells to myself. Really enjoyed being out. No soreness or niggles and felt strong going up - would happily have run lots.

Friday Jun 14 #

Easy 1:16:00 [3] 14.0 km (5:26 / km) +260m 4:58 / km

Drove to work and easy run from there. In a world of my own and missed turning so was a bit longer than planned.
Felt good and flowy. It was pouring down with rain but still a very enjoyable run.
Today was the first day of not feeling mentally tired.
45 minute massage. Worked more on right leg.

Thursday Jun 13 #

Easy 31:00 [3] 5.2 km (5:58 / km)

Did S&C in the morning as had a filming session at 8am.
Did 1 hour of filming for a documentary in the park next to home from 8-9. Stop start, not an actual run but probably covered a couple of miles.
Got home from work at 7.30 so short on time (if wanted to eat and sleep) for did 30 mins easy (the program said 60).
Pooring down so kept to the wood in the park. Ground was very wet so pretty slow underfoot.
Felt pretty good, almost bouncy, no leg pain or niggles.

S&C 50:00 [3]

3 sets S&C - all let fine

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