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Training Log: Sophie Howes

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Rowing5 8:06:05 34.87 56.11
  Running2 1:15:14 7.35(10:14) 11.83(6:22) 199
  Strength 1 20:00
  Total6 9:41:19 42.22 67.94 199

Friday Apr 19 #

Rowing 1:31:04 [3] 11.44 km (7:58 / km)

Really took blood sweat and tears seriously
The wind was so so bad and my fingers were bleeding a lot :(
Hopefully the wind calms down soon!!

Thursday Apr 18 #

Rowing 8:36 [5] 2.0 km (4:18 / km)

2K PR - 8:36.7 - 2:09.1 avg per 500m
Analysis for myself so I know what to improve on:

My start was fine, I shifted to my base rate really quick since I didn’t want to burn out at the start. I think for our next 2k I will try having a faster start and see if that helps bring my total time down. There were some points, however, in the first 750m where I felt like I couldnt hold onto the split I wanted but then it felt more attainable towards the end. This could be a mentality thing where I need to mentally push myself at the beginning and tell myself that I CAN go faster and I CAN have a faster start and not collapse because of it.

The sprint was really fast compared to the rest of the piece (avg 7 splits better, got to 13 splits better for last 100m). This means I need to push more in the middle of the piece so I don’t have much left in me to sprint at the end. I think my sprint needs to be something where I literally have nothing left but I need to break through barriers to keep going for the last 300m. Something positive about the sprint was that I started bringing my split down a bit earlier on compared to past 2ks. I want to continue doing this. Overall, the 2k went by really fast which was nice!
A PR is a PR, however I believe with the faster start I could have gotten a 2:08 split and I believe I had it in me to do so today, but I know this for next time.

Rowing 30:00 [3]

Warmup and cooldown
10 min steady state to start
Did some builders up to rate
1 minute at goal pace
10 minute cooldown

Running 35:33 [3] 3.95 mi (9:00 / mi) +100ft 8:47 / mi

Was supposed to be a jog but I really want to beat Green Lake (our top competitors) so I didn’t take this as an easy run. My body felt like collapsing though since we had just done our 2k but I ran with some people which helped me push through.

Wednesday Apr 17 #

Rowing 1:57:00 [3] 16.25 km (7:12 / km)

U17 Bow seat (my favorite seat)
Felt good today, i’ve been having some stomach problems though :(
Lots of drills and some steady state
4k - 1k at 22 spm, 1k at 24 spm, 1k at 26 spm, 1k at 28 spm
2k at the first two rated
Came in a tiny bit earlier to talk about the 2k test tomorrow

Tuesday Apr 16 #

Rowing 1:10:29 [3] 11.09 km (6:21 / km)

U17 Boat
2 x 19’ pyramid

Rowing 29:00 [3]

19’ pyramid
10 x 20” on 40” off bursts

Monday Apr 15 #

Running 39:41 [2] 3.4 mi (11:40 / mi) +99ft 11:21 / mi

I joined some friends and we did a walk/jog. Coaches told us to go easy so I took that very literally

Average heart rate - 145 bpm

Strength 20:00 [3]

Core and legs

Sunday Apr 14 #

Rowing 2:19:56 [5] 15.34 km (9:07 / km)

Rose City Invite
Combined warmups and races of both of my events

Novice A - 2 Seat - 7:53.41 2nd place. We beat a boat by one second! This race generally felt good so I was really happy.

3V B Boat - Stroke Seat - 8:20.83. This lineup had never practiced together until today and probably will not practice together again because it was a group of people with a lot of different experience and strength. This lineup was more for those who didn’t have a race yet. We lacked consistent press in this race and since I came straight from the previous race I was pretty tired.

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