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activity # timemileskm+ft
  road running3 2:37:56 17.18(9:12) 27.65(5:43) 1930
  orienteering3 2:20:45 9.24(15:14) 14.87(9:28) 1839
  trail running3 1:37:00 10.26(9:27) 16.51(5:52) 635
  Total9 6:35:41 36.68(10:47) 59.03(6:42) 4404
averages - rhr:52 weight:132.3lbs

Thursday Apr 17 #

1 PM

trail running 43:56 [3] 4.85 mi (9:04 / mi) +362ft 8:28 / mi
rhr:52 weight:132lbs shoes: Brooks something-or-others

Didn't feel up for a long run today, so a short one it was.

And got tickets to go to 10-mila, finally. Leaving in just two weeks. Looking forward to it, especially running the anchor leg for our CSU team. I think I am the oldest on the team by about a generation and a half. :-)

Wednesday Apr 16 #

4 PM

road running 54:23 [3] 6.46 mi (8:25 / mi) +180ft 8:12 / mi
rhr:50 weight:132lbs shoes: pegasus #3

Late afternoon run for a change (it's April 16 and my schedule is changing dramatically, but still a bunch of things at work to take care of). Did take care of a bunch of amended returns, plus give notice.

Felt neither zippy nor enthusiastic for the first few miles until, strangely, I headed uphill, and then things kicked into gear and I was moving along much better, and could happily have gone on for a while. Or maybe even, after a 5-mile warm-up, put out a decent effort at a 3K. Not that that was going to happen, but at least i was thinking about it.

Plan is 18 sometime this week, depends on the weather, and I don't mean golf. Though it is time to dig the clubs out too.

Tuesday Apr 15 #

1 PM

road running 1:10:31 [3] 7.49 mi (9:25 / mi) +1121ft 8:15 / mi
rhr:54 weight:132.5lbs shoes: Brooks something-or-others

Up in the hills. Rain, somewhat hard at times, gusty wind out of the south, but temps were in the upper 50s and I was comfortable the whole time -- soaking wet, but comfortable.

Interesting run. Roads that I was somewhat familiar before, but obviously not totally familiar with. When I turned west off the Shelburne Colrain road, the turn was in the correct place, just past the town line, but then it didn't behave like my quick glance at a map before the run had me believing it would.

Kept going, up and down, up and down. Kept expecting to be able to take another left, but no such thing. Was trying to remember the macro lay of the land -- what the major bounds were (ridges, rivers, bigger roads), trying to think if there was any way I could end up seriously different than where I hoped.

And of course the only indication of direction on a heavily overcast day was the wind direction, and it was pretty variable because of the terrain.

About 5 miles in I decided that plan B -- turn around and go back the way I'd come -- was coming pretty close to being put into action, but thought I'd give it another half mile. And fortunately in another half mile I came to an intersection I recognized. And only a couple of miles to the car instead of another five and a half.

The funny thing was that I'd almost bagged the run. While I was changing into running clothes it started raining harder and harder and my will power was slipping away. But then there was a lull and I managed to get myself out the door, for a couple a couple of miles at least.

But once you get going, and get wet, it's no big deal, as long as your temperature control is OK. And really rather enjoyable.

And now, afterwards, looking at the map, I went exactly where I planned to go.... :-)

Monday Apr 14 #

1 PM

trail running 47:04 [3] 4.91 mi (9:35 / mi) +273ft 9:06 / mi
weight:133lbs shoes: Brooks something-or-others

No energy today, either the warm day (mid-70s) or tired from the weekend, so just plodded along. I'd much rather run in cold weather than warm, but usually you don't have a choice.

Sunday Apr 13 #


Nice stop for lunch on the way home in Beacon at a Thai restaurant -- got the special with 4 different kinds of curry, a bowl of each. Wonderful, and enough left over to take home and finish off for dinner some evening. Certainly the highlight of the day.

Although it did extend my "off-diet" time up towards 24 hours -- had been very good until they put out late-afternoon cookies where we were staying, and then ate a good bit at the West Point dinner, and then more the eat back in the room, all under the guise of making sure I replenished my energy levels for today.

Maybe I actually did that, as the legs were not bad today, and even when I went out afterwards for a jog back up the hill.

9 AM

orienteering 1:05:06 [3] 4.35 mi (14:58 / mi) +894ft 12:32 / mi
shoes: pegasus #3

Brain cells not working right once again. Could have been a decent run. But still haveing a hard time reading the map, my eyesight is steadily getting worse. So a couple of times I picked routes that were a bit out of the way but easy to see on the map and easy to execute, although a bit slower.

One nasty fall, slipped crossing some rocks and tumpled down onto another buch of rocks. A few lacerations but legs seem OK.

Oh, well.

11 AM

road running 33:02 [3] 3.23 mi (10:14 / mi) +629ft 8:38 / mi
shoes: Brooks something-or-others

Legs still felt not too bad, so off for a little extra. Up to the high country via the paved road, more gradual but still up. Nice and peaceful. Ran the whole way without a problem, not that it wasn't a bit of work.

Saturday Apr 12 #

trail running 6:00 [3] 0.5 mi (12:00 / mi)
shoes: brooks #2 lighter

A bit of a warm-up. Better than nothing, but not enough.

10 AM

orienteering 1:09:39 [3] 4.59 mi (15:10 / mi) +945ft 12:42 / mi
weight:132lbs shoes: brooks #2 lighter

Day 1 at West Point (Bull Hill), M45, 6.2 km as the crow flies.

Far from satisfying.

Decent run for the first 9 controls. And then botched the 10th, a good 5 minutes, in the wrong set of cliffs on a big hillside. And then diddled to 11, and a faceplant into rocks on 12, lucky to do no serious damage. So morale was not good.

A couple of good legs improved things, but then botched 15, also happened to be misplaced, and diddled around near 16. And eventually finished. As I said, far from satisfying.

I don't think my running was so bad. Could have done the course in the low 60s. I think the best time was 52, so that would have been perfectly fine. But "would have been" is a meaningless substitute for "was."

A bit on the warm side, mid to upper 60s, though obviously not hot.

2 PM

orienteering 6:00 [4] 0.3 mi (20:00 / mi)

6 times around the Maze-O set up by the juniors. Really good fun.

There was one maze and 4 different courses. So I did each of the 4 courses, total time was 4:09, and in the only serious competition of the weekend the other relevant number was that Alex did them in 4:23.

So she, of course, challenged me to a second round. Did one of the courses, exact tie, 56 seconds. Did the next one, I got her, 52 seconds vs. 59. And at that point the Maze-O mercy rule was invoked and the competition stopped -- mercy for Alex to salvage her bruised ego, mercy for me to salvage my wobbly legs. :-)

I hadn't tried this the couple of times I've seen it set up before. But it's really fun, and you ought to try it if you can. Thanks to the juniors for doing it and glad to make a donation.

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