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Training Log: JYule

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering 2 2:52:22 17.37(9:55) 27.95(6:10) 31812 /64c18%
  Total2 2:52:22 17.37(9:55) 27.95(6:10) 31812 /64c18%

Sunday May 19 #

11 AM

Orienteering race (SEOA League) 1:26:59 [4] *** 8.67 mi (10:02 / mi) +142m 9:33 / mi
spiked:12/28c shoes: Salomon S/Lab Speed 2

1. Spiked just not running quick enough as my legs weren't fully warmed up.

2. Took the path route which was quick. Control entrance was a bit of mess due to not having a good AP. Another route would have given a better AP but running would have been slower

3. Spiked. Good bearing and saw tree a long way off. A slight hesitation at the path crossing but very minor

4. Bit of a mess. Easy leg following veg boundary but pacing would have helped A LOT.

5. Spiked. Bearings spot on

6 Spiked. Bearings good on the straight line and aiming off slightly worked a treat.

7. Good run and found the right pit after a few seconds. Most of the leg was following a field edge. Lots of pits in the area.

8. Spiked. Good bearing meant I had the quickest time on this leg.

9. Alright leg not spot on

10. Spiked Think my route choice was good. Times were close on this section as it came down to running speed.

11. Bearing a bit off and I chose a very overgrown route so was slow. kept my head up though and spotted it from a distance

12. No AP and sloppy bearing equated to a lot of faffing.

13. Spiked. Good route and execution

14 Awful. Came in off the road in the wrong place which threw me off but relocated and hit it. Didn't visualise the entrance to this control

15. Forgot to go to it!!!!

16. Spiked

17. Hesitated a bit at junctions and sloppy bearing meant time was lost relocating on the track.

18. Spiked. Had already been to it for 14

19. Alright. Not quite optimal as I had hit the earth wall too far up so had to run down it. Looked more like an erosion gully.

20. Had to run through some thick undergrowth and hesitated at stream so took a little while once in the circle

21. Spiked, Legs were starting to tire so speed not as good.

22. Spiked. Running a wee bit sluggish.

23. Had to do a long bearing through the undergrowth so slightly off but found it quickly after that.

24. Good not quite a clean find as the bearing was a bit off

25. Spiked just slow running.

26. Spiked just slow.

27. Took a little bit of work to find it.

28. Really messy. Thought i could see where it was then convinced myself that wasn't it but it was.


Would have been 7th if i hadn't mp 15. Good run considering yesterday

Saturday May 18 #

10 AM

Orienteering (SEJS) 1:25:23 [3] *** 8.7 mi (9:49 / mi) +176m 9:14 / mi
36c shoes: Salomon S/Lab Speed 2

Did a flow exerscies first with Alex which was good but one control was in the wrong place and my horrific bearings got me a bit lost of the first ones.
Did a corridor exercise which i flowed well on but one leg was a bit tricky beacuase of the way the corridor cut across the bearings.
Did a control pick and my bearings were a lot more accurate.
Did a long and short task which was good but had to cut it short

In the afternoon we did a harris relay which was teams of 3 but I was in a 2. We almost won. Flowing well on these and running well but had already been to most...
Legs alright ahead of black course

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