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Training Log: Iamstillhungry

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  XC Sking4 5:56:10 34.05 54.81 426
  Run2 1:14:00
  Row1 1:05:00
  Erg1 1:00:00
  Total6 9:15:10 34.05 54.81 426

Sunday Dec 4 #

7 AM

XC Sking 2:30:26 [3] 37.99 km (3:58 / km) +181m 3:52 / km
ahr:136 max:154

Two laps of the lack plus 1 Fisher Rd hill loop on each lap. Very good work. Still wet and cloudy but no more rain. There were lots of slippery leaves and muddy spots -- took one spill and collected some raspberries on my knee. Otherwise, happy with distance and pace. Not completely knackered either.

Saturday Dec 3 #

Erg 1:00:00 [3]
shoes: RP3

40s and rain. 30 on the erg, run in the rain for 10, 20 on the erg, run in the rain for 14, 10 on the erg.

Run 24:00 [3]

Friday Dec 2 #


V2 Tire Station! I resisted spending the cash for this but I shouldn't have. Tired changed and no swearing. It would be better not to get flats (perhaps I had a couple of tubes from a bad batch) but now it will only be aggravating on the trail and not also in the garage.

Thursday Dec 1 #

6 AM

XC Sking 1:17:44 [3] 16.82 km (4:37 / km) +246m 4:18 / km
ahr:130 max:162 shoes: V2 XLA98

4 x Coyote-Hawk hills

On the second hill there was a big hawk squawking at me from up in a tree; perhaps I scared off breakfast. Then, as I was coming to the top of Bath House hill a coyote crossed the road in front of me and scooted down the hill on my left. Thus, I've decided to call these Coyote-Hawk HIills. Start on the bike path at the 911 marker near Big Thicket. Up the hill, behind big thicket, down the backside to the bath house, then up Northcliff (aka Bath House Hill), to the park welcome sign kiosk thing. That's 1. Then easy back to the start.

Coldest morning so far, 37F. Intended to do repeats of Flag Pole Hill but I had a flat again on the Aeros. I haven't been keeping track which wheels I've already changed so I don't know if it is an old tube or one of the new ones. Either way, it's very annoying. Pulled out the solid-wheel rskis but I'm not comfortable taking those down FPH because of the potential to roll out into traffic. Thus, plan B was to invent Coyote-Hawk Hill repeats.

Good hard work. My legs worked better than I thought might, not great, but better. I have to remember to better work my left leg on the climbs; I tend to glide on it straight legged instead of dropping and pushing back to the right.

rep) time, HR_max
1) 5:34, 155
2) 5:23, 159
3) 5:27, 160
4) 5:17, 162

ps: I left my vest at the 911 "start" marker and it was gone when I was done. Very annoying! I think it was about 15 years old though so I got good use out of it. Also, it was all black, which isn't the best for being seen in low light conditions. So, time to upgrade.

Wednesday Nov 30 #

Row 1:05:00 [3]

Beautiful evening. At one point I was under a cloud of a few hundred seagulls as they passed just a few meters over my head. Chased some coots who were a little slow to move. Eight pelicans did a fly by in formation. Can't ask for a better night on the water.

Tuesday Nov 29 #

XC Sking 1:06:00 [3]
shoes: V2 Aero XL

2.5 x (1k / 3min + 2k / 5min)

rep) pace, HR_max
1 = 1k) 3:10, 155
2 = 2k) 3:09.5, 159
3 = 1k) 3:11, 159
4 = 2k) 3:24.5, 159
5 = 1k) 3:24, 155

2) probably benefited from a bit of a tail wind, while it slowed me down a bit on 3) and 4). On 5) I had some traffic, a wooden bridge, a hill at the end, and more importantly, tired legs. Good work overall.

At speed I revert back to a bit of a less fluid stride that relies a lot more on my arms. When going fast I don't have the balance to keep good technique with the drive dominated by the legs. But that's why I'm doing this though -- to practice going faster.

Run 50:00 [3]

w/ Karl at Norbuk. Felt a bit better than last week but not great. My legs were tired from the morning and still from the weekend. My right glute is more tired than the left. Very nice evening. Beautiful sunset.

Monday Nov 28 #

XC Sking 1:02:00 [3]
shoes: V2 XLA98

After work with a headlamp. I have a very good light but rskiing by handlamp is just a bit different. I'm not sure it is because of lack of peripheral view or the "flattening" of perspective at night. It's just a bit different in a slightly uncomfortable way. Anyway, kept it easy and worked on good rhythm and technique in all the different strides.

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