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Training Log: 'Bent

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running2 6:03:12 30.57(11:53) 49.19(7:23) 955
  Hiking3 2:31:00
  Swimming3 35:00
  Total7 9:09:12 30.57 49.19 955
  [1-5]6 8:24:12

Monday Feb 27 #

Hiking 45:00 [0]

Active recovery waddle. Funderstorm, MsTiny and I went to explore the tropical side of the island while the long-distance ladies stayed closer to home.

Funderstorm had a plan, and found us rugged cliffs and pounding surf on quiet beaches, and lush mountain towns.

We had a great picnic lunch but we didn't find a spot for happy hour like last time.

Saturday Feb 25 #

Swimming 15:00 [3]

Legs are trashed. Can't walk off a curb or down a ramp.

Did some swimming, water-running and pool stretching.
We also hobbled around the finish as Funderstorm came in, then more hobbling around Tunte to see Bash come through, looking fresh and composed.

Nice authentic Tapas dinner in a nondescript bar- the real deal cooked by a nice lady who decided what we wanted as Vegetarianos.

Friday Feb 24 #

4 AM

Running 5:13:22 intensity: (50 @1) + (3:30 @2) + (32:45 @3) + (1:36:43 @4) + (2:59:34 @5) 42.55 km (7:22 / km) +818m 6:43 / km
ahr:181 max:206 shoes: Hoka Challenger ATR

TransGranCanaria Maraton.
I hadn't really done any long run training, and certainly no big downhill runs, but this race sounded cool. I was hoping all the skiing would give me great poling power.

Ms Tiny and I had a 4:30 alarm, then a dodgy bus ride in the dark up the switchbacks. Cold and foggy at the start, but a little warmer when we jammed into the start corral under the hollering announcer, wearing all our layers. We were near the back of the 5-8 hr section.

Slow start as there were huge bottlenecks into narrow singletrack sections. I was about 550/950. Once we got to the high point of the island there was some technical descent where I could pass nervous descenders and the jams opened up. As we got lower the clouds lifted and I stopped to take off layers. Nice runnable descent all the way down to Tunte. My secret weapons were supposed to be my trekking poles but 1 snapped very early on.

Feeling good at the first aid station, through town and back up a long easy climb. Some good descents from the ridge, and I'd pass train after train of tenative descenders. I was able to do a lot of filming with the GoPro. I had been warned not to descend at full bomb to save my legs, but it went well down to AS2 at Ayuguares- a nice oasis with palm trees and bananas. I did some foot taping and ate 1 cube of cheese and 1 orange slice, but turned down a big plate of paella with sausage. I had moved up to 325 or so.

Another easy road ascent, a little technical descent, then a looong section of riverbed with grapefruit-sized rocks. I was able to cruise the lumpy bits while everyone else seem to be walking or shuffling, so I passed a ton more runners. I was still feeling strong, and enjoying the race.
I was hoping to see the ocean, but we just ran a flat trail then a drainage ditch, then a dead-straight sidewalk and road in to the finish, which was a bit of a let-down after the spectacular start.
The last K or two were a bit of a "keep moving or else" run, but I was able to finish well. I finished in 216 overall, 9/80 in my age group, which exceeded expectations given the starting jam, broken pole and general lack of running training. It would have been smart to start further up in the pack, but I'd been expecting a slower race.

I was instantly nauseated once I stopped, and heaved up what little was in my stomach (tiny bit of water and an S-cap I had 20k before), and had to lie down for quite a while. The ladies took good care of me, and I could get a little food and a lot of drink down later. I would call that a win!

GoPro movie to follow.

Thursday Feb 23 #

Swimming 10:00 [1]

Hiking 20:00 [1]

Stroll around Los Palmos old town after some hairy driving in streets so narrow you have to pull in the side mirrors with some very odd lane rules. At one point we were supposed to drive facing traffic on the wrong side after some pirouettes through roundabouts with poor signage.

Interesting visit once we abandoned the car and caught a cab to old town.

Wednesday Feb 22 #

Hiking 1:26:00 [1]

Hike around Roque Nublos with the ladies (Bash, Char, Funderstorm and MsTiny.) pics on Bash's log.

It was cooler up top than back home in Canada!

Tuesday Feb 21 #

Swimming 10:00 [1]

Not really log-able but logging it just because we can.
4 AM

Running 49:50 [2] 6.64 km (7:30 / km) +137m 6:48 / km
shoes: Hoka Challenger ATR

Morning run from our villa with Char. Area looks pretty spectacular.

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