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Training Log: shadmika

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Running6 6:20:28 36.83(10:20) 59.27(6:25) 4807
  Biking2 5:31:47 67.64(12.2/h) 108.85(19.7/h) 3465
  Weights5 2:40:00 3.2 5.15
  Hiking/Walking3 1:37:15 6.18(15:44) 9.94(9:47) 163
  Total15 16:09:30 113.85 183.22 8435
  [1-5]15 16:09:08
averages - weight:167.4lbs

Tuesday Oct 25 #

6 AM

Running (Trail) 1:27:05 4.6 mi (18:56 / mi) +1882ft 13:39 / mi
ahr:129 max:178 shoes: Akasha

Super mellow morning miles with Rebecca. This is her first time out since Leadville due to the injury she had. Great morning out there playing in the Flatirons at over 60 degrees.
11 AM

Weights (Sealfit) 52:00 [3] 2.0 mi (26:00 / mi)
shoes: N2 V2 Trail Yellow

Sealfit day 22

Warmup: 2000m row with mobility drills

Baseline: 3 rounds
-10x overhead squats with PVC
-10x push ups
-200m Run

Strength: 5x5 Overhead Squats- Stayed with just 45lb bar (wrist issues)

W/C: 5 Rounds
-15x Overhead Squats
-400m Run

Added: 25 pullups broken into sets as needed.

Monday Oct 24 #

5 AM

Hiking/Walking (Road) 18:22 [1] 1.18 mi (15:34 / mi) +32ft 15:10 / mi
ahr:78 max:87 shoes: Nike Wildhorse

Warmup dog walk before doing Hatch
6 AM

Weights (Hatch) 15:00 [3]

Some mobility work then:

Hatch Week 6 Day 1- Back Squat

1 x 6 @ 115
1 x 6 @ 135
1 x 3 @ 150
1 x 2 @ 155

20 sit ups after each set.

Going to start doing Hatch before work instead of WODs so not to wake up my new roommate. WIll do the WODs after work instead, switch them.

10 AM

Running (Road) 51:12 6.52 mi (7:51 / mi) +244ft 7:35 / mi
ahr:129 max:165 shoes: Road N3 Black/Black

Monday Mellow lunch jog with 5 striders at the end. Need to bring these back into the fold.
4 PM


Was going to do a Sealfit workout this afternoon but I can't put any pressure on my wrist. Tried to do a push up and it wanted nothing to do with that. Couple of days off from lifting I guess, will keep with the Hatch if it will let me do the front squats on Wed.

Sunday Oct 23 #

7 AM

Biking (Cyclocross) 10:42 [1] 2.5 mi (14.0 mph) +315ft
ahr:106 max:132

Couple of warmup laps of the Flatirons CX course early. Watch is acting weird.

Biking (Mix) 1:54:18 19.14 mi (10.0 mph) +1171ft
ahr:110 max:171

Rebooted the watch and it started working again, mixture of course laps and road miles to warmup for the race. Dead legs from yesterday.

Biking (Cyclocross) 42:34 8.6 mi (12.1 mph) +429ft
ahr:118 max:145

Flatirons CX race. Crashed halfway in the first lap when someone took me out and paused the watch so the miles are a best guess. Not my best race today, Started good then someone took me out dropping all the way back to 26th place, fought my way back up only to crash again and then fought back up to 16th. Grass off cambered courses never serve me well.
3 PM

Running (Trail) 1:30:19 6.3 mi (14:20 / mi) +2033ft 10:59 / mi
ahr:128 max:183 shoes: Akasha

Mellow miles catching up with what is going on with Clyde. Let him set the pace and just cruised with him.

Saturday Oct 22 #

7 AM

Biking (Mix) 2:01:31 27.32 mi (13.5 mph) +1191ft
ahr:108 max:139

Long warmup for the CX race which included 2 1/2 laps of the course and lots of road miles while waiting for my start. Got there super early so I could do a few laps before the 1st race, much better than trying to preview between races.

Biking (Cyclocross) 42:42 10.08 mi (14.2 mph) +359ft
ahr:150 max:180

Schoolyard CX.... My best one yet! Finally broke the top 10 with an 8th place finish today. This course played more to my strengths with long straight uphill sections where I could just put my head down and grind it out. Started in 16th, ended in 8th... I'll take it. Racing again tomorrow at the Flatirons Mall.

Friday Oct 21 #

10 AM

Running (Road) 1:03:34 8.2 mi (7:45 / mi) +243ft 7:32 / mi
ahr:123 max:144 shoes: Road N3 Black/Black

Easy lunch cruise. Rough starting out (heavy legs) but got better as I went along.

Thursday Oct 20 #

9 AM

Running (Road) 44:45 5.9 mi (7:35 / mi) +204ft 7:21 / mi
ahr:116 max:145 shoes: N2 V2 Road Black #2

Easy lunch jog before doing Sealfit workout at the gym. Knee is a lot better today! Night and day from the past few days. I can still feel it but way better. Going to sign up for Cyclocross this weekend now.
11 AM

Weights (Sealfit) 38:00 [3] 1.2 mi (31:40 / mi)

mobility work after the 6 mile run

-10x hang cleans @ 75lbs
-Run 400m
-10x hang cleans @ 75lbs
-Run 400m

Strength: 5x5 Power Cleans (95,115,125,135,145)

W/C: 5 Rounds
-10x Power Cleans @ 95lbs
-Run 200m
-Rest 30 seconds

Was going to add turkish get ups but when I tried to kneel on my injuried knee I about jumped through the roof. Not quite ready for direct weight on it yet.
4 PM

Hiking/Walking (Trail) 48:05 3.05 mi (15:46 / mi) +86ft 15:21 / mi
ahr:122 max:158 shoes: Nike Wildhorse

Dog walk as a warm up for Hatch.
5 PM

Weights (Hatch) 15:00 [3]

Hatch Week 5 Day 2 - Front Squat
Sets/Reps @ Weight
1 x 8 @ 90
1 x 6 @ 100
1 x 4 @ 115
1 x 4 @ 125

50 sit ups
25 hand release push ups
pullup/hang 10 secs.... made it through 5

Wednesday Oct 19 #


Weight check in. Up more than I'm happy about but the body fat % is down on the scale, wondering if it muscle gain from all the lifting. Knee is still jacked but better this morning, might try to run a little farther than 2 miles today.
11 AM

Running (Road) 43:33 [1] 5.31 mi (8:12 / mi) +201ft 7:55 / mi
ahr:113 max:138 shoes: Road N3 Black/Black

Easy lunch jog to test the knee... yeah, same. Might have to break down and go get it checked out.
4 PM

Weights (Sealfit) 40:00 [3]

W/U: 5 minutes jumping rope and mobility work

Sealfit Day 20:

PT Grinder:

20 Min AMRAP:
20x Mountain Climbers
10x Dumbell Squat Jumps w/ 20lbs in each hand
20x Push ups
20x Leg Levers
15x Burpees
15x 4 Count Smurf Jumping Jacks
15x Box Jumps
20x Thrusters w/ 65lbs
20x Push ups (Narrow)
20x Criss Cross Jumping Jacks

Finished with 2 rounds plus all the way through the 14 levers in a pool of sweat. Forth time I have hit it and fell 6 reps short of last time. Burpees were def slower due to the knee.

Hiking/Walking (Trail) 30:48 1.95 mi (15:48 / mi) +45ft 15:28 / mi
ahr:99 max:129 shoes: Nike Wildhorse

Dog walk with 30lb vest on after Sealfit workout.

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