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Training Log: chino

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Sport Climbing2 3:30:00
  Cycling-Trainer3 2:58:20 59.5(20.0/h) 95.76(32.2/h) 2734
  Yoga/ Stretching15 2:27:30
  Trail Run2 2:02:59 12.73(9:40) 20.49(6:00) 1476
  Road Run3 1:10:36 7.75(9:07) 12.47(5:40) 378
  Strength Training2 7:30
  Hangboard1 1:20
  Total28 12:18:15 79.98 128.71 4588
  [1-5]23 11:39:15
averages - sleep:8 weight:137.6lbs

Monday Mar 4 #

5 AM

Yoga/ Stretching 15:00 [1]
slept:7.5 weight:137.6lbs

Hip opening stuff. Theragun QLs again, like last night. Kinda beat up this morning but not the worst I’ve felt. Pasta dinner last night and 4 Graham crackers.

Sunday Mar 3 #

8 AM

Yoga/ Stretching warm up/down 5:00 [0]
slept:9.5 weight:137lbs

Big sleep. Surprised weight isn’t higher after eating the biggest burrito I’ve ever made. Hip rotation stiff plus QL release stuff from YouTube. I think releasing the QL on both sides may be key to back happiness. Jog and gym today. All the snow fell yesterday, like 6-8 inches. Darn.
10 AM

Trail Run 37:08 [3] 3.65 mi (10:10 / mi) +246ft 9:34 / mi
ahr:119 max:139 shoes: Exodus Ultra 2

Slow and easy from home to S Parleys snow. Glad to feel like I have different gears again. Kept it in a low one. Digging avoiding crossing 33rd lately. Chill, quiet jog. Roads kinda messy but not terrible.
11 AM

Yoga/ Stretching warm up/down 7:00 [1]

Incl 2min plank low and high
1 PM

Sport Climbing (Gym) 2:00:00 [5]

Sandy Mo
Lead 11a+11a
Send 5.11 off hands first go. OMFG what a fight! So relieved to finally send it
3 hang 12d steep
2 hang 12d steep- didn’t rest long enough, about 16 minutes
25min rest, then fell at 3rd last move on 12d. Good fight. Fun to try hard on plastic.
In succession- both 5.9 Hand cracks, 11- hand, half way up 5.9 corner- wanted to see if I could do the top half without liebacking. Not today.
Solid session. Fun. Tried hard.
7 PM

Yoga/ Stretching 12:00 [1]

YWA for full moments

Saturday Mar 2 #

7 AM

Yoga/ Stretching warm up/down 5:00 [1]
slept:9.1 weight:136.4lbs

Up at 7:15. Back less stiff than usual out of bed. Try going w/out ibu (like most days).
9 AM

Trail Run 1:25:51 [3] 9.08 mi (9:27 / mi) +1230ft 8:23 / mi
ahr:134 max:160 shoes: Glycerin 20 - Black

Home-Tanner-P Pt lollipop and back. Prob ~4mi on rd. Digging the Tanner route lately. Legs and head good. No ibu. Body felt good. Freakin windy but not too cold. Shorts and houdini. Running is the best drugs.
11 AM

Yoga/ Stretching warm up/down 9:00 [1]

incl 2min high.reg plank, 45sec back xt, foam rolling
3 PM

Yoga/ Stretching 21:00 [1]


Friday Mar 1 #

8 AM

Yoga/ Stretching 10:00 [0]
slept:10.1 weight:137lbs

Big sleep. Typical stiff back out of bed despite feeling like I made progress with the theragun before bed. Took 400mg ibu this AM to see if it makes any difference. No agenda for the day. So psyched to have 3 days off. Still no bevs. Keep it up. No tortillas yesterday and only 2 graham crackers.
10 AM

Road Run 49:11 [3] 5.26 mi (9:21 / mi) +378ft 8:45 / mi
ahr:132 max:155

Home into Tanner Park for about 2.5mi. Picked up effort in last mile, including 2x 10sec hs plus bounding. Sunny and warm. Shorts and short sleeves though started w/ a Houdini on. Body was good. Just don’t have my runner’s lungs anymore. Think I’m psyched to train for uphill mile and 5k TT efforts. Want a goal that will inspire me to commit to eating less treats at night.
1 PM

