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Training Log: tommyturbo

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Cycling2 6:23:00 98.7(15.5/h) 158.84(24.9/h) 8180
  MTB1 3:25:00 33.8(9.9/h) 54.4(15.9/h) 3572
  Hiking2 2:45:00 9.4(3.4/h) 15.13(5.5/h) 1384
  Walking3 1:46:00 6.0(3.4/h) 9.66(5.5/h) 300
  Total6 14:19:00 147.9(5:48) 238.02(3:37) 13436
averages - weight:149.7lbs

Monday May 29 #

Hiking 1:40:00 [2] 5.5 mi (3.3 mph) +822ft
(rest day) shoes: Hoka Clifton 9

Memorial Day Meander with Tracy. Sunset TH-Adventure Trail-Tracy Trail-Syc

Sunday May 28 #

Cycling 3:11:00 [3] 55.5 mi (17.4 mph) +2835ft
ahr:127 max:147 weight:150.6lbs shoes: SW road 2013

MIs-Leshi-Montlake-Medina-Kirkland-Redmond: Two heads are better than one. Something was off about the approaching cyclist, other than the obvious two heads. One of the heads was white and fluffy! His paws were on the riders shoulders, and his rear half was in a backpack. His head was right next to the riders helmet, and he looked like he was giving the orders. Traffic was XMAS day light, but those Seattle roads are rough! cE8.5 RE 7.4 HR worked perfectly. If the forecast NW wind would have come true, I think I could have done 18 AS. I rode into a 5-10 HW all the way home from Marymoor.

Saturday May 27 #

Walking 56:00 [1] 3.5 mi (3.8 mph) +200ft
weight:149.4lbs (rest day) shoes: Hoka Clifton 9

Issaquah loop. I walked with Tracy to Gilman Village, where she was meeting a friend for lunch. On the way home, I stopped by the Downhill Zone and had a nice chat with Adam. 1st Bear binge attack in a long time!

Friday May 26 #

Cycling 3:12:00 [4] 43.2 mi (13.5 mph) +5345ft
ahr:132 max:165 weight:149lbs shoes: SW EXOS 2022

Cougar Towers 2x-Somerset-Summit-China-Sky Country: Perfect Timing. Climbing Somerset from the east, the final pitch is quite a brute, something even Tadej Pogacar would be out of the saddle on. As I started up, I noticed a couple in their 20's coming down the sidewalk with a stroller. As I went by, they were smiling and he said, "You are killing it!" The baby waved, or maybe he just threw his toy at me? I had been trying to decide how much climbing I was going to do, and I used the nice comment as motivation. I did more climbs, and whenever I felt like I was fading, I replayed the words in my head for a subtle psychological push in the back, until I had a mile high of climbing in the bag. cE8.7 RE SPark lower LMont 8.2-8.4 rest of climb 8.7-9.7 3mph Twind rest at SS+

Walking 40:00 [1] 2.0 mi (3.0 mph) +50ft
shoes: Hoka Clifton 7


Thursday May 25 #

Hiking 1:05:00 [2] 3.9 mi (3.6 mph) +562ft
weight:149.8lbs (rest day) shoes: Hoka Clifton 9

Highlands/Trad Plateau-Park Pointe-Tracy Trails/Sycamore: Early bird catches the nice early light. My Oakley Prizm Trail lenses made the reds and greens richer, more vibrant, and really pop. Tracy dropped me off at Swedish Highlands for a blood draw, and I walked home.

Walking 10:00 [1] 0.5 mi (3.0 mph) +50ft
shoes: Altra Kayenta 11.5


Wednesday May 24 #

MTB 3:25:00 [4] 33.8 mi (9.9 mph) +3572ft
ahr:113 max:145 weight:149.8lbs shoes: SW MTB 2014 Bling

Grand Ridge RT-Duthie-Soaring Eagle: Magic Line route revision.Past strategy: take the most efficient (i.e. fastest) line everywhere. Even when I wasn't riding quickly at all, this is the line I took 100% of the time. It was just habit. New strategy: take the line with the biggest margin for error (i.e. safest). The safest line is never the quickest line over roots, rocks, corner rock marbles, etc. Going forward, margin for error is magic. The true Magic Line cE8 no fade RE 5-7

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