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Training Log: Iamstillhungry

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Row3 3:53:00 11.81 19.0
  Bike2 2:38:00
  Run2 1:23:00
  Row Circuits1 1:06:00
  Total5 9:00:00 11.81 19.0

Wednesday Mar 22 #

Row 1:18:00 [3]

In da morn.

Bike 57:00 [3]

In da eve.

Tuesday Mar 21 #

Run 51:00 [3]


Lousy sleep on Sunday night so I couldn't get up yesterday morning. In the afternoon+evening I went out to TAMU-Commerce to give a talk. End result was no working out yesterday.

Sunday Mar 19 #

Bike 1:41:00 [3]

Another atypical route. To lake, Fisher Rd, SMU, Bodecker, Forest, WRC trail, side streets north of 636, Alpha, CW Trail, WRC Trail, home. Fun to do something different but Bodecker and WRC trail have a lot of road blemishes making for a bumpy ride. That gets aggravating. Kept up a decent pace and mostly kept the HR < 135. All the stops and starts at intersections got tiring, which I guess I can take as sort of strength training. In any case, fun to do something different before it gets too hot out.

Row Circuits (2x) 1:06:00 [3]

At SMU. WU = 10, CD = 5. 2x circuits = 51. Won't be surprised if I'm sore tomorrow. Bloated feeling again, which makes everything uncomfortable.

Saturday Mar 18 #

Row 1:45:00 [3] 19.0 km (5:32 / km)

Nice morning. Mostly just SS but I threw in about a dozen P10s, some high-SR 10s, some starts and some tap drills.

Run 32:00 [3]

I felt very hungry before leaving but running ended up making me feel bloated. I feel like on some sort of hidden camera gastronomical reality TV show, where viewers are watching just how many gastro-adventures I can experience in a short amount of time.

Friday Mar 17 #

Row 50:00 [3]

South wind laps. My insides did not like being repeatedly folded and unfolded.

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