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Training Log: roar

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 2:06:17 9.76(12:57) 15.7(8:03) 55517 /60c28%
  O-training2 46:52 2.7(17:20) 4.35(10:46) 1348 /9c88%
  Running (trails)1 33:18 1.93(17:17) 3.1(10:44) 209
  Running (grass)2 25:00
  Running (road)1 10:00 0.93(10:44) 1.5(6:40)
  Total8 4:01:27 15.32 24.65 89825 /69c36%
  [1-5]8 3:59:06
averages - sleep:6 weight:80.9kg

Tuesday May 31 #

8 AM

slept:6.0 weight:80.3kg (injured)

Went to the Doctor yesterday. She recommended and MRI for me knee. Will try and expedite that.

Ankle is definitely improving rapidly but I don't think it's ready to train on yet.

Monday May 30 #

12 PM

weight:81.4kg (injured)

Put on a race kg or two. Happy enough with EOC overall and a lot of backlogging to be done.
Plan. It's a good one this week!
Ankle is sore but it is a lot better than it was yesterday morning. Cycling to work seemed very fine so I should be able to do that. I will stay off it as much as possible today and then look at cycling tomorrow. In reality the pain and stiffness in my knee that seems to appear after running is more worrying, though it isn't affecting me at the moment. In fact it is less sore while running then when not. Mostly it means I can't do one legged squats which isn't too much of an inconvenience.

Monday - ?
Tuesday - ? perhaps cycle to Donadea
Wednesday - ? very unlikely to be a hill run
Thursday - ?
Friday - ?
Saturday - ? I hope L3D day 1 - tape that ankle
Sunday - ? L3D day 2 - more tape

Sunday May 29 #

10 PM

(injured) (rest day)

Tired after a late, but very fun EOC banquet.
Ankle/foot is not good. Not swollen too much but sore to put weight on it leaning forwards. (Did some damage in the relay yesterday).

Stuck in Wroclaw airport for 5 hours waiting on our Ryanair plane. Bit of a downer. Squad game and we got some terrible free food, chocolate croissant, snickers and 500ml water.

Saturday May 28 #

Running (grass) 20:00 [2]
shoes: Inov8 Oroc 2016

Warm up before the relay. It was very warm and I decided on the singlet. Felt good warming up except for the knee so I took an anadin but it was hard to work out how long until Conor came back. I asked the Israeli coach nicely and he said he'd keep an eye out while I warmed up. Very nice of him. I had judged it a bit short but felt nice and limber.
11 AM

Orienteering race (1:10000) 53:00 [4] **** 6.3 km (8:25 / km) +220m 7:10 / km
20c shoes: Inov8 Oroc 2016

EOC Relay - Team 1 - Leg 3

Really good run from Eoin and he came back ahead of France. Conor was solid, pretty decent but a small bit slower than Eoin. After feeling great in the warm up I was ready to go.

