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Training Log: Thumper

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Running8 8:56:15 79.45(6:45) 127.86(4:12)
  Total8 8:56:15 79.45(6:45) 127.86(4:12)

Friday Oct 28 #

9 AM

Running intervals 1:04:26 [5] 10.0 mi (6:27 / mi)

Lieu day treat, Hatt at work so I dropped Sophie at nursery and headed to Berry hill Park for a XC session on the relays course.

Session of 15mins/90secs, 4 x1k/90s, 4 x500/90s, 15mins.

The course was marked out which was cool, but not in the woods, where i couldn't for the life of me find the loop, so resigned myself to running strait through-shame as the reason for going was to practice running hard through the hills and corners in there.

Paces were awful, bit demoralising. Felt very hard and HR about where I'd want it so good training just a bit frustrating that I'm not going into the relays in the form I was hoping for. Need to lose some timber to be fair so can't moan! (Not ready for dieting just yet though)

15mins 6.03 pace HR 153
ks 3.33(159), 3.23 (160), 3.43 (160), 3.31 (159)
500s 1.51(155), 1.37(158), 1.41(158), 1.42 (156)
15mins 6.01 (157)

Running warm up/down 19:30 [3] 4.15 mi (4:42 / mi)

Thursday Oct 27 #

7 AM

Running 42:10 [3] 5.75 mi (7:20 / mi)

IW- pleased to see the farmer had moved the cows out of the field!

Feeling decent leg wise-a nice surprise
5 PM

Running 1:05:36 [3] 9.25 mi (7:06 / mi)

HFW- elated with how good my legs felt (not amazing but much better than expected)

Had to stop a few times with tummy ache but a little "parp" sorted it out each time. I got to within 400m of my house and couldn't run (or walk) another step, due to a turtle head poking out.

With no where sheltered in the village I just about made it to the war memorial garden, (I tried to get to the next bush but couldn't) and let go in the bushes, before sprinting home. I had a second attack on the drive way and just got to my toilet.

I feel terrible. I didn't stop my garmin so it now shows an 8.05 mile. Worse still I feel tremendously disrespectful to everyone involved with the war memorial, i literally had NO option.

Sad times. Don't think I'm ill, but I am paranoid..

Wednesday Oct 26 #

10 AM

Running 1:10:24 [3] 9.6 mi (7:20 / mi)

Morning plod from home to Linacre- absolutely stonkingly autumnal, so pleasant. Felt heavy legged though so just enjoyed it. Have sent yet another garmin back- very frustrating.
5 PM

Running 36:46 [3] 5.15 mi (7:08 / mi)

Plod along the canal, rather exotically ending up at Sainsbury's to meet the girls.

Felt tired and heavy legged all day, not sure if I'm succumbing to one of the many colds around atm or just tired from a tough sesh last night…find out tomorrow I guess…!

Tuesday Oct 25 #

6 AM

Running 31:48 [3] 4.4 mi (7:14 / mi)

Lovely run around Linacre.

Double head torch is the way forward, treated to a stunning sunrise…but, having got up extra early to write some notes, then get to work earlier than normal to sort my life out (on the back foot big time at work), I realised half way into my run that I'd left my training flats at home, so had to go back… gutted!
7 PM

Running warm up/down 42:42 [3] 5.75 mi (7:26 / mi)

Running intervals 44:06 [5] 7.4 mi (5:58 / mi)

Session of 1 mile M pace, 5 x mile/75secs, 4 x 400/60s

Big session..I thought I was making in-roads on the youthful fast starters, but then they dropped some big reps in reps 3/4. Pleased with how I paced my session though, which was slightly larger…some big HRs in the middle reps, but settled down again..not sure if this was me being a wimp or sensible.

Feeling it towards the end.
5.22 (151)
4.51 (159)
4.51 (167)
4.52 (166)
4.50 (165)
4.54 (164)
71,71, 71, 71

Monday Oct 24 #

(rest day)

Planned rest

Glut and calf niggly and tight

Sunday Oct 23 #

4 PM

Running tempo 1:58:47 [5] 18.0 mi (6:36 / mi)

Post work LR

Headed form work along my usual HFW route, then did two laps of Linacre before heading back in on the same route, then legged it for a massage.

Glad the long stretch is nearly over for a few more weeks, feeling it now.

Ran easy for 3.5 miles then 4 sets of 2 miles "on" 1 mile "off" before running 3.5 back.

Aim was threshold effort. Not sure if I'm training hard enough at the minute, but I'm hitting each session fresh, even if paces aren't amazing. Going to stick with it and see what happens.

Glut/hammy niggle omni-present and sore post massage( as is my shin), but hopefully a rest day will help iron out the kinks.

Important to note that some of the soreness is hopefully from some strengthening exercises I'm doing on the weak areas, so hopefully as they get stronger it will settle.

Another lovely evening, ran with head torch and never needed it…DOH!

Rep 1 5.41 pace (HR 149)
Rep 2 6.18 (HR 153)
Rep 3 6.16 (HR 153)
Rep 4 5.40 (HR 152)

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