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Training Log: Thumper

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Running7 7:58:05 67.5(7:05) 108.63(4:24)
  Total7 7:58:05 67.5(7:05) 108.63(4:24)

Monday Jan 23 #

(rest day)

Planned rest day
Gutted to rest on such a stunning day and indeed back off on such a nice week for running!

Feeling Flemmy in myself but no worse

Sproty had a look at my knee and reminded me of the one thing I've not been doing to manage it (this is an annual winter niggle coming from my probably arthritic left hip)

I've been doing loads of hip flexor stretching and neural glides but haven't been doing hip internal rotation mobs, so I will be begging Hatti to help me with those this week.

Knee sore today

Sunday Jan 22 #

9 AM

Running long 1:29:58 [3] 13.15 mi (6:50 / mi)

Woke up feeling no worse which was re-assuring but still a sore throat, a bit thick headed and ear-achey.

Arrived at Ladybower to see a whopping group of Hallamshire and uni athletes which was class.

The run flew by and I felt really good running, was a bit gutted to stop at 13 and also had run envy of all those continuing + seeing many people on strava today doing big runs and big sessions.

A few people have recently commented that they think I taper a bit too heavily. I can't really make my mind up. I've alway got the chronic fatigue thing in the back of my mind,but I never feel as tired as I used to-I feel full of energy again these days.

Personally I find my job has an impact on my energy levels, I find it quite demanding, I think my large tapers are partly to try and compensate for this.

I'm gonna stick with the planned taper this week as my knee hurts (really sore post run today- coming on at mile 9) and I feel a bit under the weather.

Ill probs do the same for the national. But I might experiment in the summer with slightly less tapering.

Bloody loved it today, such perfect conditions to enjoy the resers. The run flew by but I never felt I had a proper chat with anyone; there were so many there!

Saturday Jan 21 #

9 AM

Running 1:09:46 [3] 9.6 mi (7:16 / mi)

Woke u feeling shite. Sore throat, bunged up sinuses and feeling a bit malaised.

Bugger. HR alright though. Headed out for a plod around Linacre. Pace ok considering the mud.

Hopefully with the already planned easy few days and taper week I can conquer this terrible affliction. Hope so as I've been looking forward to the Northerns and Nationals for ages

Friday Jan 20 #

9 AM

Running hills 56:57 [5] 9.3 mi (6:07 / mi)

Session at Graves with Bayton and Mycroft.

10mins/2mins, 5mins/90s, 3mins, 4x 2mins up and down the same hill, 10mins/2mins, 5mins/90s, 3mins

Bloody great morning for a session and felt good warming up.

Frustratingly I was out the back door almost immediately in the reps. Both of the guys are in good shape and are good runners, but I was a bit further back than I really should have been.

I decided not to fight it and just get the session done. HR low and feel good in myself, so don't think I've caught anything form work (yet). I'm hoping its just down to the stress and lack of sleep this week as I feel I'm in good nick. I don't think I'm over reached, I hope not.

I still really enjoyed it, a lovely morning and great to do a XC session with company.

Knee niggly warming down

Running warm up/down 40:15 [3] 5.4 mi (7:27 / mi)

Thursday Jan 19 #

7 AM

Running 38:38 [3] 5.15 mi (7:30 / mi)

Another wank nights sleep stressing about this work "issue".

Plodded in on the road as I couldn't be arsed slip sliding on the muddy fields, they're just about at the point where they're too muddy now, but I can't face road running in the dark just yet!
4 PM

Running 1:09:19 [3] 9.3 mi (7:27 / mi)

HFW-Knackered so plodded- HR very low- probs should've put a bit more effort in but gotta be smart.

Last few days have been stressful, wards are full of flu and everyone in my team is falling ill. Last thing I need is to push my luck.

I'm trying to re-assure myself…I was a bit soft tonight lol

Wednesday Jan 18 #

10 AM

Running 1:08:54 [3] 9.6 mi (7:11 / mi)

Horrible nights sleep last night, stressing about something which isn't my problem!


Really enjoyed this run round Linacre, great to get out in the daylight and legs ok (usual knee niggle-used to it now)
5 PM

Running 44:18 [3] 6.0 mi (7:23 / mi)

Had a nice walk along the Derwent form Froggatt with the little on then did a head torch loop round Linacre.

Why didn't I pack my running gear for the peak?!

Felt decent tonight enjoyed it

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