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Training Log: igoup

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Bike5 9:41:18 125.4(12.9/h) 201.81(20.8/h) 2726
  Total5 9:41:18 125.4(4:38) 201.81(2:53) 2726

Tuesday Aug 4 #

8 AM

Bike 1:05:56 [3] 23.66 km (21.5 kph) +252m

Another nice ride up at Rio Grande Reservoir. I would have like to go farther up the valley but I compromised with Sam. He dropped me off and went down lower. I climbed and then bombed down. Met up with Sam for a bit then he got back in the car and I kept bombing all the way back to the main road. Fun. I'm antsy to do a bit more riding and exploring on my own though. I'd like to get farther and higher. Maybe next year.

Sunday Aug 2 #

9 AM

Bike 45:45 [3] 12.4 km (16.3 kph) +74m

Easy ride mostly taking photos. A substitute for rest day.

Saturday Aug 1 #

9 AM

Bike 2:40:19 [3] 54.41 km (20.4 kph) +681m

Not the ride I had planned but it worked out great. We parked at Love Lake not know what the roads we be like. We started climbing on 523, which was very bumpy and rocky. It was a bit too much for Sam so he went back to the car and headed off for an alternative route. I had already planned to ride all the way beck home so this was fine.

Just kept spinning and bouncing my way up and diverted to FS 524 to its end. I chatted with an older couple who had passed me in there truck. They were from Alamosa and going for a hike.

Went back down to the intersection and decided to continue up 523 a bit. As sometimes happens I can looking around the next turn for the end that kept postponing itself until I topped out at 11.5k ft.

Now the long dive bomb home with was a bit gnarly at times due to all the rocks. When I got to Love Lake there were now 3 ATVs and a few other trucks; people up relaxing and fishing. The way they watched me go by I don't think they were expecting a bike to be coming from higher up. The section from Love Lake down to Sayer Ranch was smother, twisty, and through a forest fo aspen; this was the most fun downhill part and I had fun with little slides around the turns.

After that it was the slight downhill ride back to Wason Ranch. I missed when power squeezing a gel into my mouth and it went all over my arm, leg and bike. Gels and bikes do not go well together.

That was longer and harder than I had planned but it was great. However, I'm going to have to start being a little more conservative and resting my legs.

After lunch Sam and I rehung a gate heading into a pasture and cleared beaver debris from a little culvert. Apparently, the beaver is not satisfied with the half dozen little ponds that are already there and wants to enlarge one of them. Par for the course though these days; everyone is up sizing homes, vehicles, RVs, etc.

Friday Jul 31 #

9 AM

Bike 1:22:24 [3] 23.54 km (17.1 kph) +139m

First CO gravel ride. Out Middle Creek Rd and back. With Sam. Very easy and that's what I needed. Very pleasant and enjoyable.

Thursday Jul 30 #

Bike 3:46:54 [3] 87.8 km (23.2 kph) +1580m

Up at 0500, driving by 0520, stop at McD for sausage biscuit, Pagosa Springs at 0805. 15min delay for a work call and associated email. Riding by 0830.

PMS to Wolf Creek Pass
2017 = 2:04:--
2018 = 2:09:38
2019 = 2:11:09
2020 = 2:16:05

PS to Treasure Falls Parking
2017 = ?
2018 = 1:04:59
2019 = 1:01:24
2020 = 1:00:05

Wolf Creek Pass (from Pagosa Springs)
2017 = 1:05:--
2018 = 1:02:47
2019 = 1:01:39
2020 = 1:07:16

Max speed = 86.2kph

I set strava segment PRs on the way to Treasure Falls AND on the way back from Treasure Falls. The climb itself did not agree with me.

The ride:
* Started about an hour later than I would prefer but it couldn't be helped.
* Easy out to Treasure Falls. Since I didn't have the opportunity to stash fluids at the pass, I wore a camelbak, drank from that on the way out and stashed it in some bushes for my resupply on the way back.
* My goal was to break an hour on the climb proper. I was doing well on the switchbacks up to the overlook. I had my garmin showing speed and HR. I could keep my HR ~155ish without too much stress but 160 was no bueno. I found myself slowing down and having to use my granny gear that I had hoped to save for PP. I thought that maybe I had my calculations wrong because I couldn't be going this slow. Just keep at it. I tried to look around but most of my attention was on managing the effort.
* About 2.5k from the top my hands started getting shaky and I had two headaches behind each eyeball. My neck and right tri-cep were very achy, which was annoying. I tried to focus on my breath counting them from 1 to 5 then repeating. I always have dreams of hitting the last km and being able to attack the last part; this dream has never come true.
* The pass had the most cars I've ever seen. Treasure Falls too. NM may be quiet but CO is busy with tourists with full campgrounds.
* I thought about immediately heading back but I had stopped shaking, had a bar and felt a little better. I descended still heading east to above the lake. This was fun because the the road is a little twisty, there is a tunnel, and I'm just as fast as the cars. Hit 78kph.
* Turning around I was dismayed to find I was not recovered at all. My HR would climb as I worked and then I'd poop out. Two years ago I really had trouble. Last year I was able to go up this section without stopping. Today was in between. I stopped 5 times to recover. Each time would then pick a new land mark to get too.
* Back up on the top I took a break and had a gel. It felt good to sit and I had to kick myself to get going before I got too stiff.
* I decided to just enjoy the ride down and not worry about speed. My neck wasn't up to holding the tuck for long periods. Still passed two semis though. In the last third in steepens a bit and my speed picked up nicely. Since there wasn't any traffic I decided to hit it and crank. This was when I hit 86kph. Zing! With no traffic I was able to take the switchback turns at speed and that's fun.
* Stopped at Treasure Falls, recovered my camelbak and filled bottles. Carried good speed going home. I don't know why. Tailwind?
* In the evening, I'm still bloated with a headache. Boo.

Why did I suck on the climb?
* I trained hills more than ever before. On the other hand, I haven't had any ass kicking group rides.
* Both my digestion and sleep have been out of sorts the last couple of weeks. I don't think that helped.
* Usually, I fly to Albuquerque or Durango, drive to Sam's, assemble my bike, and go for an easy 1 hour ride. Perhaps that prepares my body a bit for what is about to come the next day.
* Probably 10+ hours of driving the day before is not helpful.

Oh well. I will be back again to spar with Wolf Creek Pass in 2021. And I sure hope I accomplish some world class altitude acclimatizing in the next week or I could be in a world of hurt.

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