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Training Log: igoup

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Bike2 3:47:17 38.47 61.91 481
  Orienteering2 1:36:56 8.1(11:58) 13.04(7:26) 250
  Row1 1:00:00
  Peak Zone1 40:00
  Lift2 35:05
  Other1 27:00
  Run1 12:00
  PT1 5:00
  Total7 8:23:18 46.57 74.95 730

Thursday Dec 7 #

Bike 1:13:00 [3]

Nice night. Kind of dark.

PT 5:00 [3]

Nathan PT. Worked on my shin, feet, calves and balance.

Wednesday Dec 6 #

Row 1:00:00 [3]

Lovely morning.

Other (Slider/skater board) 15:00 [3]

Broke out the slider board while catching up on nordic coverage.

Lift 5 [3]

squatty things

Peak Zone 40:00 [3]

Total body

Other (Ski erg) 12:00 [3]

Tuesday Dec 5 #

Lift 35:00 [3]

6 AM

Bike 2:34:17 [3] 61.91 km (24.1 kph) +481m

Due to work interfering with play I had to get up early and brave the chilliness. Since I need to stay off the rskis, I got in a bunch of hills on the bike.

Why "stay off the rskis"? Two Sundays ago when I skied with Pat I finished with an achy right shin. The V2 Aero rskis are heavy and the shin has to work to keep the toe up (and front wheel up). The Pursuits are lighter and so cause less of an issue. I guess it was a little too much too soon with the Aeros. The shin was achy all last week but I got through the CX and the Possum Trot. However, I need to rest it and put this behind me. I hate resting and I really want to rski, so being smart is taking a lot of effort.

Sunday Dec 3 #

8 AM

Orienteering 1:13:08 [3] 9.15 km (8:00 / km) +210m 7:10 / km

Half Possum

HP Part 1: Start to the field of tall grass before C1. That's all it took to spread things out. Will was out of sight.
HP part 2: Before C1 to C7. Seemed there were about a half dozen in front of me. A couple made an error at C5 and so I passed them. However, they then ran by me on the way to C6. There was a spread out train of 4 of us on the way to C7. A couple dropped into the creek bed way too early. After C7 a couple went right. I wasn't sure if they were making a big booboo or if this is where the courses split. It was the latter.
HP part 3: C8 to C17. I had considered not bothering with a skip but dropping C11 was too nice a gift and so that's what I did. On the way to C12, Dean caught me. I was leading until just before C13 but I wasn't reading the map well, mostly due to foggy glasses I dropped down too early and was very slow along the slope. Dean was more direct. However, he missed C14 and I got ahead. I led the rest of the way to C17 with Dean not far behind.
HP part 4: C17 to finish. I was slow punching at C17 because I didn't realize the control was down the slope. That allowed Dean to punch just behind me. However, I believe he started having cramping issues and I opened a gap on the way to the finish.

Other than the aforementioned hesitations, pretty spot on. Nice mix of road, grass and forest. Overall, it was a good run.

Enjoyed the post-race chili and chatting. I also enjoyed only running 73 min, being tired, but not totally trashed; the full would have trashed me.

We had lunch at Meat Mitch, a BBQ place at the airport. The sauce and beans were an A but the meat was a C+. Once you add in the $60 bill, it gets a C. However, airport brisket is seldom very good and I would like to check out it's restaurant.

Overall, a great weekend including last night's Spin pizza dinner at Chez Joneski's where we were joined by Wlll Enger and Tom Hernstein. Someone would not let up about never being beat by Joe B. but that didn't completely spoil the fun conversation.

Saturday Dec 2 #

Run 12:00 [3]

1 PM

Orienteering 23:48 [3] 3.89 km (6:07 / km) +40m 5:49 / km

OKansas Pre-Possum sprint at KU West Campus

Enjoyed it. Running better than I thought I would. Alas, almost 3min in error. First on C5 I ran by the control that was "hidden" behind a power line pole and so went to check out a different pole. After C7 I started navigating to C9 by actually running around the building where C8 was; I wasn't standing still very long but there was a lot of extra running. On the other hand, I thought I did a good job on the second half of the course.

Back at Chez Joneski I spent way too many minutes banging on Strava and Livelow to resync them; hadn't used the latter in a couple of years and they didn't want to talk to each other.

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  • Dec 31, 2029 [316w, 3d]: ******** Routes ******
  • Jan 1, 2030 [316w, 4d]: Dam Hills Loop: Hard: Up Winsted, down, up. Easy: Down, over to dam. Hard: Up dam, down, up, down, up. Easy: Down, back over to Winsted.
  • Jan 1, 2030 [316w, 4d]: 1000m
  • Jan 1, 2030 [316w, 4d]: Waxing note: * Slow down a bit with the iron. Not so hot to burn the wax and base but enough so that the base warms up and the wax absorbs. If there is chipping when scrapping that means the wax was just sitting on top. Take my time, down the middle, down the sides, down the middle, etc. * Keep scrapers sharp. Then I can apply less pressure and have better control. To touch up be light, slow and patient. Mistakes always happen when being impatient.
  • Jan 3, 2030 [316w, 6d]: FPH/Norbuk Hill Loop
  • Jan 7, 2030 [317w, 3d]: LHNorth Inner Loop: Flat ~1050m.
  • Jan 8, 2030 [317w, 4d]: Webster Park XC course, circa 1984

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