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Training Log: coach ld

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  skate ski4 5:37:00 14.29 23.0
  classic ski2 2:00:00 13.05(9:12) 21.0(5:43)
  core strength.flexibiity1 45:00
  Total7 8:22:00 27.34 44.0

Friday Jan 19 #

8 AM

classic ski (Minneapolis) 1:00:00 [3] 10.0 km (6:00 / km)

Got to the World Masters site early to test our wax/skis. They have just enough snow an it's old with some ice mixed in with man-made snow, but it's been lovingly cared for an dis in good shape. It did require blister though - and we did plan ahead so our blister base was good as it froze overnight and the T-line3 worked quite for us on the course. It's a 7.5 km loop that we'll do twice so we will need another thin layer so it lasts. The glide will need to be more durable too. I love the course - it seems Masters-friendly but there are definitely hills. I ain't afraid of no stinking' hills :). Nice atmosphere too - so far anyway. Not too intimidating , lots of friendly folk.
9 AM

skate ski (Minneapolis) 30:00 [3] 7.0 km (4:17 / km)

Tried out 2 different pairs of skate skis after we tested classic. The snow seemed starchy and slow after the glazed tracks, but both Mrr. Huet and I liked our older skis best. Time to do some more waxing.

Thursday Jan 18 #


Rest/travel day. 9 hours on the quiet highways of the Upper Peninsula and Wisconsin, and then 2 hours stuck in rush hour traffic in Minneapolis. Crazy confusing and bumper-to-bumper.

Tuesday Jan 16 #

5 PM

skate ski (Hiawatha) 45:00 [3] 9.0 km (5:00 / km)

After a long drive up to the Soo, on a brilliant blue day, Mrs. Huet and I went straight to the Hiawatha trails and caught the last bit of daylight. Skied a gorgeous rolly trail - felt like we were on a conveyor belt. Easy skating and perfect for shaking the legs out after 9 hours in the car. I love winter.
8 PM

core strength.flexibiity 45:00 [3]

Good core work and great stretch:)

Monday Jan 15 #

10 AM

skate ski (coaching) 4:00:00 [3]

Pretty sweet conditions up in Hepworth. The Sawmill trails seemed unaffected by the rain. The snow seemed fast compared to the cold stuff this past month and there was no ice:). I love their trails. Skied the rolling stretches near the chalet to watch our racers then headed out the back to the big hills between races to do some climbs to get warm. There was an icy dampness that really got to the fingertips and toes if you stood still for long. The "Grunt" cured that and I warmed up. On the road to Minneapolis tomorrow.

Sunday Jan 14 #

2 PM

classic ski (Highlands) 1:00:00 [3] 11.0 km (5:27 / km)

Beauty day on the escarpment! Blue, blue skies no real wind and balmy temps of -14>--11! Despite the hard ice lurking just below the snow conditions stood up for the day quite well. I spent the morning instructing at "Ladies' Day" with adult beginners at classic skiing. It was great to have 5 keen women at a time with such positive attitudes, so willing to learn:). The delicious lunch that followed made it well worth volunteering to instruct.
Then I had my wee chipmunks for an hour. So cute!
By then I was feeling sunburnt and knackered. I got out for my own ski but it wasn't very fast. The conditions were pretty skittery after 2 days of skiers pushing the snow off the ice but there was just enough to get down safely.

Saturday Jan 13 #

12 PM

skate ski race (Mono race) 22:00 [5] 7.0 km (3:09 / km)

Mono's trails got ruined by the rain and warm winds so their race got moved to Highlands where the trails were also decimated but they got enough snow to cover the glaciers that formed in the flash freeze - just. There were a few patches of very hard bumpy ice near the sugar shack but up top conditions were remarkably good - thanks to lake effect snow and Chanse. Poor guy started grooming at 10 last night and went all night to get a course groomed for the race as well as trails for the public. Hero.
But there were limits to the system. Really only the yellow and blue were good enough for a race. The old ladies had to go up and down the escarpment twice! There were no real flats - but it was also quite cold so we stayed warm:)
I felt great but I'm slow. Mrs. Huet smoked me again but it was fun and I felt fast even if I wasn't. The sun came out too which was nice. What a great group of people the volunteers are to stand out in the cold so we can rip around.

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