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Training Log: Dooby

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling3 5:05:26 97.47(3:08) 156.87(1:57) 1013
  Trails/Road2 1:46:13 13.32(7:58) 21.44(4:57) 329
  Trails1 47:22 6.19(7:39) 9.96(4:45) 253
  Total6 7:39:01 116.99(3:55) 188.27(2:26) 1596
averages - weight:71.5kg

Friday Jul 3 #

11 AM

Trails 47:22 [3] 9.96 km (4:45 / km) +253m 4:13 / km
ahr:147 max:170 shoes: New Balance 890 v8

Only thing I could come up with in terms of a route today! Inspiration was lacking. Last time I ran this route was January 2016, before I moved out of Mangerton Road! Missing the hundred metres in and out of the house from the distance today as started at the bottom of the hill. It would be odd to start a run from someone elses front door.

Felt tired this morning after waking up, sleep has been very poor the last week, more the legs tired than anything, but was grand once running despite the uphill start. Damp today, with heavier rain around Killegy House.

Met 6 people walking in the woods so that would be higher than normal for this route.

Felt ok going uphill but cautious going down as left ankle still isn't right. No major issues, just trying to be careful.

Thursday Jul 2 #

1 PM

Cycling 1:01:00 [3] 31.85 km (1:55 / km) +309m 1:50 / km
ahr:149 max:170 shoes: Spiuk ZS11

Bit later on the road than what is now normal as went into the office for a quick visit, got on the bike when I get home. Did have an important job to do on the way home though, made a rhubarb crumble yesterday and had no custard!!!

June 11th - 10.28, 168bpm
July 2nd - 10.23, 162bpm

So around the same as the 1st time up to Ladies View this year, but with a lower HR.

Weather turned out to be alright after some rain that wasn't forecast this morning. Didn't feel too windy.

Passed a few bike tourers on my way back down, i'd say around 6 lads plus another chap on his own. So the tourists are definitely back.

Wednesday Jul 1 #

11 AM

Trails/Road 55:44 [3] 10.73 km (5:12 / km) +181m 4:47 / km
ahr:142 max:162 weight:71.5kg shoes: New Balance 890 v8

Bluepool, Upper Torc & Muckross

Loop taking in Bluepool, the forest above the road and Muckross from the Abbey car park which had a few cars from other counties parked up. Rumour has it there could even be tourists from America in Killarney at the moment!

When the legs don't hurt that does make running much more enjoyable. Left ankle not right yet after the fall 2 weeks ago but didn't give out too much. Calves were fine today so i'll take that as a positive. Have found a time in the day that I spend stretching & rolling which i've been regular about so that could be helping.

The bridle path I took leaving Mangerton Road had the rhododendron overgrowing the path in places. The leaves were wet and as a consequence of that I also got wet. It was cold so not pleasant. Other than that the weather was nice for running.

Took the MTB path adjacent to Torc Waterfall, lost the path a bit or started on the wrong path after crossing the road to Torc car park, cut across to the path through the middle and then found the path I wanted. Quiet on the Torc side of the road and in Bluepool but a few people around Muckross.

After getting wet from the bushes earlier in the run I was a small bit apprehensive about the path from Muckross Lake by the house that links across to the Dinis road. But that had been cut back after crossing the field so was actually a much easier section than expected. Could see the path which is rough in places which helped.

Tuesday Jun 30 #

11 AM

Cycling 1:11:20 [4] 39.88 km (1:47 / km) +202m 1:45 / km
ahr:153 max:174 shoes: Spiuk ZS11

KCC Independent Performance Test

Same again this week. Wind from south/southwest. But not that strong. That's saying something considering it has been a windy few days.

Legs are ok most of the time cycling but on the hills pushing harder they feel tired.

June 9th - 37.39 (13.36, 10.54, 14.23)
June 16th - 38.22 (13.14, 11.09, 15.09)
June 24th - 36.08 (12.56, 10.39, 13.37)
June 30th - 37.01 (13.45, 10.24, 14.03)

Bit slower this week than last. Added in 3 extra segments from Strava with the times, equate to the 3 different roads of the overall KCC segment, 3rd one is to the roundabout so a bit long. Think I could have gone harder to Glenflesk but was happy with the bit out of Barraduff.

Monday Jun 29 #

10 AM

(rest day)

For the last couple of months i've generally trained 6 days a week, started in April with 3 running & 3 cycling sessions, for May and early June that changed to 2 running & 4 cycling sessions due to calf issues. Last week or so it's back to the 3/3 breakdown. So hope to continue that mix of bike/run. Might have something on Thursday that could affect the plan, we'll see, and with Mary back to work this week must see how that affects routines. I may lose a session (run) either this week or next as must get some physio, long overdue.

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Cycling
Wednesday - Running
Thursday - Cycling
Friday - Run
Saturday - Cycling
Sunday - Run

Sunday Jun 28 #

8 AM

Trails/Road 50:29 [3] 10.71 km (4:43 / km) +148m 4:25 / km
ahr:141 max:160 shoes: New Balance 890 v8

Went anti-clockwise this time around Dinis taking in the trails. About 50% on trails so that's alright.

Moving well enough, not too tired after yesterday and legs mostly behaving. Did feel calves at one point but improved. No issues afterwards either. Left ankle not perfect, it did ok on the trails, but it's not better yet. Anything rougher would need taping. Back was ok, pain lessened yesterday afternoon but it's something that needs to be resolved.

Saw a red squirrel.

Windy morning with some rain, didn't get soaked though.

Saturday Jun 27 #

11 AM

Cycling 2:53:06 [2] 85.13 km (2:02 / km) +503m 1:58 / km
ahr:140 max:163 shoes: Spiuk ZS11

Board of Works - Glencar - Caragh Lake - Killorglin

This felt like an exercise in futility. Into a strong headwind on the way to Glencar, got drenched by a heavy shower from around 55 minutes to an hour into the spin, and my legs felt flat. So really just felt like I was on a hiding to nothing.

Started to enjoy things more around Caragh Lake, had the wind behind me now and was warm in the sun. Found the hills here ok but hadn't expended too much energy as pace was slow up to now. Average at around 27kph to Glencar I think, but with the wind behind me on the way home I got that closer to 30 by the end.

Saw a couple of bikes on the road in front me as I turned on to the Beaufort Road, not moving too fast, elderly man on the first bike and recognised him, so expected the 2nd bike to have Colm O'Halloran on that and I was proved correct. Chatted to Colm for a few minutes then I pedalled on towards home.

Had a 2nd gel before Beaufort, was needed. Before that I'd a Trek bar after an hour, a gel after 1.30, and some jelly babies after 2 hours. Had to stop to eat them as getting them out of the cling film i'd wrapped them in proved tricky. Probably also makes sense if packing jelly babies to go for ones of the same colour, lessen the decision making when it comes to deciding which order to eat them in if different colours.

Main positive was I got the route i'd planned to do done, didn't bail despite feeling unenthusiastic.

Lower back, on the right, same spot that's been causing trouble recently very sored when I got home.

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