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Training Log: LiveWideLoveDeep

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Road Bike4 18:38:00 312.11(16.8/h) 502.29(27.0/h) 25148
  MTN Bike2 4:50:00 47.7(9.9/h) 76.77(15.9/h) 6723
  Running1 1:58:00 13.5(8:44) 21.73(5:26) 1000
  Swim2 50:00 0.5 0.81
  Trek1 30:00 2.0(15:00) 3.22(9:19)
  Total7 26:46:00 375.81 604.81 32871

Tuesday Jul 25 #

Road Bike 1:58:00 [3] 34.6 mi (17.6 mph) +3190ft

up most of the night from my legs screaming at me... Worried about breaking this morning and I knew Jerry was coming early. First time for us at TMWC and it was all the intensity I was dreaming about. HA!

Legs felt better than I expected w/ almost no warmup and too busy chasing for any other thoughts. Didnt jump on the second surge going up the path that turned out to be a good thing. Raised effort on "the wall" and was a great morning rolling with the team. I need some rest now.

Monday Jul 24 #

Road Bike 3:23:00 [3] 51.51 mi (15.2 mph) +2680ft

Nice cloudy morning and headed out for an easy ride to A's for lunch and hit RnR lunch on the way back.

Sunday Jul 23 #

Running 1:58:00 [3] 13.5 mi (8:44 / mi) +1000ft 8:10 / mi
shoes: 1400v3-grn

Got some waves with Ryan last night before the BBQ. Helped legs but still destroyed. Late morning and missed Evan and the crew but my mind and ass could not imaging another dozen long climbs in the heat. Worked out well for a leg shaker in the heat

Slow warm up and ran up to meet J and Mo for an out and back in Aliso. Felt good to run. Felt awesome in the heat even if melting. Sweat flying off my elbows with every step kind of humid heat. Picked it up for a mile heading back woth J and felt good.

Trek 30:00 [3] 2.0 mi (15:00 / mi)
shoes: 1400v3-grn

Warm up and walking back to the car

MTN Bike 2:15:00 [3] 21.4 mi (9.5 mph) +2493ft

Aliso after pool time and a good meal. Glad I dropped into some rockers. MTB is FUN! Legs are so sore they may never be the same but I guess that's the point. Absorbing the intensity well and enjoying the volume. If I do t break I should be fit soon enough.

Saturday Jul 22 #

Road Bike 5:52:00 [3] 91.0 mi (15.5 mph) +11592ft

Great ride and route with the team.
GMR / East Grade / Crystal Lake / EG / Village.

A little scared rolling out with CHill, Todd Brow, Nate, Hartono and Jerry bit I got over it after they dropped me in the first 10min up GMR. My legs were pretty dead. Now destroyed but born again on the ride! Got to the front up CLake and just started cranking...Chris and me to the top and I backed off a few times rolling what felt like easy compared to the PR with Jerry last week. Surprised to find I was 3min faster. Felt ooowesome back to and up East Grade. Ridding bike without swimming before or holding back from smashed legs on the run is FUN!! Got hot so I rolled the rest of the ridge to the village solo. Solid climbing.

Friday Jul 21 #

Road Bike 7:25:00 [3] 135.0 mi (18.2 mph) +7686ft

If Evan showed up this morning I would have given him a big hug. He dialed in my bike with new chain, bearings, fixed my brakes rubbing on my frame and wheel, a dozen bolts shaking....etc. feels like a new bike!! After three rear flats I'm changing my tire today too. Got new shoes, kit, cleats, saddle. Ahead of the curve this time and probably picked up 50 watts. Ready to rip!

Same 605 coffee crew as last week but started at home for a warm up LOLing all the way there about the bike :) spend 2x the time in the front compared to last week and it hurt. Then headed up Newport Coast and rolled canyon/dump/san Clemente. Felt so good entire time and plenty of ride left heading home.

Swim 20:00 [3] 0.5 mi (39:59 / mi)


Thursday Jul 20 #

Swim 30:00 [3]

Feeling good and motivated to RIDE MY BIKE!!

Wednesday Jul 19 #

MTN Bike 2:35:00 [3] 26.3 mi (10.2 mph) +4230ft

Bstar/Motorway with Scoot, Josh, Evan and Q.

Legs felt much better even on a few hours sleep. Loop felt way easy compared to last week but crashed again on the same side going down Motorway again. Big day at work - 1yr at vWork.

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