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In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  biking - red bike5 3:42:17 57.85(3:51) 93.1(2:23) 1525
  hike6 2:43:21 9.43(17:20) 15.17(10:46) 2692
  mountain biking1 1:36:19 7.67(12:33) 12.34(7:48) 1112
  Total12 8:01:57 74.95(6:26) 120.62(4:00) 5329
averages - weight:138.5lbs

Friday Dec 9 #

8 AM

hike 27:13 1.66 mi (16:24 / mi) +471ft 12:55 / mi
ahr:111 max:136 weight:139lbs

South Sugarloaf (14:55, 12:18), working harder going up and bare pavement. 30F and a good wind from the NW, real good visibility.

2 PM

biking - red bike 58:30 14.51 mi (4:02 / mi) +1021ft 3:47 / mi
ahr:137 max:157

In southern CT, but the bike was in the car and there was enough daylight to get in a ride. 33F, NW 10-15. Cold on the face for the first few miles, a little chilly on the downhills, and a couple of fingers were getting cold just at the end, but overall quite acceptable conditions.

Legs were very tired for the first few miles, debated cutting it short, but better thereafter. Glad to have gotten out.

Thursday Dec 8 #

7 AM

hike 17:31 1.04 mi (16:53 / mi) +276ft 13:29 / mi
ahr:105 max:122 weight:139.5lbs

South Sugarloaf. Foggy and just below freezing but bare pavement, so it was just fine, until it wasn't. Classic "black" ice, couldn't see a thing but suddenly the traction was a little sketchy, and then a little more sketchy. Turned around at the hairpin, should have turned 100 yards sooner. But totally glad I didn't go any farther. A couple of little slips but no falls.

2 PM

biking - red bike 57:46 15.31 mi (3:46 / mi) +185ft 3:44 / mi
ahr:134 max:149

37F, hardly any wind. Pleasant enough. Tomorrow and Saturday may take a little more character, and then Monday may bring snow, so this form of exercise may be winding down. But it's lasted longer than I would have guessed.

Wednesday Dec 7 #

9 AM

hike 28:37 1.68 mi (17:02 / mi) +506ft 13:15 / mi
ahr:103 max:121 weight:138.5lbs

South Sugarloaf (15:21, 13:16), mostly bare pavement today. Butt still hurts going up, but the plan is to keep this up for a while, plus a bunch of stretching/exercises at home, and see if anything changes.

3 PM

biking - red bike 41:52 11.11 mi (3:46 / mi) +74ft 3:45 / mi
ahr:128 max:149

37F, virtually calm, overcast. Dressed about right, reasonably pleasant.

Tuesday Dec 6 #

8 AM

hike 31:14 1.69 mi (18:29 / mi) +483ft 14:33 / mi
ahr:102 max:118 weight:138lbs

South Sugarloaf (16:53, 14:21). Been a while since I've had to deal with ice. Thought early on that I would turn back pretty well short of the top, but then the old skills about reading the snow/ice came back. No falls. :-)

Looking for breakfast (as I was heading home for my breakfast) --

1 PM

biking - red bike 39:13 9.95 mi (3:57 / mi) +162ft 3:53 / mi
ahr:125 max:151

Upper 30s, minimal wind.

Ah, the things we do that bring smiles to our faces -- off to Stockbridge Road to see if I could catch up with a pink-footed goose that was supposedly hanging out there. No sign of it or the several hundred Canada geese it was supposedly with.

So plan B, over to the UMass campus pond where the CG's hang out when there aren't off feeding, and they all were, including the PFG. Hung around for about 30 trying to get a good photo, getting a little chilled in the process.

2 PM

biking - red bike 24:56 6.97 mi (3:35 / mi) +83ft 3:32 / mi
ahr:125 max:150

And then back home. Hands were real cold to start, as I'd had my gloves off most of the time at the pond, but they eventually warmed up. New gloves are really good.

So does this make any sense? Sure. I was going to go for a ride anyway, so this just added a little spice to it. And it beats, by a long shot, some other things I or others might do -- going to symphony, or driving in Boston traffic, or even (for me) orienteering these days. And I got some good (for me) photos. :-)

Monday Dec 5 #

8 AM

hike 29:10 1.68 mi (17:23 / mi) +487ft 13:38 / mi
ahr:106 max:128 weight:137.5lbs

South Sugarloaf (16:05, 13:05). An inch or two of new snow and snowing lightly. Already lots of tracks (people, dogs, squirrels...).

Sunday Dec 4 #

8 AM

hike 29:36 1.68 mi (17:37 / mi) +469ft 13:56 / mi
ahr:106 max:123 weight:138.5lbs

South Sugarloaf (15:52, 13:44).

12 PM

mountain biking 1:36:19 7.67 mi (12:33 / mi) +1112ft 11:02 / mi
ahr:116 max:154

On the mountain bike for the first time in a long time. Went with Walter (and his dog Zoe) in the woods back of his place. Totally fine ride. Mellow pace, lots of stops, good conversations, no falls, lovely afternoon (about 40F, no wind in the trees).

Got off the bike for 3 or 4 steeper pitches but still made it up more than I would have guessed. Still worried about the risk. But it has me thinking about places I could ride with the MTB in bad weather that would be reasonably sensible. The are possibilities to be explored. :-)

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