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Training Log: tdgood

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 1:00:15 3.79(15:54) 6.1(9:53) 150
  walk1 53:05 2.61(20:20) 4.2(12:38)
  Exercise Bike1 30:00
  Run1 6:41 0.69(9:41) 1.11(6:01)
  Total3 2:30:01 7.09 11.41 150
averages - sleep:8

Saturday Sep 23 #

11 AM

Orienteering (green) 1:00:15 [3] 6.1 km (9:53 / km) +150m 8:48 / km
ahr:151 max:183 slept:8.0 shoes: VJ Falcons 2023

U.S. Masters champs. I haven't exercised much in the last 2 weeks. My back is all better but my left calf is still sore. I wasn't sure how the calf was going to hold up.

My goal today was to have a consistant run. Make sure I knew my route plan before running and be more careful reading the map. With the most recent orienteering in wyoming where everything is all open, there are real woods here.

1: Ran to the remote start. Hard to read the trails on the map around the start triangle and with #14 circle also being right there. The Start Triangle hid the critcal trail junction out of the start. Also the control circle at #1 wasn't cut which hid the critical junction. WHEN ARE MEET PEOPLE GOING TO CORRECTLy CUT THE CIRCLES AND LINES. This should have been a gimme control but I spent way too much time trying to read the map and figure out the trails. I had to pause several times. When I got the control, the orange runner who started with me also punched. If he had the same control then that is another no-no.

2: I was caefully reading the map. until I realized I just had to run up the spur to the pond. More time wasted.

3: Started on the trail, cutting the corners. Ran up the rentrant along the pond edge (but not on the trail there as I didn't see it on the map. Ran past the field by the water (can't see it under the cup). I was very slow leaving the water stop. The woods were wide open but I didn't see any dot knolls. Just uneven ground. i kept going and saw the control by a little dot knoll. ran it it and it wasn't mine. Ran back the way I had just come and saw another control, not on a dot knoll. it was mine

4: Cut down the hill right away. I crossed the stream and started running along it. Then I saw the larger stream off to my left. oops, I guess I hadn't crossed the stream yet. The first stream did have running water. At that point I wasnt' sure how far down I had run. Once again the line t 5, and the 4 control cirlce hid the critical features. I saw people running towards me and just figured they must have been going to 5. I kept running and there it was.

5: right back the way I came. No problem although I was slow crossing marshy area right before the control. There was also someone else there in the way.

6: Decided to take the right trail becuase I was worried how much down stuff would be in the stream area. I got on a trail and started running while trying to figure things out. I ran the trail the realized I was on the wrong trail going up the wrong side of the reentrant. I had to drop down and climb up the other side. I just lot all the time the trail would have saved me. Finally left the trail but I left a little earlier than I thought so things were not quite matching up. I was very hesitant but slowly kept going.

7: Up the steep hill to the trail. Along trail. left trail a little too early again was looking short. realized I needed to keep going until I crossed the linear marsh. Right to control. Passed Nadim earlier along the trail.

8: Straight

9: Straight

10: I started off straight but was worried about the green. I went way too far left and hit the streams. Crossed the marsh and sank up to my knees getting across it. Final approach was slow.

11: I zigged all over on this one. First went through the clearing, which was slow. Saw campground but wasn't sure how close I could get so veered away. I was further down the reentrant than I expected.

12:Took me a long time to find the #12 circle. I don't like how this course was set around this. Finally found the control on the map, ran by #3, water stop, the pond (took the trail this time), along the trail and down into control. Went a little far on the trail but didn't lose any time.

13: straight.

14: Straight'ish. I started on the tral around the slash but the slash didn't look like slash (just pine forest). I thought I was curring through the green but wasn't. I saw the control at the top of the hill. Got back on the trail and took it down it. cut back to the control.

15: I andgled over. The trail on the map was hidden under the control line so I didn't see it. Eventually got on it. I hough I was looking for a rootstock so I was looking in the woods while everyone else just ran down the trail to the sign. By this point my calf was hurting so it hurt to run fast. Mary Jones out kicked me to the finish.

Thursday Sep 21 #

1 PM

Exercise Bike (recumbent) 30:00 [2]
ahr:98 max:122 shoes: Asics Kayano 2022

Still taking it easy. rode the bike and then did an easy short jog. It wasn't much but did give me some exercise.

Run (grass) 6:41 [2] 0.69 mi (9:41 / mi)
ahr:130 max:141 shoes: Asics Kayano 2022

Wednesday Sep 20 #

6 PM

walk (Road with Darcy) 53:05 [3] 2.61 mi (20:20 / mi)
ahr:88 max:102

Walk with Darcy through the neighborhood.

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