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Training Log: Evalin B

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hiking1 4:00:00 9.05(26:31) 14.57(16:29) 659
  Running4 3:26:50 19.09(10:50) 30.72(6:44) 959
  Orienteering1 36:30 2.24(16:19) 3.6(10:08)
  Total6 8:03:20 30.38(15:55) 48.89(9:53) 1618
averages - sleep:6.7

Monday Jun 27 #


Had an allergic reaction or something from the grass we ran through on Friday and my legs have not stopped itching since. Quite unpleasant.

Running 14:00 [2] 1.23 mi (11:23 / mi)
slept:7.0 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider

I did a W12 course of the area we were in and my legs were really tired. It was part streets and part grassy fields.

Running 28:00 [3] 3.0 mi (9:20 / mi)
shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider

Catching up with an old friend :)

Sunday Jun 26 #

Hiking 2:10:00 [3] 4.6 mi (28:16 / mi) +617m 19:57 / mi

Hiking up the highest peak in Bulgaria- Mt. Musala.

Hiking 1:50:00 [3] 4.45 mi (24:43 / mi) +42m 24:01 / mi

And down. Knees weren't enjoying all the rocky bits.

Saturday Jun 25 #

Running race 1:40:30 [4] ***** 7.69 mi (13:04 / mi) +836m 9:46 / mi
slept:5.0 shoes: Inov-8 Oroc 280

Well, the 24 hours leading up to this were absolutely terrible. We were at the Black Sea the past few days and left yesterday after running a sprint in the afternoon. The original plan was to go straight to the hotel here at Bansko and we would've arrived around 10, BUT my grandmother has no concept of time or distance and insisted on imediately going home, so we drove there. Didn't leave home until almost midnight, with a four hour drive to here. 2am, huge damn pothole in the road with no warnings and there we are with two flat tires(along with two other cars). Some service guys with zero interest for other people are just sitting there knowing that cars will hit the hole and waiting to make some money...... They fixed the rims and we began again, and I finally went to sleep at 5:30 am. About 2 hours sleep in the car and 3 in a bed.

Well to the race, there weren't many people and I started slow dropping to the back from the beginning. At one point I passed a couple guys then was alone for a very long time wondering how far the next person was. Caught two boys and stayed ahead. Once we reached the huge mountain (at 5 miles) they started catching back up and eventually passed me. But they would stop and take breaks then sprint a few steps so I stayed right behind them. The climb just got steeper and steeper holy cow... Basically most of the climb at the end.

Friday Jun 24 #

Orienteering race 36:30 [3] 3.6 km (10:08 / km)
slept:5.0 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider

Kind of got to the start and they were just sending people off, so no warm up. I was expecting a much clearer park sprint, but it was all annoying grass and brambly woods. I must've gone through at least 50 spider webs. Also I was waking up boxes in the beginning lol. There was one trail basically just not there and with that I had a lot of bushwacking to do in shorts...

Thursday Jun 23 #

Running 26:30 [3] 3.0 mi (8:50 / mi) +38m 8:30 / mi
slept:8.0 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider

This sun/heat is very deenergizing. I even took a 3 hour nap in the afternoon.

Wednesday Jun 22 #

Running 37:50 [3] 4.17 mi (9:04 / mi) +85m 8:32 / mi
slept:6.5 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider

Ended with a nice big hill up to the house. Felt pretty tired today, probably from being out in the sun most of the morning.

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