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Training Log: Sandy

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  map hiking3 5:49:37 6.13 9.86 154
  strength & stretching2 1:10:00
  hiking1 1:01:27 3.29(18:41) 5.3(11:36) 164
  Total6 8:01:04 9.42 15.16 317

Wednesday Mar 29 #

11 AM

hiking 1:01:27 [3] 3.29 mi (18:41 / mi) +164m 16:11 / mi

A quick hike around the statue loop (I've decided to PC about it).

Beautiful day - wish I didn't have to go in to the office in a bit.

Monday Mar 27 #

strength & stretching 30:00 [3]

Was feeling really low energy as I went to today's training session, but she worked me hard and I was a lot peppier when it was over. Added in some things that hurt my shoulder a month ago but were fine today (maybe my shoulder issues are somewhat fixed with this regular workout schedule?) and a little bit of cardio that bothered my knee the last time we tried it but was fine today.

Sunday Mar 26 #

map hiking 30:00 [3]

Putting out the last of the WY controls. And found the flag. I thought there was a chance I had dropped it as I was hanging the few right before it so took that route on my way to put out the replacement flag and sure enough someone nicely hung the original one on a tree along the trail. Boo for dropping it but Yay I'm not losing my mind and I really did have it in the bag.

A long day but most everyone seemed to have a good time.

And enough people materialized to help with control pickup so that I didn't have to get any at all.

Saturday Mar 25 #

map hiking 1:30:00 [3]

Putting out the rest of the controls. Hardly any snow left where I was.

I somehow lost a control flag. Did I never have it or did I drop it somewhere? I have a replacement that I'll put out first thing in the morning, but it is just weird to have lost a flag.

Friday Mar 24 #

12 PM

map hiking 3:49:37 [3] 6.13 mi (37:28 / mi) +154m 34:45 / mi

Putting out controls for Sunday's event at FCN. There's still a good bit of snow around although I expect a lot will disappear before Sunday with the warmish temps and rain predicted during the next 36 hours. Hope so as my footprints will lead people right to most controls otherwise.

The ranger let me drive my car up the water tower road so was able to drop off 8 gallons of water that I didn't need to lug up the hill. I also had to wait for the portable toilet guys to arrive so I could tell them where to place the unit. Finally got started around 12:30 which was actually fine since the rain had passed through by then.

I modified my planned route to lug the water in from where I dropped it to the actual controls. Only hung 13 flags and put in 6 more stakes. But those were the furthest 13 and all but a couple water stops are out so tomorrow shouldn't be bad at all. And if they let me drive up the road again it will go even faster!

I'm clearly not as recovered from last weekend as I thought I was. I was really dragging on the uphills and I didn't actually have to do much climbing today. And then towards the end, my back really started to bother me. Feels like a pinched nerve or something since it only hurts in one particular spot and only when I stand a particular way, And it's not the same area that was so sore on the long slog back to the finish.

And here I was getting all cocky about getting into shape. At least I didn't push it today and try to get a lot more done. The weather turned great towards the end - it was probably about 60 and the sun was making a showing and I still had a couple hours of daylight but I just had had enough.

I hung long pink streamers two weeks ago and all but one was still

Thursday Mar 23 #

strength & stretching 40:00 [3]

Training session with some stretching before and more after.

One thing she wanted me to do bothered my knee a lot - 2nd position (from ballet) squat and then going up on your toes on one side. Not sure why that hurt so much, I've done that before with no problem. She just swapped something else in instead so no big deal. Will have to try it again in a few days and see if it still hurts or if it was just a flukey thing.

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