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Training Log: BB.

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running5 4:07:59 32.69 52.61 498
  Gym4 3:45:00
  Orienteering1 55:44 4.86(11:28) 7.82(7:08) 144
  Total8 8:48:43 37.55 60.43 642
averages - weight:75.3kg

Saturday Mar 25 #

12 PM

Running 59:11 [3] 13.52 km (4:23 / km) +188m 4:06 / km

Lovely day, wearing new shoes in.

Down the hill, sharrow, cemetery, lap of endcliffe park, down eccy road, brammall lane, back up the hill home

Legs were a bit tight, need to get on the foam rolling and stretching this week

Friday Mar 24 #

Gym 1:00:00 [3]

Hang cleans
Barbell rows
Face pulls
Spinning - day off running was 50/50 about going out then got called into work 4hours early so sacked any idea of a run off

Thursday Mar 23 #

Gym 1:10:00 [3]

Wednesday Mar 22 #

Running 1:59:50 [3] 27.04 km (4:26 / km) +82m 4:22 / km

Long flat run, trying to keep runs flat as possible from now on to not get unnecessary hills in and keeping fresh after all the marathon is flat.

Ran down the canal to Rotherham which was incredibly wet and slow going in places but on the other side of the M1 was quite pleasant and rather quick moving.

Started to hit the wall after 24km and was freezing so stopped once I got to the gym had a drink of water which perked me up then jogged/walked back up the hill

Gym 25:00 [3]

Stretch followed by a sauna to get my body temperature back up

Tuesday Mar 21 #

Running 37:11 [3] 8.05 km (4:37 / km) +178m 4:10 / km

Just ticking over, with a 1 mile tempo thrown in

Gym 1:10:00 [3]

Leg extensions
Front squats
Ankle strengthening exercises
Ankle mobility
Rolling and stretching

Monday Mar 20 #

Running 19:47 [3] 4.0 km (4:57 / km) +50m 4:39 / km

Easy 20, watch says i managed 3k, been a bit funny recently not sure why, on the plus side I hit 45mph on an easy run

Distance a guesstimate

Sunday Mar 19 #

Running warm up/down 12:00 [3]

Minimal warm down
11 AM

Orienteering race 55:44 [4] 7.82 km (7:08 / km) +144m 6:32 / km

SYO middle distance event - absolute shocker of a performance from myself, could not get my head around the scale, I assumed it was 1:10k then after a couple of controls thought it's 1:7.5k turned out to be 1:5k with 2m contours. Anyway spent the entire course over shooting controls and going round in circles.

First 6 controls were all fine, exited 6 wrong and somehow hit 10. Then it just went downhill from here, going too fast once I'd built up the confidence in the first third of the course. Lost a solid 10-15minutes by the end.

A long way down today. Take it as a learning run, been okay technically recently so sure it's just a blip

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