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Training Log: O Steve!

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  xc classic skiing5 6:53:33
  Run1 55:22
  Hike1 10:22
  Total6 7:59:17
averages - weight:178.2lbs

Tuesday Jan 17 #

xc classic skiing 1:45:34 [3]

skied my front door at 2pm to get in one last ski on natural trail before we lose them again to warmer weather.....

skied up into Wirth on my old waxless skis and just had a great time in the 33F weather.....enjoyable.

I suspect we will be back on the man made stuff but was glad to get in another ski on trials we haven't done much in the last 3 years....

Monday Jan 16 #

xc classic skiing 1:17:29 [3]

Step out the door...walk 100 meters on to the groomed Loppet trail on the lakes...its a winter multisport paradise out there.....I love this time of year. Since I "worked from home" again I could pick my ski time.....went about 2:30 pm and it was 33 F or so with faster snow.

Did the lakes and more.

The objective was a recovery ski but it turned into a new age double pole technique session workout with about 85% of the time double poling....good for building some muscle.

Sunday Jan 15 #

xc classic skiing 21:51 [3]

un logged family skiing with Syd and Kari of about 1.5 hours but I did to out for one quick loop at Wirth on the front 9.

Saturday Jan 14 #

xc classic skiing 1:37:27 [3]
ahr:167 max:178 weight:178.2lbs

Decided with the good snow up north I wanted to jump up and do the Seeley Classic 18K....

lets give this one a C-

Waxed fast wax LF Green underneath and White 0 LF on top on my skins skis....

The glide seemed better than others and I had great kick (and so did almost everyone...) so with the perfect conditions, although a bit cold, it was good skiing.....2F at the start.

I seemed to be moving well but it was apparent to me that where I struggle is horsepower on the hills...I can be skiing with someone today and when we hit the hills they are striding more forcefully and with a quicker cadence because my engine is lacking....when you cant manage 10 minute miles for a 10 mile run its bound to effect my kick was awesome I just could not keep up the effort....I averaged 167 with a max of 184 (avg 91% of max for the entire race....very hard effort) so I pegged it pretty well.... I just did not have enough of an engine to keep up on the hills or I would have gone under

..the downhills is where I got them back today...glide was good but my placement of 205 of 279 was lacking and I got beat by some of the usual suspects that I beat last week.....but I also managed to beat many other usual skis were not as good as last week event though it was similar temps and I am left with this conclusion: I am clueless about what makes good skis....I have no real clue about what to do to have good skis all the time or why certain skis work better in certain conditions and not in others... .

but my strategy has always been: race a lot....and your skis will be right some times and not other take advantage when they are......

obviously with some rest and recovery this race was a good deposit in my fitness up: Kari and I spend two nights in Marquette on a micro vacation and ski the classic Noq 24K!!

xc classic skiing 8:52 [3]

warm up and cool down

Friday Jan 13 #


Late decision to drive up and race the Seeley classic 22K...would love to get into the top 55% of the will be cold again and I am running my skin skis again...

Thursday Jan 12 #

xc classic skiing 1:42:20 [3]
ahr:136 max:165

Ski with Kari to build ski endurance....

saw the report that they had groomed the Lakes so I assumed they had groomed and tracked all the trails.....wrong assumption.

we skied from Brownie and the bog nor butler were tracked...disappointing.

Wirth is not Three Rivers once again....

we skied up Tornado alley and it was tracked but wind blown...we finally got to the artificial snow loop and the grooming was good but the snow was gritty and extremely slow.

The wind blew the whole time and it was cold....

one of the rare skis where I did not really enjoy myself.....but it was a decent workout.....

Wednesday Jan 11 #

Hike 10:22 [3]

warm up and warm down before running.....

Run 55:22 [3]

objective: easy intensity but maintain endurance for running....

run test first.....

15:00 @ 12:00/mile pace 120 HRA

and then 4 minute run 12:30/mile pace/1 minute walk 3.5 mph 121 HRA

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