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Training Log: tRicky

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road bike2 4:57:59 82.57(16.6/h) 132.88(26.8/h) 1085
  Mountain bike4 3:25:32 38.72(11.3/h) 62.31(18.2/h) 506
  Orienteering (urban)2 1:17:05 10.55(7:18) 16.98(4:32) 16527c
  Core stability1 29:30
  Running1 20:57 3.16(6:38) 5.08(4:07) 7
  Total9 10:31:03 135.0 217.26 176327c

Saturday Dec 10 #

11 AM

Core stability (core strength) 29:30 [2]
shoes: Fletch's Tevas

Finally convinced myself to do a workout. Not the best time with a run this afternoon but I've been putting it off for so long that I forced myself to.

Had an 'oh shit' moment last night when I realised I'd forgotten to contact Swan View PS about opening the school for us today. There was no-one at the school today but Tash managed to find the woman I've been dealing with at the school on Facebook (so it is useful for something) and we got it sorted out. They'd forgotten about us so there were a few phone calls required from her end. She did also mention to me something about a fence around the school and my first thought was 'Gee I don't remember that being on the map' and sure enough, it's not. Ah well, map correction at the rego table!
5 PM

Orienteering (urban) race (Swan View) 33:24 ** 7.08 km (4:43 / km) +103m 4:24 / km
ahr:178 max:187 27c shoes: Salomon X-Scream blue/grey

Took off over the fence to #1 along with everyone else. Oliver got ahead of me by darting across the road quicker whilst I tried to avoid getting run over so I followed him at pace to the first two, then he started to duck back down the path to #4 but changed his mind to pick up #3 so I was in front from 3-4-5. Up the hill to #6 he got back in front and didn't give up the lead through 6-7-8-9-10. The hills killed me, not quite as much as the chain fence I ran into at almost full pelt just before #9 but I saw it at the last second and hit the skids. Got the hands down to prevent serious damage although in the process managed to rip a jagged hole in my map from CP 16 down through the description for #17 (half the map), all of which contained vital map parts!

Oliver went west after #10 whereas I went south. He must have seriously mucked up the route because I beat him by 8 minutes in the end even though he was running marginally faster than me, whereas I really only lost time looking for controls that either weren't in the centre of the circle or were on features other than the one listed, hence some of the slow lap times (plus hills and hot!) Plus I almost forgot to go to #18 between 19 & 17 because it was partly ripped off the bit of map I was looking at but I knew I needed three to finish and there only appeared to be two on the way so I spotted it and changed direction.

Friday Dec 9 #

8 AM

Mountain bike 1:29:44 24.36 km (16.3 kph) +448m
ahr:138 max:167 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

An actual mountain bike ride on actual mountain bike trails. Got out early-ish (early for me lately anyway) to avoid the heat. The KC has been reopened after they burnt it out several weeks ago now although there were a couple of detours through the burnt bit to go around newly fallen trees. I should probably do something about the cleats and/or pedals because I'm going to suffer due to a failure to unclip one day.

Didn't seem all that hard so maybe my strength is returning.
2 PM

Mountain bike 57:34 [1] 17.15 km (17.9 kph) +28m
shoes: Giant Anthem

Ride to the physio then continued on to Canning Vale after that to investigate a park that Simmo thought would be a good ultra-sprint venue. I don't know, the southern part south of the gazebo would be very good - plenty of trees spaced just far enough to map individually, a playground with stacks of equipment in it and even a contour feature(!) but north past the lakes is a bit bland and narrow, given that a swamp takes up pretty much all the space between the two lakes. Probably wouldn't go north of the second lake anyway - even though there's a nice drainage ditch there - because the courses would be getting beyond ultra-sprint distance.

Had a look at a second park that I thought would be good although too small and it is good but too small. Plus the only real features are trees (of which there are many and equidistantly spaced from each other) and a circle lake taking up the whole middle of the park. It'd need some temporary barriers on the day to make it worthwhile.

Thursday Dec 8 #


How on earth did this happen?

2017 calendar
26-27 Aug ACT Ultralong/sprint weekend (NOL)
26-27 Aug Qld MTBO Champs (NOL)
19-27 Aug WMTBOC

Obviously Qld ignored my suggestion to avoid conflicting dates (even after I mentioned to him the 2017 clash). Oh well.
10 AM

Road bike (commute) 46:14 21.74 km (28.2 kph) +148m
ahr:124 max:152 shoes: Giant TCR

Ride over to South Lake. Decided on the TCR today because it is after all my commuter bike and the Trek has been getting too much usage lately for a bike that's supposed to be used just for racing and specific training sessions. I did use the TCR on Friday though and the tyres had felt a bit squishy, not surprising given I hadn't used it in weeks, if not months. Went to pump them up today and found they were at around 45psi, oops.

Almost cut the ride short at the Huntingdale/Warton Rd roundabout when a couple of cars barreled through right in front (they did just have enough room) but then a third decided to follow them and if I hadn't jumped on the brakes and gone hard right, I'd be either hospitalised or worse right now. The driver had his or her (I couldn't tell) window down so he or she copped an earful of profanities from me as he or she was blatantly driving past, plus even one of the cars following it jumped on the horn although I don't know what that would have done.

Not sure how Suburb Run measures distances but the South Lake course is apparently just 8km from me, totally different to the 21km that I rode to get there! Maybe it just measures straight line from the closest edge of the suburb I live in to the suburb the run is in.

