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Training Log: DWildfogel

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Walking6 5:41:21 14.5(23:33) 23.34(14:38) 600
  Stretching1 4:00:00
  Physical therapy7 1:58:00
  Leg strengthening3 1:04:00
  Strength exercises3 58:00
  Total16 13:41:21 14.5 23.34 600

Monday Jul 24 #

11 AM

Walking 17:40 [2] 1.0 mi (17:40 / mi)
(injured) shoes: Kayano 20 Blue

Local terrain, Jeep trail next door. Temp around 60 with a cool breeze (a welcome relief).

Walked the first two laps, then for the last 3 alternated short jogs (~30m) with walks. This morning heel felt quite good, but trying to jog on it did not feel good.

Splits are for 2 laps at a time (0.4 mi) except the last one:
806, 635, 258

Leg strengthening 24:00 [4]

Bridge pulses 3 x 24 (16 for last set) (done in the morning)
Kettle bell squats 3x 8 with 15 lbs
Step ups: 3 x 12 each leg, 4 lb weight
Monster walk: 3x10steps, each direction (yellow Thera-ring for first set, green for rest)
Walk with yellow Thera-ring, 2 mins
Toe raisers squeezing ball between heels 3 x 10
BOSU balance soft side, 2 x each leg, 45 secs

[Leg strengthening]

6 PM

Physical therapy 5:00 [3]

Some of the flute exercises. Want to get back into these, did just 20 secs twice for each of: clam shells, scissors, squats, fire hydrant - all with the yellow Thera-ring.

10 PM

Physical therapy 15:00 [3]

The foot exercises for plantar fasciitis. Didn't use the green Thera-ring because I think it was the cause of significant soreness in my shin when I tried to drive yesterday.

Sunday Jul 23 #

9 AM

Walking 3:50:00 [3] 8.6 mi (26:45 / mi) +600m 21:59 / mi
(injured) shoes: Kayano 20 Blue

Big Basin. Hike to Berry Creek Falls and back. Struggled with the plantar fasciitis on my right heel. Used hiking poles, couldn't push off my right foot. Towards the end, right knee and calf were wearing out.

910am Leave the usual orienteering parking lot
1020 Skyline to Sea Trail junction with Timms Trail
1100 Viewing platform at Berry Creek Falls
1135 After lunch, start heading back
1215 Skyline to Sea Trail junction with Timms Trail
135 Arrive back at the car

So, round trip, exclusive of lunch break, was 3 hr 50m. Best I've ever done is 3 hr 1m.

10 PM

Physical therapy 15:00 [2]

Exercises for PF in right foot. Done several times during the day.

Saturday Jul 22 #

6 PM

Strength exercises 28:00 [4]

At home. Theraband interleaved with core: essentially full reps on the theraband exercises, getting close on core; two sets. Adductors. Bar dips (6). Weights: nearly full reps with 15 lb bar bell; two sets. Added a few glue exercises, not many reps, just to get started again. Also did one set of toe raisers while squeezing a ball between my heels.

[Strength exercises]

8 PM


Bought a Strassburg sock today for my plantar fasciitis. Tried it on twice for a few minutes. Doesn't seem like it would do much, but after each time, my foot felt better. Probably coincidence, or the power of suggestions.

Also used our ma roller (well, ours has more ribs than a standard one) yesterday and today quite a few times, and THAT really seems to help.

10 PM

Physical therapy 25:00 [3]

Foot exercises for PF. Done throughout the day.

Friday Jul 21 #

Stretching 4:00:00 [2]

The usual weekly accumulation of morning exercises: stretching, strength and balance. Trying to extend how much I do for each exercise, and to be more particular about proper form.

12 PM

Walking 22:15 [3] 1.2 mi (18:33 / mi)
(injured) shoes: Kayano 20 Blue

Local terrain. Jeep trail next door. Walk as hard as I can given the pain in my foot. Actually felt a little better towards the end; guess things loosened up.

Splits are for 2 laps (0.4 mi):
748, 726, 701

Leg strengthening 20:00 [4]

For the first time (after a couple of sessions to get used to these), pushed on the leg strengthening exercises Kevin gave me.

1. Kettle bell squats. Used 15 lb dumb bell. 3 sets of 8.
2. Interleaved with 1: toe raisers squeezing ball between heels: 3x12.
3. Monster walk: with Thera-ring around thighs, squat and walk sideways for 10 steps, then back. 3 sets.
4. Step ups: with 4 lb dumb bell, 3x10 each leg.
5. Bosu upside down: 1 min each leg, moving in 4 directions; two sets.
6. (Actually did these in the morning) bridges, with pulsations at the top. Feet on roller. Three sets of 24 (only 20 on last one).

[Leg strengthening]

9 PM

Physical therapy 25:00 [2]

The three foot exercises, done in sets throughout the day.

Late this evening, foot is feeling better than it has in a while.

Thursday Jul 20 #

11 AM

Walking 10:00 [2] 0.5 mi (20:00 / mi)
(injured) shoes: Kayano 24

Walked from the Hertz place on Stevens Creek to the Subaru dealer, wearing my new Kayano 24's and my new Spenco orthotic inserts. Definitely made my foot sore - got relief when I switched to sandals for the drive home. I hope that the shoes will loosen up a bit.

6 PM

Walking 25:06 [3] 1.6 mi (15:41 / mi)
(injured) shoes: Kayano 20 Blue

Local terrain. Jeep trail next door. Out very late (still before dinner).

Walk in my old Kayanos (loosely tied) after the new ones made me feel sore. After the first two laps, started jogging about 40m, walking 40m, then cut the walking down some. The jogging definitely irritates my heel.

Splits are for two laps at a time (0.4 mi):
732, 606, 545, 542

Strength exercises 20:00 [4]

At home. Theraband interleaved with core. Bar dips. Adductors. Weights.

Hadn't done this in quite awhile, so did only two sets of everything, 85% reps on upper body stuff, 70% on core.

[Strength exercises]

9 PM

Physical therapy 18:00 [2]

Did 6 sessions of the three foot exercises (each session: 3 sets, 20 reps) during the course of the first day. For the first time, used the Thera-ring for the scoops.

Wednesday Jul 19 #

Strength exercises 10:00 [4]

JCCLG. Hadn't planned to come here, but 17 was jammed (after dropping off my car at the Subaru dealer), so stopped for a snack and then decided to do a quick workout.

Very intense. All the upper body exercises, a bit more than I did yesterday at Oracle.

5 PM

Walking 36:20 [2] 1.6 mi (22:42 / mi)
(injured) shoes: Kayano 20 Blue

Local terrain. Jeep trail next door. With L. Finally some less hot weather.

Moved along as fast as my foot would let me. Thought I would go for 2 mi, but decided against the last two laps as my foot started feeling a little more sore.

949, 900, 902, 829

Leg strengthening 20:00 [4]

Starting to ramp up on the exercises Kevin gave me for leg strengthening:

1. Squats with a weight held in my hands between my legs (kettle bell squats)
2. Step ups, with a weight in one hand
3. Monster walk: in a squat position with circular elastic band around my thighs, walk sideways.
4. Bridges, with pulses at the top (actually did these this morning).
5. This is really part of the PT for my foot: Balancing on upside down bosu.

Did something over half of the sets/reps prescribed by Kevin.

8 PM

Physical therapy 15:00 [3]

Been doing the three exercises for my plantar fasciitis for a couple of weeks now, but only dozens of reps per day, not the hundreds per day Kevin wanted. Now making a more concerted effort to do several hundred a day. Do sessions of three sets of 20 reps each for each of the three exercises. Aim is to do at least 5 such sessions per day. Did that today.

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