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In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  trail running4 3:39:27 19.07(11:31) 30.68(7:09) 2920
  orienteering1 1:29:53 4.72(19:03) 7.6(11:50) 997
  run/hike1 40:19 3.13(12:54) 5.03(8:01) 993
  track1 35:22 4.6(7:41) 7.4(4:47)
  Total7 6:25:01 31.51(12:13) 50.71(7:36) 4910
averages - weight:134.4lbs

Wednesday Oct 1 #

3 PM

trail running 54:32 [3] 5.09 mi (10:43 / mi) +609ft 9:38 / mi
weight:134.5lbs shoes: pegasus 4

Same area as yesterday, just woods roads this time as everything was wet. Ran the old road that used to go across the ridge and down to the ferry across the Connecticut, plus checked a couple of side roads and one other place that I thought might be a trail but wasn't.

Both roads went to "camps" in rather bad repair, but still probably in use as places to smoke and drink and cavort without worrying about the authorities. No one around on a gloomy midweek afternoon, which suited me just fine.

Had too much on so sweated a bunch more than necessary. Not that that is a bad thing.

Tuesday Sep 30 #

12 PM

trail running 57:53 [3] 4.96 mi (11:40 / mi) +673ft 10:21 / mi
weight:135lbs shoes: pegasus 4

Really fine trail run.

Went over to Eaglebrook School in Deerfield, figured I would do a modest track workout, but do the warm-up on the trails nearby. Got about 20 yards into the woods on a jeep path and there was a bike trail branching off. Couldn't resist it….

So spent just about an hour, 80-90% on lovely singletrack, and all that time not at all knowing where I was, just keeping track of intersections so I could find my way back if it came to that. I really was "lost". No sun at all, so no help there on direction, and I got off right near the beginning, had in mind that I was heading roughly east from my car, not north as it turned out was what I was doing. Didn't have a map, of course, nor had I looked at the topo map in advance, because I wasn't planning on such a run. But in a way it made the whole thing more fun.

Got home, downloaded the GPS, ah, that's where I went. Turns out I had been on a part of the trail once before, just had no idea.

In the old days I would have carried the USGS, mapped the trail in my head as I ran along, so I would have had a sense of where I was and also, after the fact, knew pretty much where I'd been. Now with the GPS, the latter is taken care of (where I've been), but not the former (where I am), at least with my stone age GPS. Though I think there is a function that will point you back to where you started.

Might want to learn about that for any future similar runs. :-)

Route (for those who don't pay for the blue globe).

Monday Sep 29 #

5 PM

run/hike 40:19 [3] 3.13 mi (12:54 / mi) +993ft 9:55 / mi
weight:134.5lbs shoes: pegasus 4

Feeling very sluggish today. A short outing at South Sugarloaf. First, hiked up the trail on the south side, surprise, surprise, there's a whole new section for the first half, more steps, switchbacks, when did it show up? Brush piled over the entrances/exits to the old sections to discourage going that way.

And then down the road, no falls.

And then on the low trail over to the saddle between North S. and South S., and then up the trail to the top, never actually done part of that.

And then back down the road, no falls again. :-)

Almost done with my trail inventory, just need to do what's on the very steep south slope of NS.

And signed up for the WCOC/HVO A meet, guess I need to sign up for the Troll Cup too. Don't know about Quantico-land.

Sunday Sep 28 #

4 PM

trail running 38:22 [3] 3.2 mi (12:00 / mi) +764ft 9:47 / mi
weight:134lbs shoes: pegasus 4

Trails on North Sugarloaf -- up to the top via the north part of the inner loop, back down via the south part of the outer loop. Warm, and I'd already carried the clubs for 18, but the legs felt fine, got up the hills without too much distress. :-)

Still need to venture up to the Whites to knock off one of the two remaining peaks. I think it needs to be in the next three days if it's going to happen this year. Will see if I get my act together.

Saturday Sep 27 #

12 PM

orienteering 1:29:53 [3] 4.72 mi (19:03 / mi) +997ft 15:52 / mi
weight:134lbs shoes: x-talon 212 #2

HVO local meet at Westmoreland Sanctuary, courtesy of Geoff Connor. 90 minute score-O, 22 controls plus 4 more controls somewhere along a line-O.

First time I'd been to Westmoreland in a long long time, and maybe only the second time ever? A nice place, beautiful woods in a lot of places. Quite a few fallen trees as a result of hurricane Sandy (though nothing like the deadfall in South Dakota), and a modest amount of barberry, but the majority was really nice.

The plan was to get them all. Got off to a good start, felt like I was ahead of schedule for the first 45 minutes, but then probably slowed down a little. And then botched one control. And suddenly realized I was running out of time. Skipped two controls, got the three still on a reasonably direct line back to the finish, but the last bit had a lot of deadfall and prickers and rocks and hills, and time was getting short. At 89 minutes I was sure I wasn't going to make it, but a good last effort got me in with 7 seconds to spare. :-)

Glad we went. Gail had a good time too. And reasonable energy despite a hard week of training.

And only one fall…. :-)

I'll do the map when I get home. Which reminds me -- it sure was hard to read. Don't know if it was the printing or just me, but it was a struggle.

Friday Sep 26 #

4 PM

trail running 1:08:40 [3] 5.82 mi (11:47 / mi) +874ft 10:19 / mi
weight:135lbs shoes: pegasus 4

Another of the Ashfield trails, this time from 116 north to Hawley Road. Skipped the little bit north of Hawley Road to an outlook as I was running short of time. Pretty nice trail. Some hills, a little more so than you would get on a mountain bike trail, but all runnable. Even on somewhat tired legs.

Thursday Sep 25 #

10 AM

track 12:44 [3] 2.4 km (5:18 / km)
weight:134lbs shoes: pegasus 4

At the Amherst College track, by myself, as Dave is away. Warm-up, plus a few faster bits, the latter rather slow and leaving doubts as to how the workout would go.

track race 22:38 [4] 5.0 km (4:32 / km) vdot: 43.1
shoes: pegasus 4

And then I started off on a 5K, not at all sure how it would go, nor how far I would get. But made it all the way, not really close to cutting it short because I never felt bad enough. And rather pleased with the effort on legs that were certainly not fresh.

1600's in 7:16, 7:18, 7: 7:16, plus :50.
1000's in 4:32, 4:32, 4:34, 4:33, 4:27.
400's in 1:47.8, 1:50.0, 1:49.0, 1:49.3, 1:49.5, 1:50.2, 1;49.1, 1:49.4, 1:48.6, 1:48.7, 1:48.6, 1:48.1, plus 50.0.

Quite beat by the end, didn't feel like any more running, just walked for 10-15 minutes.

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