Orienteering (urban) 43:41 * 9.9 km (4:25 / km) +62m 4:17 / km
ahr:186 max:224 shoes: Salomon X-Scream blue/grey

Subryce Run, South Lake score course. Oh my god what a horrendous effort. I had kind of planned a 9.5km course a couple of days ago but hadn't drawn it in so I only kind of stuck to it today. Started with 10-12-22 (had to explain what I was doing to a couple of locals there, which involved running backwards down the street - might have been easier with a Suburb Run shirt :P ) then 18-39-35-21-25.

I had collected the first 5 CPs in <7 minutes so thought maybe I could do more than the original plan but after #25 I changed my route to #33, going west along Mason instead of east along Elderberry and of course I thought the white bit on the map was a road but it was in fact a path and I completely overshot it and turned right at the next road (I had thought it seemed much further than it looked on the map), then nothing matched after that until I got to the railway and realised what I'd done so turned around and slunk back, thinking I may just give up at that point but I continued on with an extra 600m under my belt.

Got confused later on at #27, thinking I was on Bolderwood instead of Bloodwood and so turned right up the wrong street to go and get #36. Apparently having street names on the map is too much help so I didn't bother using them, then after I realised that error (they were mounting up at this point), I went and got #36 but upon leaving, thought I was exiting #32 (they were both 30 point controls on similar looking dead end streets near each other) so almost left that in the wrong direction, then did the same thing at #17, thinking I was another junction further on!!!

By this time it was over a half hour so I had to abandon the latter part of my planned course and went home via 32-26-29-13-20. Looks like I'll need to run this again at some point and learn how to read a street map properly. It didn't help that I'd printed it in colour and the white almost blended in with the beige. Still puts me at the top of the Suburb Run leaderboard though (out of two people).

Pace and energy levels dropped away quite noticeably in the second half. I might recover one of these days. At least I ran the whole distance this time.

Road bike (commute) 51:15 21.73 km (25.4 kph) +139m
ahr:143 max:180 shoes: Giant TCR

Ride home, legs were knackered. No car related incidents. I had seen a couple of guys during the run (somewhere between CP 13 and 20) who had picked up a girl in the meantime and were now walking past me at the finish and one of the guys was shocked that I was now getting on a bike after going running!

After buggering up the run I followed that up by taking two wrong turns on the route home. Apparently I don't know Bibra Lake as well as I thought even though I mapped it.

Wednesday Dec 7 #

6 AM

Road bike 3:20:30 89.42 km (26.8 kph) +798m
ahr:130 max:164 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

I left home a few minutes later than last week so thought I'd take the shorter option, except the shorter route takes longer because of the numerous road crossings. I got to KP five minutes late and Mark, Ben and fat Dan were just starting without me so I didn't get a complete first lap although it was so slow it wasn't worth bothering with. We only got as far as Poole Ave (a whopping 1.5km into the ride) when Fat Dan got a Flat. In fact his whole rear tyre just blew up but it was no wonder, his tyre was so worn you could see the canvas. So we stopped for ages then left him there. The next two laps were pretty disgraceful:
No-one could really be bothered today. It rained lightly on and off too although probably not enough to wreck the Trek. After that I rode home but the breeze was so awful heading south on the freeway that I went via South Perth instead, then hopped over to Canning River and followed the path in reverse that Richard had meant to follow on Sunday so he can just use my trace if he wants to try again. Of course this added 5km to my route but oh well.

Tuesday Dec 6 #

2 PM

Mountain bike (commute) 12:00 [1] 4.0 km (20.0 kph)
shoes: Giant Anthem

To and from the physio. Shoulder is better but I haven't been able to cut the tie with the physio yet.
5 PM

Running 20:57 5.08 km (4:07 / km) +7m 4:06 / km
ahr:173 max:184 shoes: Salomon X-Scream blue/grey

Set out to do not much and achieved that. Felt like I was fading in the last kilometre or so and unable to maintain the pace with weary legs but the time says otherwise, being my fastest time on this loop to date (although I was right, each successive kilometre is slower than the previous one - commencing with a 3:52(!) and ending with a 4:21). The repair job on my shoe is holding together... for now.

Managed to score some work in the counting centre for ten days around the election. I was hoping for a lot more, maybe in a pre-polling place but the only available slots overlapped the one she gave me and I snapped up the first thing offered because it was the longest stint. Only problem is it runs from March 8-17 - all ten days - and I need to fly over for the trials on the 17th. There's also the possibility I may get into the ATO for the first six months of next year.

Monday Dec 5 #

4 PM

Mountain bike 46:14 [2] 16.81 km (21.8 kph) +30m
shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Finally put the XTC back together after it's sat in the bike box since XPD so after giving it a good clean and polish, I took it out for a short spin around the trails of Huntingdale and Thornlie. I was very quickly reminded of the fact that I spent the last two bike legs at XPD being unable to unclip for some reason, when I encountered a pile of rubbish that some inconsiderate bogan had left blocking an entire trail and I tried to unclip so I could walk around it and failed miserably, slowing right down so that I could slowly fall onto my right side and unclip from a horizontal position. Falling onto my left side is Not On until my knee heals, more so after I knocked the scab off yesterday afternoon by getting too close to a tree. I was particularly proud of being able to ride up a steep embankment but then immediately followed that up with a failure to ride through a ditch and almost rolling back into it not once, but twice.

The buckle on the left shoe has also decided to disengage itself from the shoe even though I glued it back on only a few weeks prior to XPD so I don't really know what to do about that. One good thing about the bike is that it's no longer squealing when I brake, which it did after going through the very first mud puddle at XPD (early in the first MTB leg) and didn't stop for the entire event. Weird because I didn't clean the brakes.

Legs still weary and I have just three weeks to train up for the 5 days although the entry list shows my main competition for the MTBO events at the moment is SteveO and since we are staying with him, I can easily poison him one night (or vice versa) so at least one of us can be out of the competition.

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