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Training Log: tRicky

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Mountain bike3 8:32:18 123.74(14.5/h) 199.15(23.3/h) 2650
  Road bike2 3:40:23 65.0(17.7/h) 104.61(28.5/h) 867
  Total5 12:12:41 188.75(3:53) 303.76(2:25) 3517

Wednesday Oct 26 #

5 AM

Road bike 2:52:15 84.73 km (29.5 kph) +807m
ahr:132 max:171 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

Home to KP to do laps with Mark and Ben then home again. Went in via the Armadale line for variety, was a little bit colder than I was expecting. Struggled in KP, Ben led the way for the entirety of the first two laps then I tried to take charge for the third but sadly died on the tiny hill at the bottom of Lovekin and the other two got away from me so I had to work all the way up May Dve to catch back on. Legs obviously haven't yet recovered from the weekend. Still put in some quick times though - 18:30 used to be the benchmark, now it seems 17:00 is the new one.


Went home via the southern route. Had a guy draft me for a bit down the freeway, then he thanked me as he went past and asked if I needed a tow!!! I didn't say no so I hooked on all the way to Mt Henry bridge where we had a bit of a chat - he apologised for his 'slow' pace (of around 35kph) - before he went straight on and I turned off towards home.

Tuesday Oct 25 #

9 AM

Road bike 48:08 [1] 19.88 km (24.8 kph) +60m
shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

Easy cruise around to make sure the legs still worked. To say they felt good would be a total lie. Probably skip any idea of a paddle today because the right shoulder is just a bit sore, plus I need to be all prepared for another interview this afternoon.

Monday Oct 24 #

(rest day)

Definitely required.


Just had a look at my Metro Series opening form (i.e. first event) for the past six seasons and found that of those six occasions, I:
-was ill four times
-was post-XPD once
-ran the medium course once

I managed just two wins from any of those (the medium course being one of them) and had a loss even to Shane (and Bill Mann) in that lot - oh the humility! Just pipped Rachel by one second in that tremendous third placing.

Sunday Oct 23 #

7 AM

Mountain bike warm up/down 8:21 1.66 km (11.9 kph)
ahr:110 max:135 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Made the mistake of trying to fix my brakes last night. They were rubbing slightly so I levered the rear one apart and then consequently they wouldn't work after that, in fact I had no rear brake at all. Got one of the guys from Bike Dr to have a look in the morning and just as I was about to buy a whole new brake set, he got it partially working so that was good enough for me.

Corked thigh was still sore but I figured I could get through the day on it.

Mountain bike race (Cape to Cape) 2:25:32 65.47 km (27.0 kph) +871m
ahr:162 max:179 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Day 4

Final day, which I knew would be fast so I really did start nearer the front today. The lead out pace was fast and we were straight into dusty trails so I was breathing in dirt from the word go. I was wondering if the groups would ever let up but no chance. Passed a guy on one trail separated from his bike but the poor guy couldn't get back to it with the bike on one side and him on the other and dozens of riders flying through between.

Once our groups started to segment, I had to put in a great deal of effort to close gaps to groups in front and thankfully the first group I dropped was on uphill bitumen and was the one with two girls in it (who eventually placed 3rd and 4th of the girls today) so that was a load off and I blew past that group without allowing them to tag on, then spent 5km working my arse off trying to catch the next group.

Hit the single track at Middle Earth and I held my own in there with the two guys in front before we all got held up by another rider, allowing a big group to catch on the back. Passed him at the first opportunity then I got clear on the second half of the track before coming out onto the bitumen and shortly afterwards having the group mow me down.

From there it was no escape with bitumen interspersed with short stretches of gravel and although we caught one or two groups (I tended to try and take the lead on the gravel), they always just hooked on and made our group bigger. It was hard work on the roads with our group really motoring and I thought I might drop off a few times but always held on.

Finally hit the single track at Dunsborough where it was my turn to hold people up. Got onto the 'dual slalom run' near the finish where two riders could ride side by side and had one guy try and go through but I came good, got out at the end just ahead and buried myself in the sprint to the line to take care of him and the other half dozen riders that were still with us.

Thought I'd finished in the top 50 today since that's what the results at the end told me but now the website says I was 51st, with only two girls in front and I'd put four minutes into Briony to only allow two girls to beat me overall. Finished the four days in 62nd and given a top 100 was my aim, I did that comfortably. I also finally beat John Carney (by two seconds) on the last day. Must have been riding with him for much of the day but I don't really know what he looks like.

Also much closer to the leader today - just over ten minutes - although Rob G was within that margin of me every day. Not bad for a 67 year old! He was also only the second ranked 60+ rider (the other one was quick, never quite beat me but got close on day 3).

Good four days of racing. I'm sure I'll do it again in future but maybe not next year since it's not really the Cape to Cape - more like the MR Special Tour. Maybe I'll think about Port to Port given it apparently has more climb (but also more single track).

