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Training Log: DWildfogel

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running4 5:52:31 20.22(17:26) 32.54(10:50) 633
  Stretching1 4:00:00
  Walking2 1:18:28 3.68(21:19) 5.92(13:15) 46
  Physical therapy1 5:00
  Total7 11:15:59 23.9 38.46 679

Sunday May 31 #

8 AM

Running 2:06:43 [3] 4.66 mi (27:11 / mi) +397m 21:30 / mi
ahr:90 max:157

Running 1:20:42 [3] 3.29 mi (24:33 / mi) +66m 23:06 / mi
ahr:76 max:106

Friday May 29 #

Stretching 4:00:00 [2]

The usual weekly accumulation of morning exercises.

7 AM

Running (Easy distance minus) 51:26 [3] 3.95 mi (13:01 / mi) +62m 12:25 / mi
ahr:133 max:171 shoes: Speedcross 5

Armstrong Redwoods. About the same temp as yesterday morning, but overcast, so not nearly as magical. Don't usually run two days in a row, but L hadn't run yesterday and wanted to run today, so I went with her and just ran whatever she wanted, staying behind her for all but about 8 minutes when she asked me to get in front because she wasn't sure of the way. Legs were pretty tired, but there was never any challenge to my breathing. Running that slowly does not give me the good feeling (endorphins) I get when running at a good pace, but at least I was out in nature - and given the forecast of rain for tomorrow, unlikely to go out then.

Gonna have to get over my disappointment that the gps data is significantly off. The nice part is that it all shows up in my AP log now without any intervention by me.

Had a very slow 5 min cool down, so not even going to log it.

[Easy distance minus]

Thursday May 28 #

7 AM

Running (Easy distance plus) 43:40 [3] 4.02 mi (10:52 / mi) +28m 10:38 / mi
ahr:134 max:148 shoes: Speedcross 5

Armstrong Redwoods. Got to the parking lot at 7:20am, but noticed the sign said no parking until 8am, so went down the road 100m and parked there.

Had the park all to myself - never saw anyone at all until I came back to the entrance, except for one guy running out on the road as I was coming in on the trail. Sun was filtering through the upper parts of the redwoods, cool and pleasant in the woods, really great running conditions. Took it pretty easy at first, but over the last mile or two got going pretty fast. Gotta believe the gps is under-reporting the distance a bit.

The last 60% of the run consisted of 4 laps of the loop that goes out to the Armstrong Tree, with successive splits of 622, 612, 557. 545. The FR235 recorded a 5% variation in the loop distance, though I did virtually step for step the same exact thing each time.

The faster pace on the first split doesn't make sense as I was just warming up there.

Total of the first two splits - to the point where I start the Armstrong Tree loop - was 317, exactly the same as the last time I ran here (April, 2019).

Too much time spent thinking about how much I could get in in order to be back at the cabin in time for L to take the car; would've been nicer to just enjoy the forest.

[Easy distance plus]

Running warm up/down 6:02 [2] 0.35 mi (17:15 / mi)
ahr:136 max:149 shoes: Speedcross 5

Cool down.

Wednesday May 27 #


Still pretty hot, and didn't get much sleep while sleeping on the deck last night, so didn't go out for a run.

10 AM

Physical therapy 5:00 [3]

PT exercises for glutes (at the cabin):
One rep each leg, 45 secs: clam shell, fire hydrant.

7 PM

Walking 52:28 [2] 2.38 mi (22:03 / mi) +46m 20:48 / mi
ahr:74 max:89 shoes: Kayanos 24 White

After dinner. Stroll down the hill then around the golf course and back up. Pleasant temperature after a very warm (but not as hot as yesterday) day, though I got heated coming up the hill.

At the beginning, got half way down the hill before we realized we'd forgotten our masks. I walked part way up, as for as Christy's and then paused the Garmin and waited for L to get the masks. That seems to have confused the watch as there is no track for that first part. In any case, without the doubling back, the walk would have been 2.0 miles, which is about what I always figured.

Tuesday May 26 #

(rest day)

Really hot day, well into the 90's. Stressful morning packing up to go the cabin (first time in two months - and first time leaving Marin in almost that long).

Monday May 25 #

7 AM

Running (Easy distance) 37:58 [3] 3.55 mi (10:42 / mi) +80m 10:00 / mi
shoes: Speedcross 5

Phoenix Lake. Started running about 720am. Already 60 degrees. Ran in shorts, and very glad I did. Didn't sleep well, legs rather stiff (no stretching before I left), so intended to take it easy, which I did. Pleased that I was able to maintain a decent pace anyway. Picked it up a bit over the final half mile.

Walked up the first hill on Glenwood with L, and down the steepest part, started jogging before the bottom. Tried to start the Garmin FR 235 at the bottom, but when I went to take the first split at the country club, saw that it hadn't started. Futz around while I was running but couldn't get it going (and still can't as I write this). When I reached the gate on Dibblee (the road into the park), I started keeping track of the time by just looking at the time of day.

It was very lovely hanging out for several minutes at the lake shore after running.

bottom of Glenwood hill ---- start
----------------------------------- (300) -- guess
country club ------------------- 300
----------------------------------- (130) -- guess

gate ----------------------------- start of timing
----------------------------------- (245)
bridge by NC Green -------- 245
----------------------------------- (359)
Phoenix Lake ----------------- 644 ---- 3328
----------------------------------- (600) ---- (449)
Jct with trail around lake -- 1244 ---- 2839
----------------------------------- (126) ---- (122)
Phoenix Junction ----------- 1410 ---- 2717
----------------------------------- (525) --- (358)
Hidden Meadow Trail ------ 1935 --- 2319
----------------------------------- (152) --- (152)
Second bridge -------------------- 2127

old 2.75 mi in 2648 --- now thinking of this as 2.65 miles

[Easy distance]

Running warm up/down 6:00 [2] 0.4 mi (15:00 / mi)
shoes: Speedcross 5

Cool down on the S part of the lake road to just past the first reentrant then back to the top of the hill down to the dam.

Walking 26:00 [2] 1.3 mi (20:00 / mi)
shoes: Speedcross 5

Walked with L from the lake shore spot back to the car. Actually jogged from just past the N.Green parking lot to the country club, about .35 mi.

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