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Training Log: cfosp1

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Biking Commuting6 3:12:25 50.32(3:49) 80.98(2:23) 376
  Hiking3 2:06:51 4.39(28:52) 7.07(17:57) 39
  Strength: Boot Camp1 1:20:35
  Running2 1:04:44 5.55(11:40) 8.93(7:15) 29
  Total10 7:44:35 60.26 96.98 444
  [1-5]10 7:06:40

Tuesday Oct 25 #

6 AM

Biking Commuting 31:13 14.1 km (2:13 / km) +45m 2:11 / km
ahr:125 max:152 shoes: All-City Space Horse

Home to TPC
6:09 AM; Minneapolis-St. Paul

5.2 °C; Cloudy
Not as cool this morning and a nice little tailwind. Not looking forward to the ride home, though, with rain in forecast and a 20 km/h headwind. Of note during this morning's commute: almost hit a bunny that sauntered by the side of the UMN Transitway. It ran right into the path of an oncoming rare early morning bus. The driver honked twice at the bunny, haven't heard people honk at rabbits very often. I will find out about the fate of this suicidal rodent on the way home. 12 w and 10 m runners this morning, not many bikes out. Are they worried about the rain this PM?
3 PM

Biking Commuting 31:00 12.19 km (2:33 / km) +72m 2:28 / km
ahr:138 max:152 shoes: All-City Space Horse

TPC to Home
3:51 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

10.6 °C; Chance of rain
Started to rain as I walked to the bike parking and I decided to play it by ear (or feel) on whether I'd ride the bike or take the train. The rain was really rather light so I decided to ride, taking 5th Ave to 2nd St, the more direct but traffic and crossing light-heavy route. It worked out OK, the rain remained light and I was able to sneak past the headwind by taking the South St. Anthony route. Saw only one other cyclist and no runners.

Running 21:07 3.7 km (5:42 / km) +24m 5:32 / km
ahr:137 max:153 shoes: Hoka One One Clifton 2

Energy Park Short run
4:36 PM; Hamline Midway/Frogtown

9.9 °C; Chance of rain
Decided to make this a run, in part to get it over with, because of the rain and in part because the run was itching me. Roux thought it was great fun, moving closer to his speed, Mellie not so much, though she hung in there. Will have to figure out how to deal with the dogs as I ramp my running again.
6 PM

Strength: Boot Camp 1:20:35
ahr:122 max:161 shoes: Nike Air Pegasus+ 30

Sisu MYR: Circuit Training
6:32 PM; Endurance United HQ

20.0 °C;
Tuesday night workout was moved indoors to Endurance United HQ because of inclement weather. Jake set up an impromptu strength circuit, 1:00 on 1:00 off.
Plank-body weight squads on balance disks-ski erg-dips-sideways jumps over low hurdle-one legged squads-one legged swings-Russian twists with 4 kg medicine ball-push ups-crunches-more Russian twists with 4 kg-bench jumps-and medicine ball slams. Wnet through the circuit twice. Preceded by 10:00 jog and followed by a 10:00 walk. Great work-out!

Monday Oct 24 #

6 AM

Biking Commuting 33:48 14.03 km (2:25 / km) +55m 2:22 / km
ahr:129 max:151 shoes: All-City Space Horse

Home to TPC
6:27 AM; Minneapolis-St. Paul

2.4 °C; Clear
First ride in close to winter regalia: ski soft shell one t-shirt and a reflective vest, compression tights, double buff. Skimped on gloves and shoes, still wearing lighter stuff. Was quite adequate, if anything a little too warm. I tried hard to look for some frost on parked cars, most had clearly dew. The only area where I had any indication of frost was at the SPPS food services lot at Como and the UMN Transit Way where vehicles that were parked overnight looked a little suspicious. No wind is always nice, 4 w 1 m runners.
4 PM

Biking Commuting 35:11 14.31 km (2:28 / km) +80m 2:24 / km
ahr:131 max:153 shoes: All-City Space Horse

TPC to Home
4:17 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

14.8 °C; Clear
Busy out on the trail, runners, walkers and cyclists converging. Saw Justin R running on CLT at a pretty good clip, would have called out to him but recognized him too late. All in all 10 W vs 12 M which keeps the w one ahead for the day. Took it easy today.

Hiking 30:01 3.7 km (8:07 / km) +21m 7:53 / km
ahr:103 max:136 shoes: Hoka One One Tor Summit Low

Energy Park short Hike/Run
5:03 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

14.1 °C; Clear
Gorgeous evening. Some running and some walking. We really haven't had a killing frost in our neighborhood, dalias and nasturtiums are still in full bloom.

Sunday Oct 23 #


Can't really say this was a rest weekend but in terms of training it was. Did not much biking, running or even walking but kept plenty busy. Dug a 1.5 m deep hole to anchor two 6+ m wooden poles which I dragged around, lifted and raised by myself, cleaned up and winterized the area around the cabin and did some fishing wading in the cold (9 C) Onion River.

My quick stepping intervals on Friday (10 x 200 steps) were surprising effective in using muscles in a way they were not used to, resulting sore quads.
7 AM

Hiking 28:55 1.81 km (15:59 / km) +6m 15:43 / km

Log Wrestling
7:02 AM; Washburn, WI

8.5 °C; Chance of rain
Spotted a 5 m pole on Bayview Park Beach that looked perfect to mate with the 6 m pole already in place. It turned out to be white cedar and consequently fairly light weight. but pulling it back along the beach through increasing surf was a challenge. Waves threatened to roll over my hip waders and sloshed me several times.

Friday Oct 21 #

7 AM

Running 43:37 5.23 km (8:20 / km) +5m 8:18 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Summit Low

Onion to Sioux River Intervals
7:09 AM; Washburn, WI

4.7 °C; Cloudy
Walk/run intervals, 10 x 200 short/quick steps to teach my glutes to engage. Seems to work, they feel like they had a workout. Gorgeous morning sky over the lake, a sliver of orange between Madeline and Long Island and dark clouds overhead. A few fishermen and mergansers, very quiet otherwise.
1 PM

Hiking 1:07:55 1.56 km (43:32 / km) +12m 41:55 / km
shoes: Asolo FSN 95

Exploring Back 40
1:31 PM; Washburn, WI

8.8 °C; Cloudy
Finally met up with neighbor Mike, who showed me the survey stakes forming the property corners between his, ours and Dave's property. Looks like we have a sizable portion of the old-growth white cedar grove. We came back through Joan's property.

Thursday Oct 20 #

6 AM

Biking Commuting 32:24 14.02 km (2:19 / km) +55m 2:16 / km
ahr:132 max:153 shoes: All-City Space Horse

Home to TPC
6:19 AM; Minneapolis-St. Paul

2.7 °C; Cloudy
Kind of chilly this AM but I was dressed for it. Need to dig out warmer gloves, though.
3 PM

Biking Commuting 28:49 12.33 km (2:20 / km) +69m 2:16 / km
ahr:142 max:162 shoes: All-City Space Horse

TPC to Home
3:53 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

9.9 °C; Clear
Took the shortcut because I was in a hurry to leave town. Not much in terms of temperature gain in spite of the sun. One guy passed me taking a different route, based on his speed and the type of bike he was riding I suspect he had electric assist. Cheater ;-) I was closing in on him again on Como but I had to turn S on Snelling. Oh well ...

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