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Training Log: vmeyer

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Biking3 3:41:03 41.55(5:19) 66.87(3:18) 481
  Walking2 1:24:39 5.3(15:58) 8.53(9:55) 75
  Swimming1 30:45 0.85(36:10) 1.37(22:29)
  Pool1 8:00
  Misc1 1
  Total7 5:44:28 47.7 76.77 556
  [1-5]6 5:44:27
averages - weight:194.7lbs

Saturday Feb 25 #


Roger and I are soon to welcome an addition to the family...Pepper, to be known as Sunny Pepper, Sunny for short...picking up on Thursday.

A cool sky on the way home from dinner.


Ok, tire flat again, so will need to practice my tire changing skills...the method which involves me changing the tube myself vs. having the bike store change it for me. Won't have that second option during the AR on April 1...
7 AM

Biking 50:28 [1] 7.49 mi (6:44 / mi) +82m 6:31 / mi
ahr:119 max:180 weight:194lbs

Drove to Wakefield Park with the plan to ride to Lake Accotink and back.

Wore the fr235 on wrist today instead if on handlebar, so HR is real, not the bogus HR recorded even when watch is not on my wrist.

Got a little confused on how to get on the CCT and ended up crossing fully wet foot, five minutes in. Oops.

This crossing resulted in ending up on some nice single track, which I was able to ride.

But, not over this...

Made it to Lake Accotink.

An accidental artistic selfie...

The bottom of the dam hill, aka the hill at the bottom of the way was I trying to ride up this...

Nor was the guy who came after me...barely visible in bottom right.

Around the rest of the loop, including up and back on the spur hear the power station. Enjoying the ride.
8 AM

Walking 21:39 [1] 1.2 mi (18:03 / mi) +23m 17:02 / mi
ahr:106 max:138

Flew off a high curb with and front tire immediately flatted. Had to walk back to car because I didn't have a pump or spare tube. Took a wrong turn and instead of turning around, I decided to practice my AR skills instead...had to cross two creeks and got to bike whack a bit as well.

Filled up tire at home and bumped off a few curbs and it didn't flatten again. Will see how it is later. Should I take it apart and see if something may have caused it to flatten? Seems like flying off the curb wouldn't be enough by itself.

Another beautiful day. Some weeding after I got home, and a home inspection from the beagle group by a person I actually know from orienteering. Small world.

Fish are not in winter slow motion.

Friday Feb 24 #

12 PM

Biking 48:45 [1] 10.04 mi (4:51 / mi) +142m 4:39 / mi

Biking 48:45 [1] 10.01 mi (4:52 / mi) +44m 4:48 / mi
ahr:105 max:152

75 and breezy. Hard to complain on such a beautiful day, though I whined a little in my head when I stepped outside and felt how windy it was...maybe 15-20 mph. Some really strong gusts from the side at times.

Took my mind off of things for a little while. Have to say that losing two siblings three months apart has shaken me up a bit.

Thursday Feb 23 #

11 AM

Misc (Lesson on Ed) 1 [0]
ahr:94 max:154 weight:194lbs

Some therapeutic box wrangling at work, including pushing the handtruck up the steep ramp to the truck a few times.

Then off to see Ed. We trotted a bunch. Does my HR go up during trotting?

Took my bike and was going to take a ride at nearby Merkel after, but after driving there and sitting in the parking lot for a couple of minutes, I decided that I was done for and headed home.

Wednesday Feb 22 #

Swimming 30:45 [1] 0.85 mi (36:10 / mi)

3x500 yards with rest in between. Had to share the lane the whole time.


Pool 8:00 [1]

4x2 minutes vertical scissor kicking with 1 minute rest in between. Definitely working hard to keep from sinking.


James Hastings
July 11, 1954 - February 22, 2017

Unlike my sister, this one is more of a shock. There has been some tension over the years related to his behavior, so I am glad my nice brother showed up on Saturday, and he and my aunt made up.

Tuesday Feb 21 #

4 PM

Walking 1:03:00 [1] 4.1 mi (15:22 / mi) +52m 14:47 / mi
ahr:103 max:135 weight:197lbs

After work. Some steps at the school to make me breath hard, and some zig zagging on the grass in the park to stay on softer surface. Only ran down the hill from the school, otherwise all walking. Another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Monday Feb 20 #

2 PM

Biking 1:13:05 [2] 14.01 mi (5:13 / mi) +212m 4:59 / mi
ahr:145 max:195 weight:193lbs

Thought that I would do a 20 mile ride today, but then I thought better of it. But, as the day wore on, I changed my mind a couple more times, and then it just happened. Well, not 20 miles, but a ride on another beautiful day. Felt surprising fresh despite yesterday's miles. Not unsore, but not toast either. Very pleased.

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