Started after Tranchand in the run out. Told Conor I'd take him in the sprint finish. As soon as I got into the forest though my legs were complaining. Took it handy to 1 to let myself get into the game and got it nicely but the forest was already empty.
I had the less controls gaffle at the start so I had a medium length leg to 2 up the hill. Saw some other controls on the way. Got the control well.
Climbing up to 3 though I realised the extent of my troubles. Could see the camera guy and went to the boulder near him where the control was.
Decided on the up route to 4 but it was the wrong one I'm pretty sure. I was slow through the green and I couldn't get my legs moving properly at all for any of this leg. Going near my 7 a Lithuanian guy flew past at like 3 times my speed and disappeared. Took my emergency gel on the track. Missed 4 a little too. About 10 m too low but in really slow terrain I probably lost almost 45s in the circle. The Slovakian and the Hungarian caught me here.
I managed to hang on for 5 & 6 as the ground was really rough and stayed close for a lot of 7 but the Hungarian had a higher control so I punched it just ahead of the Slovakian who had been following pretty hard,
8 was a tough uphill and the Slovakian got away from me.
For 9 I noticed how glad I was of the singlet and I was not ridiculously warm. Kinda got it together again here though and managed to run up the hill after seeing that climbing more was still the better option.
A small bit of road to 10 and I kinda felt like I could do things again. Beautiful piece of forest too.
11 was into the green. I was moving again and had some confidence. Stayed high to be able to run confidently enough to hit the white and then drop into the control. Was a little hesitant, heard some crashing about and then jumped down a thing with my right leg that should have been my left. Foot went between some rocks and I overbalanced twisting my ankle forwards and sideways and fell off the rocks. Some expletives here. Kept moving but sliding down the hill on my backside and was very very sore. Saw my rock and the Slovakian guy appeared punching it. Tried to get up and run but it wasn't happening. Kinda crawled to the control before slowly getting myself back up.
Started to walk gingerly down the hill, luckily this was the end of the really stony terrain and Ross Morrison of NZ appeared going up it. It took me a bit but I did manage to get moving again on this leg but with 0 confidence I went slowly and around the track. Ross caught me pretty easily but I seemed to get away a bit in the forest for 12 which was a cool control.
So was 13.
Went left for 14 and got it nicely but didn't read the spectator control leg really and just headed off. Route was bad as a result and Ross came out on the elephant track in front of me. He slowed to a walk on the hill which I was totally fine with.
Scared of my ankle going to the spectator so stayed behind but gave a little push on the tiny hill to check out how he was feeling. Eoin kindly pointed out I was stronger than him when I passed him out.
Took the time to have a sip of water and pour some over me but it was terribly warm and didn't do a while lot. Ross tore past me down the hill but I let him have his moment in the lead. Passed him in the forest again but slowed the pace through the green right down. I was happy there was no one close behind so getting the controls was the most important thing. Took 17 in the lead.
I had my plan for 18, hit the open and in. Had a little stumble and Ross went in front. I was happy for him to be there and read ahead to 19 and the finish. Considered the road option while he brought us a little to the right and into the control.
Decided on straight. Upped the pace a little in the forest to press him a bit. Kept it hot on the road and then went for it up the last hill. Apparently he had some problems with his legs that prevented him going uphill so I dropped him very quickly.
Just running to the finish then and I had a good gap so took it easy.

Glad to come out on top in the finish but the race left a lot to be desired. Feeling so empty was terrible and then hurting my ankle even more so. Orienteering was could but I would have liked to be able to race. 22nd nation in the end. I think the emptiness was the heat, similar feeling to the long quali.

Friday May 27 #

11 AM

Orienteering (1:10000) 34:59 [5] **** 4.7 km (7:27 / km) +150m 6:25 / km
spiked:17/19c shoes: Inov8 Oroc 2016

EOC Middle B Final.

Picked up the map and had a terrible time working out what was happening. Read the slope as being the opposite direction and tried to do a 180 from the start kite but that obviously didn't work as there was a start chute there. Kinda grasped it then but stayed way high in bad going above the green before realising what was happening. Dropped into the control well then.
After the bad start I calmed myself and made sure of 2. Somehow I caught my one minute Ukranian guy here already. Route out of 2 wasn't great had to hop around the green a bit but got out and then into 3 was rough but I did it well.
Ukranian guy went way right on 4 and pulled me a little. Not the optimal line to 5 but fine. Camera guy followed me for a bit until I git my shin off a rock.
Hadn't really planned ahead for 6 but decided to go right to the path so the climbing would be more doable. It was to be the main climb on the course so I tried to push on but Ukranian ran away a bit here. Johnny Crickmore (3 mins behind) came past as I turned off and he was ahead of me to the control. The Ukranian went left on this leg though so I was ahead of him again.
I could still see him heading to 7, and Laura Robertson who I had started with. I ran to try and stay in contact with Johnny but he got out of sight going into the green over the hill. I knew what I was at though and got the control fine after about 2 seconds of panic when I first arrived in the open.
Had no real plan for 8 other than contour and climb a bit. I did that but missed it for obvious reasons. Johnny came up the hill as I worked out where I was. Behind him came ColmM (started 2 mins in front). Flaked it through the green for 9 and Johnny stayed low for 10. My legs weren't on for the climb straight so I contoured and brought Colm and the Ukranian with me. HAd a terrible line crossing a river and Colm got ahead then lost a little more ground to both of them climbing up to 10.
I could see them in front of me so I just ran for 11 and 12 trying to get back on but I was suffering. Took a little water at 11 I think.
Caught back a bit of ground on 13 but didn't trust Colm into the circle and slowed when there was some unexpected green, the same as he did.
Original plan was to go straight for 14 but I saw that was a terrible idea. Colm left in a mad direction. I read the map wrong and went kind of the same way but not quite as bad. Lost ground on the little incline in the hashed open but got some back by just going straight through the green when the 2 guys went around on either side. I was behind though hitting 14 and in serious danger of falling off the back.
Colm was on line but the Ukranian was way right for 15. I trusted my compass and Colm was just on the very limit of my sight punching the control in the green. I saw him go down and assumed he was going to the road and decided to take a risk and go straight for 16. He did too. I was a bit hesitant in the circle but not too bad.
Kept height and direction well for 17 and then it was just running to the finish. Really suffering with the pace though.

