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Training Log: greta_leonard

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Orienteering3 3:10:42 9.71(19:38) 15.63(12:12) 1280
  Stretching and strength4 2:10:00
  Running3 2:09:51 16.41(7:55) 26.41(4:55) 220
  Misc cardio 1 30:00
  Total6 8:00:33 26.12 42.03 1500

Thursday Jan 26 #

Stretching and strength 45:00 [3]

Strength for track

Wednesday Jan 25 #

Orienteering 24:33 [3] 2.69 mi (9:08 / mi) +90ft 8:51 / mi

Easy course at lake wilderness today. Didn’t feel great physically

Tuesday Jan 24 #

Misc cardio 30:00 [1]

For the worlds worst pe class

Running 41:10 [3] 5.17 mi (7:58 / mi) +100ft 7:49 / mi

This was way faster than normal recoveries, but the HR data looked the same as other runs that are ~40 seconds per mile slower. Also, Aubree, Clara and I all wore our Georgia shirts today although we did not run together.

Stretching and strength 53:00 [1]

Pre run strength and post run stretching with Devin and Isaac

Monday Jan 23 #

Orienteering 7:00 [1] 0.65 mi (10:46 / mi) +20ft 10:28 / mi

Easy in summit trails

Running 36:15 [4] 5.14 mi (7:03 / mi)

Ran with b group because I’m exhausted from finals and not sleeping well. Good news is finals are done tho

Stretching and strength 25:00 [1]

Drills and stretching

Saturday Jan 21 #

Orienteering 1:16:22 [4] 3.76 mi (20:19 / mi) +800ft 16:54 / mi

meh race. felt a little off.

actual splits:
Start-1: Took the trail to the intersection and found the knoll.
1-2: Straight south up the hill to the trail. I didn't see the depression on the map so I thought it was the reentrant that 2 was in. Eventually, ran down the trail and found the reentrant.
2-3: Went south around the dark green and up the hill.
3-4: Ran down to the trail and ran much slower than I needed to because I thought 4 would be farther off the trail. 
4-5: I ran the trail past the amphitheatre and took the trail up the hill and ran straight up the spur. 
5-6: Took the trail and jumped off just after the down hill dissipated.
6-7: Ran the trail down the hill through the parking lot and got on the smaller trail, where I jumped off at the bend.
7-8: Compass bearing
8-9: Ran the trail down the hill and I got caught off guard a bit by the drawn in trail. I got to the parking lot and ran along the fence.
9-10: Ran through the parking lot and across the field.
10-11: Ran through the field to the tree.
11-12: Had to stop to tie my shoe so I had time to look at the map. I ran north to the trail and turned left and hopped off the trail at the first cabins.
12-13: Followed the trail.
13-14: Followed the trail again but it took me a few seconds to find the control because it wasn't right at the trailhead.
14-15: Trail to reentrant.
15-16: I'm not sure why I took the upper route. I think I was looking at distance and not elevation. Once I got off the trail, I thought the control was on the small reentrant, which was covered by the pink line.
16-17: Ran up the hill.
17-18: Ran down the hill.
18-19: Ran over the hill.
19-20: Ran over to the road and followed the contours. I didn't take a bearing, which was kinda risky and I didn't spend much time on trails but it seemed to work out for me.
20-21: Bearing
21-22: Ran out to the road and up the trail.
22-23: I got pulled downhill into the low point and it took me a bit to find the spur.
23-24: Ran the trail downhill, crossed the bridge, and turned left. I ran right past my control and couldn't find it. I unknowingly ran past 25. I thought the cabins northeast of it were the cabins northeast of 26 which confused me for a while. Eventually, I looked over and saw 26 and took a bearing to 24.
24-25: This one was also awkward. I didn't read the vegetation boundaries right and spent some time just standing there before I heard someone else punch 25.
25-26: I ran through the open area to the trail intersection.
26-27: I almost ran past the bridge.
27-finish: speed.

Orienteering 52:47 [2] 1.61 mi (32:47 / mi) +370ft 26:55 / mi

course pick up

Orienteering 30:00 [1] 1.0 mi (30:00 / mi)

warm up+running a bit of jacksons course post-race

Friday Jan 20 #

Running 52:26 [3] 6.1 mi (8:36 / mi) +120ft 8:26 / mi

vibey run with aubree and zariah

Stretching and strength 7:00 [1]

debating if we should get mcdonalds or pizza. We decided on neither

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