Sport Climbing 1:30:00 [4]
shoes: Anasazi Arrowhead pt2

TR 11a
Lead 11c steep
I’m me hang 12b
One hang 12a steep
Usual finger crack burn- using outside feet
One hang thin hands right after

Def tired today. Still fun. No expectations. Good to keep it short today.
2 PM

Hangboard 1:20 [3]

1 set 7:3 x7 30mm

Thursday Feb 29 #

4 AM

Yoga/ Stretching warm up/down 5:00 [0]
slept:6.7 weight:137.2lbs

No bevs still. No tortillas or graham crackers last night. Only some dates for treats after confs. Body felt good when I went to bed after foam roll and theragun sesh. Kinda stiff out of bed but better than past few mornings.
5 AM

Cycling-Trainer tempo 1:06:00 [4] 23.0 mi (20.9 mph) +1415ft
ahr:148 max:164

20min wu
14mi Zwift race in NYC/ B flite: 49 of 72
2mi cd

Stayed with lead group for first couple minutes then got dropped. Better start than last time. Need to train for being able to hang on during the hard first few miles. Fun ride overall. Legs just ok but head better. 22oz water, no food.
6 AM

Yoga/ Stretching warm up/down 6:30 [1]

incl 66sec high plank
12 PM

Road Run 10:02 [3] 1.16 mi (8:39 / mi)

Easy khaki jog w/ some tailwind-aided accels at work. Body fine. Sure. 2 laps on the track, lap around soccer field.
5 PM

Strength Training 2:00 [3]

High plank with knee raises

Wednesday Feb 28 #

4 AM

Yoga/ Stretching warm up/down 12:00 [0]
slept:6.1 weight:138.4lbs

Up til almost 10 after playing guitar. Lower back still stiff but seems to slowly be loosening up. Still no bevs. One more long work day. No tortillas yesterday. Weight down a little despite frosting sandwich party at work last night.
5 AM

Cycling-Trainer 1:05:00 [3] 22.5 mi (20.8 mph) +400ft
ahr:123 max:153

~10min solo, then easy group ride. At 31min, did 30/90. No food. ~16oz water.
Legs/ head not great at first then came around in last 20min or so. Hope to feel more rested tmw for harder effort. TBD.
9 AM

Yoga/ Stretching warm up/down 9:00 [1]

2min plank, plus ham/quad/hip flexor stretching- used to do this after every run but basically never after rides. Change that.
3 PM

Road Run 11:23 [3] 1.33 mi (8:34 / mi)

Khaki jog before confs in the sun, incl 1600 on the track. So nice out! Good job getting out. Legs felt heavy, but body mostly okay. No back pain- TBD if it stiffens up.

I put my rolld up yoga mat across the arm rests of my desk chair to make me sit up straight, which I think may already be helping. I think the past couple weeks of sitting in the library for work stuff has made my back mad. Anyway, good jog.

Tuesday Feb 27 #

4 AM

Yoga/ Stretching warm up/down 7:00 [0]
slept:7.1 weight:139.8lbs

So heavy! 3 tortillas yesterday. Didn’t hold back on the graham crackers last night either. Jeez. Lower back stiff out of bed but seems more localized at the top of my bum. Theragun before bed. Next 2 work days long AF with confs. Get it done.
5 AM

Cycling-Trainer tempo 47:20 [4] 14.0 mi (17.7 mph) +919ft
ahr:128 max:163

Mini Mt Massif TT tempo effort after ~8min wu. 15min cd
Legs weren't great but tempo effort felt manageable. Mentally, it was good to keep it short this AM. Nice ride. Still recovering from the weekend. 8oz water, no food.
6 AM

Yoga/ Stretching warm up/down 9:00 [1]

6min full body YWA, plus some additional back stuff.
3 PM

Yoga/ Stretching 15:00 [1]

Great session in my office before confs. Lower back actually loosened up a little. Nice job taking the time to do it. Psyched!
8 PM

Strength Training 5:30 [3]

5min Sophie ab vid plus back extensions

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