Mountain bike warm up/down 11:52 2.27 km (11.5 kph) +15m
ahr:110 max:138 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Saturday Oct 22 #

8 AM

Mountain bike race (Cape to Cape) 2:40:14 58.0 km (21.7 kph) +822m
ahr:154 max:177 (injured) shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Day 3

What can I say, I attempted to start nearer the front of grid 1 with the neutral rollout but of course only 0% of the people behind obeyed the road rules into MR town and I had around 100 people pass me on the wrong side of the road whilst I sat in and tried not to have other riders bowl me over. Got close once with another guy locking handlebars with me but avoided catastrophe. When we hit the town, I went over to the right of the road (as we'd been advised we could do), came very close to bowling Tash over whilst she was taking photos of people behind me (she didn't see me) and got back past a lot of the others but still had loads in front by the time we hit Carters and the gravel.

Not much to say after that. I crashed my bike in a mud puddle shortly after going north of Carters and corked my thigh. I suck at downhill single track and let bunches of people go through me before catching them on the flats and uphills but of course didn't get back past. At one point I caught and passed a group (with the girls, again) other than the lead rider. I attempted to get past him on a really steep uphill pinch, only for him to blow me away when I told him I was passing so I let him go, then have him bail me up on the next gradual uphill single track in which there were no passing opportunities and then we got caught back up by the group I'd just passed on the next downhill because he sucked on that too the inconsiderate prick.

By the time we got around the back of Wharncliffe Mill, I'd had enough and rolled the wanker before taking off down the single track along the creek line and putting distance into him and the rest of that group, then had a ball blasting along the track after crossing the highway and picking off people one by one. Got a couple more on the final hill just short of Colonial Brewery and rolled into the finish slightly more satisfied than I had been earlier.

Finished the day in a rather disappointing 73rd, with three girls in front although Jenny Blair had succumbed to food poisoning overnight though I'd allowed Briony to get back in front so still had three ahead of me. Time includes the 'neutral' rollout, which was probably the most dangerous part of the whole ride with constant stop/starts and people trying to force their way through on both sides of the road.

I really need to learn to ride single track. Apparently next year's race will have all days start near to Margaret River and include lots of it.

Mountain bike warm up/down 10:40 1.85 km (10.4 kph) +3m
ahr:114 max:136 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

The corked thigh was causing major issues so kept the cool down short, plus riding on the grass wasn't overly exciting. Struggled to walk for the rest of the day.

Friday Oct 21 #

7 AM

Mountain bike warm up/down 16:24 6.16 km (22.5 kph) +118m
ahr:147 max:211 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Warm up, too long because it meant I ended up at the back of the first wave by the time I go into the grid, which was not ideal.

Mountain bike race (Cape to Cape) 2:17:18 57.97 km (25.3 kph) +817m
ahr:167 max:184 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Day 2

Had a start closer to the front given the black sticker but still at the back of the lead group and again with Rob G. I forget all that happened early on but know when we got to the 2 Pints of Guinness trail (uphill single track) that we'd only just gotten off the road where everyone had blasted past me and suddenly here we were in my strong area but once again stuck behind around 30 people, all of whom seemed content to just dawdle the hill when I would have much preferred blasting past the lot of them and going out all guns blazing.

Got to the downhill single track on the other side and had people unable to ride over logs and then a guy crashed about three riders in front so we lost the group in front. The dude didn't look totally okay but told us to keep going so we climbed over him and complied.

Further on I slowly caught a group of around a half dozen with two girls in it (one of whom I think was Jo Bennett) so wanted to get in front of them so I did on the hill climb then got stuck behind one of the riders on the descent as he seemed unsure of jumping the water bars, then as luck would have it, my dumb chain came off AGAIN near the bottom. Had to let them go through again but I fixed it in quick time, put the hammer down and repassed the lot of them within about 500m and got away on the climb out of Contos.

Can't remember much after that. There was some crappy single track soon afterwards with tight twists and turns on pea gravel, then the finish sometime afterwards that consisted of 3km of bitumen, the last 2km of which was the driveway into Xanadu Winery. I had two other guys with me for the final 10km and we kept trying to drop each other in this section but no luck, then we slowly pegged back a guy who'd been in front all the way along the bitumen before one guy from our group went the sprint. I jumped in and we both eventually got the solo guy on the line but I couldn't take the sprinter.

Finished the day in 62nd with three girls in front and now only three in front overall so put time into the others. The general (overall) classification had me in 59th for the day so not sure what the difference was and I was happy to make top 60 but maybe it was only top 60 of those who'd ridden both days. Who knows.

Mountain bike warm up/down 21:57 5.78 km (15.8 kph) +4m
ahr:114 max:161 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Another long cool down at the end of which I found Tash immediately whilst she complained about not being able to find me.

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