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Training Log: O Steve!

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  exercise bike2 2:26:22
  uphill treadmill hike2 1:28:54
  eliptical machine1 1:03:30
  Run2 45:00
  weight training1 10:14
  Hike1 10:00
  Total5 6:04:00

Friday Dec 9 #

uphill treadmill hike 1:13:28 [3]

objective: build muscular endurance strength....with longish intervals

uphill treadmill walking is probably the most underrated xc ski workout there the ecat muscles and you can dial in hard efforts to the specific time you want and never have to go back down the hill....and its easy on the knees

5:00 warm up

3:30 x 11 (3.3 mph at 15% grade)/1:30 3.3 mph at 0% grade recovery

hard efforts....hit 160 on last interval

able to do after running intervals yesterday...legs feel ok.....more of this please. This is a viable non impact xc prep workout with serious effort and good cross over.

Thursday Dec 8 #


Best result of the year?....not a big event, but my own quiet private 450 swim TT which I have been doing for close to 25 years.....I shocked myself by going 6:55.08 after a few years of just getting under 7 minutes. I was convinced I would never see sub 7 again but a relaxed (not frantic) smooth, no plash, no thrash effort carried the day. And my swim times followed for the year...doing a bit better than I thought I would by following the above advice....old dog, learned a new trick that worked

Run 30:00 [3]

objective: build speed endurance with high tempo intervals for running and skiing

4 x 6 minutes at 9:22/mile pace

recover with 2:00 walk at 3.0 mph in between

6:00 135 HRA
2:00 118 HRA
6:00 142 HRA
2:00 123 HRA
6:00 145 HRA

Hike 10:00 [3]

5:00 warm up and 5:00 cool down

weight training 10:14 [3]

x 17....last two ex. went up to 20 lbs

Wednesday Dec 7 #


Decided to have a look back on 2016 in December rather than wait till the 1st and get busy and not do it.....

most fun event of the year: The.Koasalauf xc ski 30.2k classic Euroloppet race in Sankt Johann Austria. Not likely to forget it any time soon. When I think of it, I smile...the mountains, the scenery, skiing in Europe, the double poling fun conditions and skiing past the villages in an amazing landscape and feeling like I am moving along well and a decent result helped make this one of the best Nordic ski experiences of my life...

exercise bike 1:03:22 [3]


You know what is the hard truth? Dec of 2013 I ran a 5K in 12 of 2016 I ran a 5K in 28:20......both run at max.

I 've lost 3 minutes in 3.5 years over 5K.....and that is with consistent training. Ouch!.....doubt that is going to age grade well.

it challenges me to see if I can do better or at least stop the bleeding of speed as I age.....

Tuesday Dec 6 #

Run 15:00 [3]

12:30/mile run test....128 at 5, 132 at 10, 133 at 15.....

128 HRA!...whoa! that is 10 beats higher average than last week....good grief this test may not be a good way to measure current run fitness.....

eliptical machine 1:03:30 [3]

a bit of run substitute with the objective of recovery.....still not quite there after Sat max 5K effort....

Sunday Dec 4 #

exercise bike 1:23:00 [3]

uphill treadmill hike 1:06 [3]

uphill treadmill hike 14:20 [3]

x 17 2 poles

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