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Training Log: roar

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling2 4:21:12 59.07(13.6/h) 95.06(21.8/h) 1195
  Strength1 59:36
  Total3 5:20:48 59.07 95.06 1195
averages - weight:84.5kg

Monday Mar 2 #


Updated the CNOC DOMA. All of the maps now appear on This means I can easily look at any of my maps in 3drerun without having to upload them twice. Excellent.
Plan for the week. Jump back on the bandwagon. Get on the calf raises and stretching.:

Monday: cycling, climbing?
Tuesday: am gym, pm cycling intervals, probably kyber hills
Wednesday: am massage, pm cycling with Brian
Thursday: am gym, pm cycling maybe with Brian
Friday: Easy run
Saturday: probably not the IMRA race. Might go to it and help. Then down to Gina's for the wknd.
Sunday: orienteering in Stradbally.

Saturday Feb 28 #

10 AM

Cycling (road) 2:51:59 [2] 59.34 km (20.7 kph) +992m
shoes: Basso

Long cycle Saturday.
Home -> Firhouse -> Stone Cross -> Sally Gap -> Featherbeds -> Hellfire -> Home

Started out, up the hill to Christchurch and straight away there was a guy of very similar speed to me at the lights. We worked together as far as the yellow house where I turned off towards Firhouse. Working away here but it started to drizzle so I stopped to put on my jacket. Was very glad of it later. Felt pretty fine until I hit the straight road through Botharnabreena. Here I realised how slow I was going due to the headwind. It was really strong, which didn't bode well for the climb about to come. It started as I passed the entrance to the resevoir, and then it keeps going and keeps going. I though I was in a bad way as I hit the lowest gear while passing the golf course and was going very very slowly. This climb hurts with parts over 20% according to Strava. Slight respite after stone cross and then it goes again with the top coming as the wind hits full blast and the slope about 11%. Got a 2015 KOM at least by 2 seconds. Woo.

The descent from here was a bit scary. Terminal velocity was about 25 km/h due to the wind and the hands got a bit cold. Firing on in Kilbride too. Put on my gloves on the next little slope, past the start of the walk up Seefin and then the descent was a little dodgy with grass in the middle of the road in some places, but not bad at all. Stopped at the bottom of the hill to have a drink and consider the plan. Thought about going to Wicklow but then two guys moving along weel came past so I went after them. They were friendly and going at exactly my pace so I stuck with them. We worked together up the Sally Gap which was nice, though one of them got a bit dropped at the end. Across to the Featherbeds from here was great. Huge tailwind, gliding along. We caught another guy here and I got stuck between two of them on the descent, which was kinda good since I didn't know the lines at all. I took the lead up the featherbeds climb and we had a nice little echelon going. Once the surface got good two of us got away and zipped down to the hairpin turnoff for Cruagh. This was scary with some blustery crosswinds at places. The lads turned off there so I left them and headed home past Hellfire. Chain came off at the lights by the Yellow House then again but otherwise uneventful finish.

Nice cycle, had a fun time. It'd be nice to have people to do the whole thing with but everyone I asked was sick or busy or away so what can you do.

Friday Feb 27 #

8 AM


Physio this morning. Tough work on the calf. Still a lot of tenderness in there, though it feels fine doing everyday stuff. Physio reckoned I could maybe start back running easy about Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Seems like a fair assesment to me. Should do at least 180 calf raises per day and stretch twice! Will skip Limerick and do a long cycle at the weekend. Looks like Saturday morning is the time to do it.

Thursday Feb 26 #

Strength 59:36 [2]
weight:84.5kg (injured) shoes: Asics GT 1000

It's been too long since I did the full strength session. Had some serious DOMS today in my abs and quads today before starting which made the prospect daunting. Was fine once I started really though. Again kept the lower squat weight and doing the single legs to sitting on my heels. Also no calf raises. Physio at stupid o'clock (7:30) tomorrow to see what the story is.

20 20kg squats
20 20kg lunges
10 single leg squats
5x 5kg T's Y's & I's only did this the first time round
10x 2.5kg T's Y's & I's

30s 2 legged bridge on gym ball
15x 2 legged bridge raises and rollouts
60s plank with one leg lifts
45s side plank with twists

15 push ups
30 platform leg extensions
45 side leg raises each side
45 inside leg raises
15 lowered back ups
45s straight back holds

30 back extension doggys with arm raise
30 side lift doggys

10x 30kg assisted chin ups
5x 30kg assisted pull ups

Wednesday Feb 25 #

5 PM

Cycling 1:29:13 [2] 35.72 km (24.0 kph) +203m
(injured) shoes: Basso

Went to work early and left early ~4:30. Allowed me to get a cycle in, mostly in the bright. Out to Lucan via strawberry beds and then up to Ongar, then Blanchardstown and back through the hairpins in the Phoenix park. Mostly pretty nice. A bit of messing with roundabounts in blanch and got a little confused where I was at one stage. Was warm enough and not raining, only a little wind so I can't complain!

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Oct 26–25 (365d)
Seasonal Target. November is the start of winter training proper so target is for before then. Beating all other years should be easy so I went big. Target is average 30 hours per month
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