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Training Log: rcro

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running4 4:49:48 33.94(8:32) 54.62(5:18) 265
  Orienteering1 1:16:28 6.24(12:15) 10.04(7:37) 250
  S&C1 30:00
  Running - off road1 8:31 0.83(10:18) 1.33(6:24) 25
  Total7 6:44:47 41.0 65.99 540
averages - sleep:5.3 weight:73.2kg

Saturday Feb 16 #

11 AM

Running 1:53:58 [3] 21.76 km (5:14 / km) +95m 5:08 / km
slept:5.5 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 22

No Parkrun today as Run Director. A very easy job as everything was under control. 175 finishers so quite busy today in the Forest.

All under control for clear up too - so over to Bishops Cleeve to meet with Tom Cochrane and jog around the new estates and check progress. No significant differences from what I mapped, and with new building my map is now more correct than it was. Not enough completed to justify a full mapping trip any time soon but it will be good when its all finished!

Dropped Tom back at his car and carried on for a bit further to make distance. As the explore had been 6 miles didn’t think I’d want to do the planned Tredington run but went for it anyway and cut across fields towards the end to save some distance. Going quite well considering, got an extra long run in the bag.

Staying with mum tonight. 35 minute queue to get out of worcester as severn trent have shut off the main road :-(

Thursday Feb 14 #

6 PM

Running 58:22 [3] 11.26 km (5:11 / km) +90m 4:59 / km
slept:5.0 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 22

Easy run from home - on a mostly flat route through Mon Bank, along SDR to Tesco, and back the direct way over a dark George Street Bridge.

Nice pace - but stomach pretty unhappy on the way back. Eaten a lot of chocolate and cakes today, on top of sedentry day yesterday (and poor eating).

Wednesday Feb 13 #

slept:5.0 (sick) (rest day)

In London by half 8 - and still on the way home at 7.30. These new trains really do rock about a lot - impossible to write or place a drink on a table once above 100mph. All quite empty today though - carriage home never more than half full.

Tuesday Feb 12 #

6 PM

Running intervals (FoDAC) 1:31:37 [5] 16.15 km (5:40 / km)
slept:5.0 (sick) shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 22

5 min jog, 8x 1 min with 90s jog between, 5 min jog, another 8x 1 min.

Quite a good session and getting faster. Still run better clockwise than anti-clockwise - but was also taking a much wider line on the clockwise half to minimise getting boxed in (and on first half had been shouted at for cutting up somebody wearing black hat, black longsleeved top and black leggings on an unlit track with no lane markings)

Monday Feb 11 #

5 PM

S&C 30:00 [3]

Hard to get into this after week off and tiring weekend
6 PM

Running 25:51 [3] 5.45 km (4:45 / km) +80m 4:25 / km
slept:5.5 (sick) shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 22

Post-core jog as I lost quite a bit of distance last week. Coughing a lot still, and pretty slow to start but got going after 2k and made a reasonable progression run.

Was helped by there being someone ahead up Western Avenue, and then was being followed quite closely by a torch back along Risca Road but have no idea who it was as they never passed me and carried on when I turned off for home.

Now have a plan for starting to tick off a few of my planned long runs - get 2 or 3 done over a long weekend 23rd-25th. Have the first Sunday and second weekend of March free still - so might be good to get Hay and Skenfrith ticked off as "closer".
Master planner sheet:

Sunday Feb 10 #

10 AM

Running - off road warm up/down 8:31 [3] 1.33 km (6:24 / km) +25m 5:51 / km
shoes: inov8 Mudclaw300 Blk/Gn1

11 AM

Orienteering (Merthyr Mawr) 1:16:28 [3] 10.04 km (7:37 / km) +250m 6:46 / km
slept:5.5 weight:73.2kg (sick) shoes: inov8 Mudclaw300 Blk/Gn1

7.4km blue at Merthyr Mawr.

Didn't really enjoy this but that wasn't down to course or terrain - which were both pretty good, just that I don't really like the idea of orienteering as a race any more. Has too much negativity in it - so once that starts creeping in the best thing to do is stop and go for a run instead.

Generally went well for the first 15 controls despite not really thinking about navigation. 60s loss on 9 as the features were quite vague, and the contour on the map wasn't such an obvious shape when I got there. Was within 20m of it first time.

Long leg 13 just went roughly in the direction and trying to find nice routes through but struggled up the hill. Had some pretty big coughing fits and early on (against the wind) was stopping every couple of minutes to cough. Found 13 first time, but not any of the vegetation or features around it.

Things unravelled at 16 as ran to the tree corner that I'd been past on way up thinking it was the right one. Then spent quite a while trying to relocate - vegetation didn't seem right at any point. Found the control but fed up of orienteering by this point (and seeing the next few legs looked unpleasant) so just did a bit of aimless running to get me back to the finish in 10k.

I'm very much a runner rather than an orienteer now.

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