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Training Log: Dooby

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Turbo Trainer2 1:21:29
  Road1 58:39 7.39(7:56) 11.89(4:56) 120
  Orienteering1 57:56 4.84(11:58) 7.79(7:26) 17716c
  Trails/Road1 45:15 5.62(8:03) 9.04(5:00) 77
  Trails1 3:55 0.22(18:01) 0.35(11:11) 6
  Total5 4:07:14 18.07 29.07 38016c

Monday Jan 23 #

9 AM


Not sure what the plan will be like this week. Think i'll skip making one as slight cold i'd been fighting since Friday, didn't affect me running yesterday or Saturday, has definitely gotten worse overnight. Generally feeling bad as opposed to the cold getting bad. Today I had planned on resting anyways with maybe some easy turbo later on. But rest of the week i'll play by ear, see how i'm feeling.

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Sunday Jan 22 #

11 AM

Orienteering race 57:56 [5] *** 7.79 km (7:26 / km) +177m 6:41 / km
ahr:178 max:220 16c shoes: VJ Falcons 2014

Glengarra Orienteering

Distance likely to be wrong, garmin struggled to get a satellite signal so started the race with it searching for them. Probable distance is closer to 9km i'd say.

Ran better than I did in the orienteering dream I had last night! Dreamt I misspunched in a race in central Europe, think in Hungary, was also a lot warmer in my dream than it was today too. I remember the time I ran in my dream too, 2 hours 8 minutes!

Was out to run fast today, and happy with execution of that. Orienteering wasn't difficult, area not the best with the way the forest is now, but Brian planned a course to get use out of the nicer areas. Lost a few seconds it seems on 3, not sure why, didn't think I ran it too badly. Was fastest then for a good few controls. Leaving 5 for 6 the control I thought was 6 was actually 9. Figured out it wasn't when I looked for 7 and couldn't see it. Route from 5-6 would have been better to run the way I ran between 9 and 10, but didn't really see the path. Went for the white strip.

7 was tough uphill. And then went for the road when I could towards 8.

Took a split at 8, knew it was going to be a long road leg down to 9, didn't fancy any of the straighter routes. 2.1km of a leg.

Found the uphill tough to 10, getting a bit tired. Hesitating before 12 cost me a few seconds. And think I could have got across the road to 13 better too as lost a few seconds to Colm. Also not the fastest to the finish.

Pleased with the effort. Fitness on the way back.


Trails warm up/down 3:55 [1] 0.35 km (11:11 / km) +6m 10:16 / km
shoes: VJ Falcons 2014

Very short and easy warm down.

Saturday Jan 21 #

9 AM

Road warm up/down 18:23 [2] 3.41 km (5:23 / km) +21m 5:14 / km
ahr:134 max:158 shoes: Adidas Supernova Black (2015)

Road tempo 18:11 [5] 4.92 km (3:42 / km) +38m 3:34 / km
ahr:169 max:177 shoes: Adidas Supernova Black (2015)


Didn't keep too much of an eye on actual kilometre times but tried to watch the average pace instead. Was on my own today. Felt I started fast and then the 2nd kilometre I knew wasn't great. Made a concerted effort on the 3rd km on the flat section at the end of the 1st lap to maintain pace.

That seemed to work as that and the 4th km were even. Although did have to start slaloming from end of 1st lap due to OT numbers. Good to see a good crowd out.

Happy with last kilometre too.

Another nice morning for parkrun in Killarney.

Road warm up/down 22:05 [2] 3.56 km (6:12 / km) +61m 5:43 / km
ahr:128 max:146 shoes: Adidas Supernova Black (2015)

Got distracted talking to a couple of dogs on my way home. Started off with a chat with Sumo, Alan is talking about getting him a cart so Sumo can pull people around in it. And then stopped to talk to the sheep dog who lives a couple of houses down. Friendly.

Friday Jan 20 #

9 PM

Turbo Trainer 34:57 [2]
ahr:155 max:224

Avg Cadence = 87rpm

Was planning to more but changed plans on the way home from work, got dinner in town before going home. Then set bike up in the spare room. Planned on using laptop but it seems to be having issues starting up for some reason.

Watched something on the phone instead. Had to stop after a few minutes to fix something and clipped out my right foot. Owwwwww!!!! That hurt an awful amount. Issue is in the foot somewhere, it's the damage I did a couple of weeks ago. Was very careful clipping out again when I finished.

HR seems wrong.

Thursday Jan 19 #

5 PM

Trails/Road 5:58 [3] 1.19 km (5:00 / km) +10m 4:48 / km
ahr:135 max:143 shoes: Adidas Supernova Black (2015)

Trails/Road 39:17 [3] 7.85 km (5:00 / km) +67m 4:48 / km
ahr:139 max:152 shoes: Adidas Supernova Black (2015)

Lap of the Park

Also should contain the other bit of running today but when stopping for a pitstop I somehow managed to save that as an activity as opposed to starting the watch again! So it's a 2 parter.

Took it handy enough I felt, give the legs a small break. Worked out, they felt grand throughout.

Nice evening for a run, lovely sunset across a calm lake, beautiful. Then it got dark and that was the end of the views. I did spot a head torch up on Torc though, on the path between the top of the waterfall and cardiac steps I assume since it was half way up the mountain, unless they were trying an extreme ascent of Torc.

Wednesday Jan 18 #

11 AM


Just got an email from Strava telling me that i've run 505 kilometres in my shoes, and that most manufacturers recommend that you replace running shoes every 500-800km to help prevent injury.
"Now might be a good time to reward yourself with a new pair".

So something to consider...
5 PM

Turbo Trainer 46:32 [2]

Avg Cadence 90rpm

Breaking Bad S02E12

Focus was to get the cadence back to around the 90 mark which I achieved. Had been dropping slightly recently so want to keep it around this mark for the moment.

Calves feeling alright today, stretched them a bit at work.

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