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Training Log: Thumper

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Running7 9:27:56 77.3(7:21) 124.4(4:34)
  Cycling2 1:50:45 28.6(15.5/h) 46.03(24.9/h)
  Total9 11:18:41 105.9(6:25) 170.43(3:59)

Thursday Mar 30 #

7 AM

Running 1:12:41 [3] 10.0 mi (7:16 / mi)

Better this morning after a kind massage from Hatti.

But still stiff around the knee cap.

Taken the day off at the last minute to go visit my Grandma so snuck off early to try and replicate my (previously planned) pm run on Derwent edge with a run which was supposed to take in my favourite 5 mile loop from Shilito woods then run along Froggatt edge to Curbar before linking back up.

It went wrong quite quickly and I've got a consultant appt about my wrist this morning, so sacked it off before I got too lost and just did some tedious out and backs

Knee pretty sore by the end. Really hope I don't end up missing another target race like Berlin…but need to at least keep some running volume up and the key sessions if its gonna happen. Gonna at least try and make it to Mondays rest day by doing the planned training and see if things settle. It has settled before….

3 PM

Running 36:21 [3] 5.5 mi (6:37 / mi)

Consultant gave me my last wrist injection before surgery :( but got a feeling he totally nailed it- feels totally different to the other two injections I had.

I almost asked him to inject my knee. After a crazy afternoon getting my Grandma discharged from hospital I headed to Wintersett for a nice warm plod.

Very surprised at the pace for the effort, but knee was sore throughout. In recent months it has felt better after a few easy days… but it seems to be at best staying the same, possibly worsening.

Never really had a knee prob like this before, so poss time to throw the towel in (right before we head up to Malham youth hostel for a recce).

Gonna give it some major attention tonight and see how it feels tomorrow, got a session planned but could swap it for a bike ride, but hoping to get the session done and then a big massage.

In other news, I ran over a frog on my drive today. It had a baby on its back (which later escaped unscathed), but all the mummy frogs eggs were squished out of her. I deserve all I get :(

Wednesday Mar 29 #

7 AM

Cycling 55:10 [3] 14.3 mi (15.6 mph)

IW cross bike
This was always the plan after yesterday's session- but it was needed any way as my knee was really sore.

I think this is a proper injury now.

Obviously I'm really grateful about a long period of consistent running, but i still feel like I paid my dues to the injury gods a few years ago!

I've really enjoyed planning the 3 peaks and I'm really looking forward to doing the race, so I hope I can sort it. Been managing this niggle since December though so maybe I'm pushing my luck.

On a pleasing note, HR bloody low on this ride…although that means it prob doesn't count as training!!
4 PM

Cycling 55:35 [3] 14.3 mi (15.4 mph)


Knee more painful cycling than walking!

Just gonna take it each day at a time. Got a few emergency massage slots booked in so going to have a little stab at managing it a few days longer before panicking completely

On a positive- no DOMS yesterday and energy levels wise I feel well recovered from a decent session

Tuesday Mar 28 #

9 AM

Running tempo 2:20:34 [5] 18.6 mi (7:33 / mi)

2 mile warm up 3 mile tempo along the lady bower shore then up WIn, and down through Twitchill farm. Tempo from the bridge to Lose and then straight up Lose. Back down tempo from the road to the Twitchill ascent which again I went straight into, drop down Win then straight into 3 mile tempo again, before 2 mile warm down.

Looking forward to this. V. foggy so no view gazing, just got my head down. Body wasn't massively up for it so just relaxed into it.

Quads miles better form massage but knee still sore. Bit of a risk this session but felt no worse afterwards. It went really quick actually, I really enjoyed it

Tempo 1 5.51 pace HR 148
Tempo 2 6.06 pace HR 148

So a nice maintenance of a slower pace than last time, HR considerably lower than Marathon pace. Maybe this is the way to go?

I'm happy with my fitness, can't see myself getting any fitter really, feel strong on a long run and really enjoyed this session, so rather than trying to get any better I need to try and strike the balance between maintaining where I am and letting my niggles settle.

I've resigned myself to the fact that I will lose people on descents, despite getting much better I'm still crap. I need to just let them go

Monday Mar 27 #

(rest day)

PLanned rest day.

Knee sore for half of the day b ut improved as the day wore on. This could be the ibuprofen (taking a days worth to try and settle the knee pain in the hope that the massage and stretching have sorted the quad and adductors out).

Tempted to run this evening as it was so nice!

Weight 10 st 13 (twat)

Sunday Mar 26 #

9 AM

Running long 2:34:59 [3] 21.0 mi (7:23 / mi)

Grindleford Gallop route with Charlie.

Knee grumbly on waking. Body grumbling generally after a few too many pints and too much curry.

Amazing day and love the route (got it right this time) although Monsal Trail was tedious (even with the excitement of stumbling along the inaugural Monsal 1/2 Marathon.) Very enjoyable despite having to stop regularly for quad stretches

Feeling very much "long run fit" now. But really need to concentrate on getting rid of this knee problem. Its all down to a very tight quad/hip flexor so need to knuckle down with even more stretches.

Got a very deep massage tonight.

Must. Get. Weight. Back. Down

Saturday Mar 25 #

10 AM

Running hills 45:48 [5] 6.3 mi (7:16 / mi)

After a pretty shitty week at work and feeling a bit fed up about missing out on today's race I had a couple of beers last night (and will be having more tonight!) then Sophie got up at 6!! So felt pretty crap and tired this morning.

Luckily the weather was stunning and refreshing.

Headed up to Linacre did 2/3s of a lap to warm up then Did 20*60s hills not a crazy gradient but with a little kicker in the middle.

Initially there was no issue in the knee and I was really enjoying my running. But it got worse throughout and is sore now. So whilst I'm feeling a bit blue about being on the injury threshold I'm really pleased with myself for making the right call re: the race (despite being fed up about it.)

Gonna try and TLC my way through it and do the planned training as much as possible (but sessionin as much as possible within pain), with loads of attention on rehab. But probably looking at getting to the 3 peaks undercooked. Prob no bad thing

Running warm up/down 41:10 [3] 5.6 mi (7:21 / mi)

3 PM

Running 41:50 [3] 5.3 mi (7:54 / mi)

Run on Stanage with Charlie.

Not the best place to take a dodgy knee but the weather and views were lovely.

Out for curry and beer now, then hopefully knuckle down for the last push towards 3 peaks. Very envious of the Long Mynd photos, it looked class

Friday Mar 24 #

7 AM

Running 34:33 [3] 5.0 mi (6:55 / mi)

Set off to do my usual Shakeout run. But it was still painful.

I can still run ok and train ok. But I know in my heart of hearts that a race such as Long Mynd is going to fuck me over

I text Rob to apologise but already regret it. Partly cos I really wanna do it, partly cos I feel a fanny.

It's the right decision, I know it is. But still :(
4 PM


Headed to Linacre to do an uphill only session.

Remembered I felt knackered last night and also decided that seeing as my knee was sore using the clutch I should prob just take these two taper days as knee recovery days and try to get right.

Will try again in the morning.

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