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Training Log: Thumper

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Running9 9:46:19 83.85(7:00) 134.94(4:21)
  Total9 9:46:19 83.85(7:00) 134.94(4:21)

Saturday Dec 3 #

7 AM

Running 37:20 [3] 5.0 mi (7:28 / mi)


Energy levels good despite LR yesterday and staff do late night last night.

Calves in BITS….poor choice of tainer yesterday for the conditions
4 PM

Running 1:07:01 [3] 9.2 mi (7:17 / mi)

HFW- energy levels great but calves so sore.

Friday Dec 2 #

7 AM

Running tempo 1:53:20 [5] 18.0 mi (6:18 / mi)

Up bright and early to get the long run session out of the way before checking out at 10. Didn't factor in the sunrise so had a delayed start (couldn't be arsed carrying a head torch for the sake of 15 mins)

Never really felt as though I got going HR pretty low but legs had nothing so just ground it out and didn't force it. Bit of a shame- really struggling to get back into form in sessions -but I really don't feel I'm tired in myself so hopefully it's just a sign that I lost a decent level of fitness by being well rested in Sept/Oct.

Anyway- another session banked and a solid wrk of training- 3 easy days now to try and get this tiring but fun week out of the system (and let my calves recover- pretty sore from today)

4 miles M 6.09 pace HR 146
1 mile T 5.57 HR 156
3 mile m 5.57 HR 152
1mile T 5.53 HR 153
2 mile M 6.04 HR 150
1 mile T 5.46 HR 153
1 mile M 5.38 HR 151

Thursday Dec 1 #

9 AM

Running 1:12:06 [3] 10.0 mi (7:13 / mi)

Morning run around Pines taking in the new running loop.

Still feeling a bit tired and leggy-pretty exhausting week at Centre Parcs to be fair though-looking forward to going back to work for a rest
3 PM

Running 37:35 [3] 5.0 mi (7:31 / mi)

Plod with Hatti and Sophie in tow on the bike and trailer (Sophie passed out.)

Bit frustrating as my left foot got progressively painful and hurt for the rest of the day. I was hoping to do a pretty big session tomorrow morning.

Havent sat down since we got here and we are at opposite ends of the park to my parents, so probably a time on feet things

Wednesday Nov 30 #

8 AM

Running 1:13:33 [3] 10.0 mi (7:21 / mi)

Slightly hungover plod- Legs not to bad but zero bounce or zip in them.
Gorgeous frosty morning so just enjoyed a plod around pines- lots of day dreaming about running
4 PM

Running 46:01 [3] 6.25 mi (7:22 / mi)

We had so much planned but both Hatti and Sophie became inexplicably grumpy, then snot started pouring out of Hatt's nose. So I chucked Sophie in the bike trailer and took her swimming…or that was the plan, but shed totally passed out.

So I dropped her at my parents apartment at legged it for an easy run whilst everyone napped. Unfortunately my belly was still full from lunch but it was nice to do it without feeling anti social

A beautiful sunset

Tuesday Nov 29 #

8 AM

Running intervals 57:11 [5] 9.4 mi (6:05 / mi)

Session of 1 mile M, 5 x mile/90secs hard, 4 x 60s hills/jog down rec. 1 mile M.

Warmed up through Centre Parcs then sessioned on 2 laps of the Sherwood pines green loop.

Internal effort felt bob on, felt like i worked hard, HR also about right, sadly paced not great despite zero wind and hard underfoot.

Hey-ho- was pretty cold! Just getting through the next few weeks of sessions as mileage is the focus. Stunning crisp, cold day, very enjoyable

M mile 5.52 148
5.26, 5.20, 5.32, 5.36, 5.25, c. (158)
M mile 5.35 (148)

Running warm up/down 44:11 [3] 6.0 mi (7:22 / mi)

4 PM

Running 38:01 [3] 5.0 mi (7:36 / mi)

Nice post swim plod with Hatts on the woodland trail and around the lake.

Tired after a hard day of organised fun

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