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Training Log: roar

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Mountain Run1 2:00:03 11.78(10:11) 18.96(6:20) 803
  Orienteering2 1:29:16 9.6(9:18) 15.45(5:47) 28332 /40c80%
  Rock Climbing1 1:00:00
  Running1 51:49 5.85(8:51) 9.42(5:30) 6
  Cycling1 50:06
  Stretching1 20:00
  Total7 6:31:14 27.23 43.83 109232 /40c80%
  [1-5]6 6:11:14

Thursday Jan 29 #

6 PM

Cycling (Turbo) 50:06 [2]
shoes: Basso

Easy 50 mins on the turbo. Weather out was pretty bad, windy and snowy and Conor wasn't coming so I decided to stay in. Put on Tropic Thunder and spun out the legs. Nice enough.

Wednesday Jan 28 #


Got stuck working until fairly late. Which was particularly annoying given I had been in early to try and leave early. Didn't get out for a run as a result. Poor form. On the bright side I should be done pretty early on Friday so can do a run then.

Tuesday Jan 27 #

6 PM

Running warm up/down 15:42 [2] 2.62 km (6:00 / km) +1m 5:59 / km
ahr:113 max:145 shoes: Asics Gel 1170

Warm up. Jogging with Michael and then drills. Nice dry crisp evening.

Running intervals 24:13 [4] 4.94 km (4:54 / km) +2m 4:54 / km
ahr:131 max:155 shoes: Asics Gel 1170

Pyramid session 400m 60s 800m 75s 1200m 90s 1200m 90s 800m 75s 400m 60s

Let the group do the work today mostly. Sat in for the first 400. Let it happen. Then on the 800 pretty much the same, felt comfortable enough. For the first 1200 I ended up in front for a while but then the usual sprinters came past me in the last 100m or so of it. Starting to feel it at this stage. Found the second 1200 pretty tough and it got harder as we went down. For the last 400 everyone took off like bullets. I tried to keep it calm and pick it up slowly but found there was very little pick up in the legs!

1:24, 2:44, 4:15, 4:18, 2:49, 1:14

Tough session.

Running warm up/down 11:54 [2] 1.86 km (6:23 / km) +3m 6:20 / km
ahr:131 max:154 shoes: Asics Gel 1170

Cool down laps. Running with Gina.

Legs felt tired when cycling home.

Monday Jan 26 #

(rest day)

Pretty solid January. Happy enough. Keep this up now and should be looking good for the spring competitions. I need to try and get some more orienteering in if I can in Feb. Portugal will help, but there should be some on a weekly basis.

Body tired today. Went for the lie in and skipped the gym.

Monday - pm climbing
Tuesday - pm intervals
Wednesday - 1hr run Howth
Thursday - Easy run
Friday - am gym
Saturday - night-o, maybe easy run earlier in the day?
Sunday - IMRA Ticknock winter
7 PM

Rock Climbing 1:00:00 [1]

Climbing in Gravity. New greens, and mostly did those. Did some flags but overall pretty relaxed.
9 PM

Stretching 20:00 [0]

Sunday Jan 25 #

Event: Donadea



Most running kilometres in a week ever :)
Didn't seem too hard either!
10 AM

Orienteering race 46:36 [4] ** 8.8 km (5:18 / km) +70m 5:06 / km
spiked:27/27c shoes: Inov8 X-Talon

Donadeea local event.

Learned from last night and just payed attention to the map. What made the difference from yesterday was just this. Kept the legs just ticking over and ran along. Felt pretty good mostly, a small bit tired near the end in some of the foresty bits but nothing bad. Orienteering was not hard at all. Donadea can be some much more interesting I think, though the running on the trail is nice.

Saturday Jan 24 #

10 AM

Mountain Run 2:00:03 [2] 18.96 km (6:20 / km) +803m 5:14 / km
shoes: Inov8 X-Talon

Long one.

Parked up in Hellfire. Did most of an anticlockwise lap of the forest there. It was pretty cold on the way up and had to put on the full gloves. Nice little loop here. Then dropped down the steep forest and cut through some field into the adjacent forest. Tough climb here through some muddy stuff. Nice bit of path then over to the Dublin mountains way and along that to the hairpin at the top of Massey's. Hands were too warm then somehow and took off my gloves!
Plan was to get back here after 1:40. Went up Glendoo then, going straight up from the hairpin. Felt a bit tired here on the top but was having a great time so didn't care too much. Little fall on the way down since it was stupidly icy but no problems really. Boardwalk was the slipperiest thing ever, as they do be in icy conditions. Down the track then and took the little path that goes down beside the road. This was a nice little piece of forest here. Then down through Massey's to the bottom and back up to Hellfire. Nice run lovely day out.
6 PM

Orienteering race 42:40 [3] *** 6.66 km (6:25 / km) +213m 5:32 / km
spiked:5/13c shoes: VJ Falcon

Night-o in Ballinascorney.

Welp, this was pretty bad. Didn't really try very hard to actually read the map which doesn't work very well for orienteering. Just made a lot of sublimely stupid mistakes. Like on 8 I hit the road bang on the junction but just assumed I was not in the right place and ran off down the road. Next time I will remember to read the map.

On a positive note, good running distance today!
25.6km 1000m climb :)

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Training Targets

Jan 26 – Feb 1 (7d)
Monday - pm climbing Tuesday - pm intervals Wednesday - 1hr run Howth Thursday - Easy run Friday - am gym Saturday - night-o, maybe easy run earlier in the day? Sunday - IMRA Ticknock winter
Total 6:00:00
+ O-training
+ Orienteering
+ Mountain Run
Strength [1-5]1:00:00

Jan 26 – Feb 22 (28d)
February Goal - Easy, Med, Hard, Hard POM makes the weekly plan go out the window as it is many long distances over two weeks. Will have to play it by ear a little.
Total 35:00:00
+ O-training
+ Orienteering
+ Mountain Run
Strength [1-5]4:30:00

Oct 26–25 (365d)
Seasonal Target. November is the start of winter training proper so target is for before then. Beating all other years should be easy so I went big. Target is average 30 hours per month
Total [1-5]360:00:00


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