Decent run. Interesting to have a bit of in the forest competition, even if I was off the back a lot. For sure need some more work on my speed and that mistake on 1 was silly.

O-training 10:13 [2] 0.81 km (12:38 / km) +25m 10:56 / km
shoes: Inov8 Oroc 2016

Warm up on the warm up map. Nice little area and not as hilly at yesterday. Legs were feeling heavy on the hills. Dropped my watch at the bag drop and did some drills up to the pre-start.
12 PM

Running (grass) warm up/down 5:00 [2]
shoes: Inov8 Oroc 2016

2x laps of the arena. First one with Regina and then one solo.

Thursday May 26 #

1 PM

Running (trails) 33:18 3.1 km (10:44 / km) +209m 8:02 / km
shoes: Inov8 Oroc 2016

Jog/walk from the pre start up to the quarantine via the warm up map. I walked most of the road and it was actually chilly enough. Started jogging 20 mins before my start then did lots of up and down the tiny bit of track. Felt really good before putting my watch away and then doing a few dynamics and strides.
3 PM

Orienteering race (1:10000) 38:18 [5] ***** 4.7 km (8:09 / km) +185m 6:49 / km
21c shoes: Inov8 Oroc 2016

EOC MIddle Q - heat A

Started agressively. Deciding to go straight trough the green. Probably wrong call when there was a quick safe option available but I let myself get influenced by Albin Ridfelt who I was starting with. Missed it and had to get back on track.
Good after that then. Took my time on 2 to get it right in the green and then started to push more for 3 (no fastest split like Conor though!). Really good as far as 5 and was having great concentration and good flow. It being foggy felt more like home!
I was brave/foolish on 6 and didn't have a good attackpoint but it worked out ok. Ran hard downhill to 7 and moving well to 8.
It started to go downhill from here, by which I mean uphill! tried to go around for 9 when that wasn't a thing. Oskar Sjoberg flew past me up the hill towards 10 but I hung on grimly. Missed the control though as I looked under the crag and failed to it. Ran away 15m and looked back to see Alan Cherry punching it. Urg.
Really suffered up to 11 and found some unmarked boulders. Wasn't confident enough to know what they were and went up to early, slowly. Found another rock and saw the open and fixed it. Time lost though
12-14 there were people around (male + female) punching controls and I was ok but not super fluid in the circle. Opened the gas to 15, ran past Tove in the forest but was a little confused by the tracks.
This green bit was relatively poor then. Just sloppy. Too short on 16, tired on 17 and then didn't climb enough on 18. Wandered a bit searching for that too. Should have gone around for 19 but went straight.
The last bit was tough physically. A long running leg with a million camera people taking pictures of Ida Bobach as I passed her out.

Time is not great. Some of the course I was good for, some quite poor. Tried to push on in the green and I am happy that I was able to have confidence in myself even though I wasn't as good as I believed. Overall dissapointed.
4 PM

Running (road) warm up/down 10:00 [2] 1.5 km (6:40 / km)
shoes: Inov8 Oroc 2016

Cool down with Colm and Eoin. Colm had loads of energy though and did an extra massive hill like a mad man. Conor joined myself and Eoin for a bit then we watch Daniel Hubmann not qualifying.

Wednesday May 25 #

10 AM

O-training (1:10000) 36:39 **** 3.54 km (10:21 / km) +109m 8:58 / km
ahr:131 max:160 spiked:8/9c shoes: Inov8 Oroc 2016

Easy around the middle model.
Forest was very busy as every team worth it's salt was out. Did my best to ignore them for the most part and had a nice time getting used to 1:10000 again. Forest was nice. White was super runnable and legs felt good when I tried a little on the downhill. Did put my foot between two rocks and earned a nice little cut but nothing worrying. Knee feels totally fine while running. Had a little explore after the controls to look at the massive banks and deep depressions. Then had a wander around the path and did a few dynamics and strides to keep the legs moving. Feeling good.
9 PM


Solid afternoon of resting. Playing cards and watching TV. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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