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Training Log: Nieuwy

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rogaining1 4:09:24 20.57(12:08) 33.1(7:32) 509
  Orienteering1 2:27:20 4.78(30:48) 7.7(19:08) 181
  Cycling1 32:11 10.56(19.7/h) 17.0(31.7/h) 45
  Total3 7:08:55 35.92(11:57) 57.8(7:25) 735

Wednesday Mar 22 #

5 AM

Cycling 32:11 [3] 17.0 km (31.7 kph) +45m

To work. Legs a bit tired and had a headwind. Lost my water bottle going over a bump in the roadworks for the burst water main on GJ rd, didn't realise until I got to work :(

Sunday Mar 19 #

11 AM

Orienteering 2:27:20 [3] 7.7 km (19:08 / km) +181m 17:07 / km
shoes: Asics Gel Sonoma 2

Decided on this a couple of weeks ago, but really didn't want to do it when I got up. Not really any other time to do it though.

Putting out tapes at Pewsey Vale for the event in 2 weeks. Legs couldn't run at all, so walked the whole thing. Going to the 2nd control I was thinking "it should be around here somewhere, why isn't there a control here?" Then I realised I was putting them out, oops. That was just my delirious state and made me realise I shouldn't be there. Kept going, but decided to skip the Northern section and do that another time.

Found the controls ok, I was just slow. Glad I didn't see any snakes. Took the same pack as yesterday out with me with 2L of water and that ran out with about 15 - 20 mins to go.

Went home and died on my bed.

Saturday Mar 18 #

4 PM

Rogaining race 4:09:24 [4] 33.1 km (7:32 / km) +509m 7:00 / km
ahr:164 max:182 shoes: Asics Gel Cumulus 18

4 hour Twilight Rogaine at Hallett Cove with Stefano

Planning seemed to go pretty smoothly. Decided early that we didn't want to do the full length of Field River, 81 to 92 didn't look good. I liked the group of 50's and 60's in the middle and a route around the outside couldn't get those with the uncrossable Southern Expressway and large out of bounds area. Stefano wanted to finish along the stairs because the sunset would be nice, I didn't like it because I knew I would be stuffed and slow. I worked out it might be a good idea because I forgot my torch and Stefano's was flat, so that would make the best use of the available light. So we decided to go into the middle, then South and anticlockwise around the outside. We measured the route to be around 35km and I thought that was possible if things went to plan.

First few controls went well until 72 where we stopped a bit short and lost a few mins searching in the olive grove. Took the unmapped single track all the way to 73 which was nice, but this was when I first started to feel a bit tired. Stefano decided he didn't like rogaine maps at 73, because there isn't enough detail! Saw the supergirls on the way to 92, then lost a couple of mins working out where to cross the creek. Thought the girls would follow us, but they decided not to and lost more time. 1 hour point was between 73 and 92.

Really noticed myself struggling up the hill to 46, but then not too bad on the road to 36, 47 and 82. Started walking some hills out of 82 and again out of 56. The farm was ok, but that was about where my right foot started hurting on the outside. It wasn't too bad running downhills, but on the flat and uphill it was quite sore unless I was walking. 2 hour point just before 91. We had decided in our planning that we would try to fill up our water at the Tafe after 61. We searched for a few mins, but couldn't find any taps, so moved on.

Our original plan went 61, 70, 21, 41, 51, but Stefano suggested (which I was already thinking) that we go to 61, 23, 51, skipping the top section because I was fading quickly. Saw the 3 boys at 23, but they were going in the other direction, so didn't get to run with them. Missed a junction going to 51 because we were too busy chatting. I ran out of water about here and Stefano had a few mins earlier. Saw a couple of taps in front yards when we got to the suburbs, but we decided to stop at Marino to fill up water. Stopped for about 4 mins filling up water at the toilets at Marino. I was drinking from the tube as it was filling, I was so thirsty. Right on the 3 hour mark when we left here.

I had to walk all the uphills from here, my legs hardly wanted to move at all, I had no energy left. I did not like the stairs, they were not fun at all. Thought we were doing ok for time until the last couple of big stairs really took it out of me. Realised we were going to be late at about 42, but had nothing left to go faster. There was a team in front of us going to 65 and they took the first track, but we thought it would be quicker taking the 2nd one, except we didn't look at the enlargement and the 2nd one didn't go to the control. Crap! 4-5 mins wasted. Had 6 mins to get back from here which was never going to happen. I still had to walk up the hill out of the conservation park, but then did short bursts of jogging to 64. Really struggled to get up the hill out of 64 until I got to the final road back to the finish where I was able to jog. Ended up 9 and a half mins late, so 100 points gone.

I wanted to give up so many times from about the 2 hour mark. I was so stuffed and sore. I never thought about winning and didn't think it was even possible when all I could do was walk. Did a bit over 1km further than last year's 4hr with Lauren, but i was going quicker at the end of that one, so must have been slower in the middle.

Not sure what we could've done to get a better route. i think what we planned was ok, I just wasn't able to do it on the day after being sick during the week and running low on energy. I think I needed to eat more on the way too. Only had a few lollies and a gel, but didn't really feel like eating. I drank 2L of gatorade in 2 1/2 hours, then 20 - 30mins without water and drank 2L of water in the last hour.

When the results were being read out, I was sure we had only just made it to the top 10, and then I was so surprised when we had won. I didn't think I deserved it after feeling so bad and being so slow a lot of the way. Stefano definitely deserved it, so was strong the whole way and was trying to push me to go faster.

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