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Training Log: sal.

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling1 3:06:10 38.52(12.4/h) 61.99(20.0/h) 1076
  MTB Orienteering1 1:15:59 7.33(5.8/h) 11.8(9.3/h) 359
  Street Orienteering1 51:54 4.6(11:16) 7.41(7:00) 305
  Netball1 36:00
  Running1 30:01 3.3(9:06) 5.31(5:39) 77
  Strength + Conditioning1 30:00
  Total5 6:50:04 53.75 86.51 1817

Thursday Jan 19 #

6 PM

Netball 36:00 [3]

Unfortunately we were a player short this week, so no WD. I played GS the entire quarter - this was fine except for the minor detail that i can't shoot. I think i got in 3 out of a possible 10 attempts! Pretty poor accuracy rating!

Wednesday Jan 18 #

6 PM

Street Orienteering 51:54 [3] 7.41 km (7:00 / km) +305m 5:49 / km
ahr:162 max:182

StreetO #14
30 - 9 = 21pts

Clearly i did not have the best route choice. Ended up talking to the bikies who owned the house at 1N - they were wondering what we were doing and so i explained it to them. They were actually really nice! Silly stereotypes!
Then when i got to 1B i read it as 1E and so couldn't find any of the answers so i circled the whole thing. Then when i got to the real 1E, i answered the question and then used my memory to answer 1B - turns out the memory is good!
Ahh well, just means i got more training in!

Monday Jan 16 #

6 PM

Running 30:01 [3] 5.31 km (5:39 / km) +77m 5:16 / km
ahr:168 max:181

Usual Monday loop, today with Kas, Angus, Callum and Bridget. The boys went ahead and Bridget and I had a nice chat (:

Strength + Conditioning 30:00 [3]

Strength led by Angus and his friend - sorry I forgot her name!
Did some solid core work, then some legs, then back to core and then Angus' friend led us through the "squat challenge" - basically it's a song that says "Up Sally/Sully" and "Down Sally/Sully" so when it says up you stand up and when it says down you squat and hold until it says up again. Sometimes he would just keep singing so it would take you right to the edge when you want to stop and then it would finally say up again!

Sunday Jan 15 #

8 AM

MTB Orienteering 1:15:59 [3] 11.8 km (9.3 kph) +359m
ahr:128 max:165

BOSS 3 - Warnervale

Ended up with 43-1 = 42pts. 3rd in the females behind Lucy Mackie and Nicole Haigh.
I've never been a major fan of this map (this is where i fell off my bike and the knee properly started hurting almost 3yrs ago) due to all the sand, torn up tracks from moto's, leaf litter etc on the ground and the craziness of tracks in the section along the rail line.
Anywho i didn't seem to have any troubles navigationally which was good, just tired from yesterday's ride (and sore sitting muscles/bones).
1 PM


Went to Awaba and watched the DownHill. Started at the bottom and ran/walked our way up - went about 1.5km or so - until we hit the Rock Garden. Ended up seeing Em and Blandford so hung out with them for the rest of it. Then slowly made our way back down as the Elites started. Got to the bottom for the last few Elites and saw their crazy finishes of getting air UP hill!!
Such an awesome afternoon (: (:

Saturday Jan 14 #

6 AM

Cycling 3:06:10 [3] 61.99 km (20.0 kph) +1076m
ahr:135 max:158

2 laps of Fernleigh Track. Did the first lap on my own then during the second lap i went into Redhead to grab Corinn and she rode to Belmont and back to Redhead with me, and then i finished on my own.
Knee wasn't liking the Redhead to Whitebridge hill although it felt better when i did it the second time.

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