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Training Log: PG

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  biking - red bike5 5:59:13 91.97(3:54) 148.01(2:26) 3033
  trail running1 12:29 1.01(12:22) 1.62(7:41) 69
  road running1 9:39 1.02(9:28) 1.64(5:53) 11
  Total7 6:21:21 94.0(4:03) 151.27(2:31) 3113
averages - weight:137.3lbs

Monday Oct 24 #

12 PM

biking - red bike 1:08:31 16.86 mi (4:04 / mi) +932ft 3:52 / mi
ahr:129 max:156 weight:137.5lbs

Another cool and very windy day. Cave Hill loop counterclockwise. Seemed like hard work but the heart rate indicates otherwise.

5 PM

trail running 12:29 1.01 mi (12:22 / mi) +69ft 11:37 / mi
ahr:136 max:152 shoes: pegasus 6

Another minimal jog, left butt not happy at all.

Sunday Oct 23 #

11 AM

biking - red bike 1:11:40 17.65 mi (4:04 / mi) +1052ft 3:51 / mi
ahr:134 max:156 weight:137.5lbs

In the first set of hills west of the valley. Very windy, so drove over to Whately to start to skip what I guessed would be the worst of it. Really nice day, actually, the colors have been spectacular this month.

A day when, in the past, I probably wouldn't have ventured out on the bike, a little cool (low 50s), wind about 20 mph gusting to ?, but times change and I expect I'll venture out in a good bit colder weather in the next couple of months. A lot of it is just having the right state of mind.

Saturday Oct 22 #

10 AM

biking - red bike 1:28:20 23.67 mi (3:44 / mi) +475ft 3:40 / mi
ahr:136 max:158 weight:137.5lbs

To Turners Falls and back. Low 50s, N wind, got out (and back) just before the rain came. :-)

Friday Oct 21 #

3 PM

road running 9:39 1.02 mi (9:28 / mi) +11ft 9:22 / mi
ahr:127 max:145 weight:137lbs shoes: pegasus 6

Another jogging attempt. Half mile out, rest, half mile back. Rather feeble. Biking sure doesn't help much in training for running.

Thursday Oct 20 #

1 PM

biking - red bike 1:21:28 21.51 mi (3:47 / mi) +195ft 3:45 / mi
ahr:120 max:143 weight:137lbs

Down to Hatfield and back, virtually flat. Which makes it harder in a way because you have to keep pedaling the whole time. Light SE breeze.

Legs still on the tired side.


A little more from Monday's ride before I forget:

-- Not much wildlife. Two flocks of turkeys, 6 and 10-12, a pileated woodpecker that flew right over me squawking away, a couple of raccoons on the road that weren't going anywhere until the highway department came along to collect them, and a few small snakes and frogs in a similar condition. No bear, no moose. Barked at by a few dogs but none chased me.

-- Very pretty. The fall colors were at their best. The only place traffic was bad was on route 20 towards the end, but there was a nice shoulder. Lots of places I'd never been before.

-- I spent some time studying the route, trying to memorize as much of it as I could, but I should have spent more time. Meaning, I knew where the big hills were, and about how big they were, but some of the medium-sized ones caught me by surprise. There were a few times in the last 30 miles when I cussed a few times, having just come around a corner and spotted a hill I wasn't expecting.

I had the cue sheet with me, looked at it a few times to see what the distance was to the next turn, and that was helpful just so I didn't have to worry. But I should have marked the climbs on it (the vertical). I think I did that once on a century ride and was glad I did. It just seems to make it easier if you know what's coming.

Wednesday Oct 19 #

10 AM

biking - red bike 49:14 12.28 mi (4:01 / mi) +379ft 3:54 / mi
ahr:114 max:157 weight:137lbs

Legs were sore and tired yesterday, definitely better today though not to the extent I was feeling ambitious. Short and flat ride to check a couple of the local (avian) watering holes.

Two different cars took runs at me, unintentionally by all appearances. Fortunately my defensive riding was tuned in enough that I could take evasive action without it being too close a call, but I really need to be even more alert all the time, just assume that every car is going to doing something stupid. If you get hit, it's not much of a comfort that it was the other person's fault.

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