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Training Log: mary

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running8 5:57:21 39.78(8:59) 64.02(5:35) 1257
  cycling4 2:15:00
  strength1 53:32
  orienteering1 42:35 5.0(8:31) 8.05(5:17) 30
  Climbing1 17:00
  Total11 10:05:28 44.78 72.07 1287
  [1-5]10 7:50:28
averages - sleep:6.9 rhr:62

Friday Oct 19 #

7 AM

running 13:42 [3] 2.63 km (5:13 / km) +48m 4:46 / km
ahr:153 max:168 slept:6.0 shoes: Hoka Clifton 5

11 AM

running 32:04 [3] 6.04 km (5:19 / km) +93m 4:56 / km
ahr:146 max:155 shoes: Hoka Clifton 5

VA to U&R legs heavy from yesterday but no doms yet
4 PM

running 21:16 [3] 4.01 km (5:18 / km) +67m 4:54 / km
ahr:156 max:167 rhr:67 shoes: Hoka Clifton 5


Thursday Oct 18 #

Climbing 17:00 [2]
ahr:99 max:125 slept:7.0

Totally misjudged time this morning so this was all I could fit between clients - new routes are a bit of fun!

cycling (Commute) 40:00 [0]

running hills 1:11:05 [3] 11.85 km (6:00 / km) +430m 5:05 / km
ahr:150 max:168 rhr:59 shoes: ON cloudflow

Max mystery hills... on Blake st D: was pretty consistent so happy with that
3 x 45,40,35,30 jog down with 1min off
View of sheff from up top was beaauuuut

Wednesday Oct 17 #

cycling (commute) 40:00 [0]

running (SRG) 51:09 [3] 9.16 km (5:35 / km) +158m 5:08 / km
ahr:148 max:173 shoes: ON cloudflow

Front group with the boys... pushing Dimitri as normal haha.... 'Mary take a break? No Dimitri, at the top of the hill'
Tried to keep fairly constant pace as Glens decided he can only train to 5:30s atm... which was fine by me as my body obviously wasnt going alot faster yesterday anyway! This is such a funny group - I make the most fun of Dan with his training but tbh I'm starting to think hes 'whatever' attitude is the most normal of us all!
7 AM

running 33:23 [3] 6.02 km (5:33 / km) +83m 5:11 / km
ahr:144 max:157 rhr:60 slept:7.5 shoes: Hoka Clifton 5

Easy PB up Porter... evidently must be tired because it was a bit slow and felt hard. Reminding myself that Hokas suck for everything but hard roads! Not convinced at all about my HR data atm, but my strap is cutting me every time I wear it so just going off wrist

Tuesday Oct 16 #

running warm up/down 16:55 [3] 2.88 km (5:52 / km) +29m 5:36 / km
ahr:144 max:158 shoes: Inov8 Roclite

Jog and drills

running intervals 34:29 [4] 7.0 km (4:56 / km) +32m 4:49 / km
ahr:156 max:180 slept:7.0 shoes: Inov8 Roclite

Woke up with a really sore throat this morning (not surprised after sun) so bailed on track, but felt ok by the evening so went to ShUOC ints.
2x5/1, 3x4/1, 6 strides
1.18, 1.19, 0.94, 0.94, similar but forgot to lap
Not super convinced about my data tonight - pace seemed to drop a lot from the third rep - and HR definitely spiked in the last. Wanted to hold 4:20s for the 5s and 4:15s for the 4s but I think I dropped off in the last few and recov was too short. Felt like it was a bit of a battle through the session, and lonely when joe changed the second set but I’d decided on longer reps so stuck with it!
Really hope to be back on the track next week... this week was first back and I’ve literally spent the whole year saying next week so was pretty annoyed to not feel up to it today! Rich is away and max got out of work late so not the worst because I won’t do the run to the track by myself anyway!

running warm up/down 20:04 [3] 3.77 km (5:19 / km) +46m 5:01 / km
ahr:147 max:158 shoes: Inov8 Roclite

WD jog round the block with Chloe

cycling (Commute) 25:00 [0]

Monday Oct 15 #

cycling (commute) 30:00 [0]

5 PM

strength (shuoc circuits) 53:32 [3]
ahr:100 max:156 rhr:59 slept:7.5

circuits then a bit of yoga while everyone else did sallys because Ive decided sallys are stupid!
7 PM

running 1:03:14 [2] 10.66 km (5:56 / km) +271m 5:16 / km
ahr:144 max:176 shoes: ON cloudflow

V easy headtorch Riv with Tent, Joe T and Grace... really enjoyed it, but possibly could have done with a little more pace

Sunday Oct 14 #

orienteering 42:35 [2] ** 8.05 km (5:17 / km) +30m 5:12 / km
ahr:163 max:183 rhr:65 slept:6.5 shoes: Hoka Clifton 5

Really long day working at Yorkshire Marathon in the rain so this was all I got time for... but got a bit desperate to take a break and go for a run because I was so cold! Fingers crossed I don’t get ill now!
Just moseyed around a sprint course Char sent me, then around about the lake and watching some of the last few finishers! Super proud of my client today who achieved a marathon PB... and has consequentially got drunk and cancelled his session tomorrow hahaha what a champ!

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