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Split Analysis

West Point A-Meet Day 1: Red Y


median leg score: 79.1
calculated time lost: 8:54 (+8.0%)

splitcumulative total
#disttimeplacedeltascorelost*pace  dist  timeplacedeltapace comments
1. 460m 2:58 2 +14 9% 100.2 6:26   460m 2:58 2 +14 9% 6:26 Peggy and Tim Good started with me. Mike Eglinski was to start 2 minutes back. Tim was headed to the same #1 but was running Red X. It didn't matter to me since I started with the e-punching first. I imagined seeing the control across the lake and thought this was just too easy even for me.
2. 460m 4:06 4 +1:11 41% 88.2 8:54   920m 7:04 2 +1:25 25% 7:40 I somewhat contoured over the knoll and made the slow way around the shore, staying a little high.
3. 790m 11:54 5 +2:41 29% 79.1 4:30 15:03   1710m 18:58 5 +3:25 22% 11:05 I headed off straight from the lake and noted the pond on my right. At the top, I was just right of the line and cautioned myself not to get sucked to the right and pass the control--seeing the larger cliffs below and looking for a 5.5m cliff, I passed the control anyway and after figuring it out had to come back up 4 contours.
4. 890m 17:36 5 +5:51 50% 71.8 6:00 1:38 19:46   2600m 36:34 5 +9:04 33% 14:03 I rushed out to make up time and not have Micheal Eglinski catch me. My plan was to contour there but immediately I climbed to gain better footing. The footing again got worse. Seeing others below doing better I dropped down, then down again. I located at a big cliff, then passed a trail and a road that weren't on the map. Worried as I climbed and staining my achilles, I was reasured as Ted Good appeared on my route headed the other way. I kept my course and found it w/o trouble but may have been a bit lucky. Having missed the trail option to the left cost me a lot of climb on this already tough course.
5. 500m 8:23 4 +3:17 64% 82.2 1:15 16:46   3100m 44:57 5 +12:21 38% 14:30 I crashed best I could to the trails, then when leaving at a bend I dropped for better running and had to climb again. I got there about the same time as another.
6. 800m 10:04 2 +1:16 14% 97.5 12:35   3900m 55:01 5 +13:37 33% 14:06 The guy from #5 crashed the bushes ahead of me. We caught a woman at the road who was headed the same way. All of us went to the intersection, then turned left to use the trail. I got ahead leaving the trail sooner and going around the green on the left side. I got there first. Spike pointed out later that the trail route added 5 contours of climb.
7. 750m 10:07 4 +3:26 51% 74.4 1:00 36 13:29   4650m 1:05:08 5 +17:03 35% 14:00 I fought through the green and got off bearing to the right. When hitting the trail, I wasn't sure which way was correct--I couldn't get it to line-up right. I went ahead and hit the stream. Turning left, I again hit the trail and took it to the dam. Now on course, I used the ride and the trails. Attacking from the bend NE of the control in the reentrant, I hit it just fine but was curious as to why the control wasn't on the dot knoll.
8. 1540m 14:20 2 +24 3% 104.1 9:18   6190m 1:19:28 3 +17:27 28% 12:50 I intended to edge Spagnum Pond to hit the trails but bad compass work got me in between. I could see Tamarack Pond and headed there, crossing below the dam. I came up a reentrant to the intermitant trail and set off for a nice run, keeping track of where I was along the way. At the final T-intersection, I attacked headed SW. Reading my way there and avoiding the green, I spiked it.
9. 600m 16:55 5 +7:44 84% 74.9 7:00 53 28:11   6790m 1:36:23 4 +19:47 26% 14:11 I chased and caught a couple of people including George Walker on another course. Going right side around the pond, I crossed the road near the trail intersection. I thought I was on the right contour approached and even dropped a little below to check some rocks. I had forgotten that the description had been changed to cliff from dot knoll. I eventually climbed, went too far and punched the wrong control. From this, I later determined the minutes error. Two of us circled up and back near the flatter area north of the control. There were many cliffs not mapped. Soon J. Frederickson joined us. Going up and down left and right took it out of me. Eventually, I was told it was well below me and John.
10. 650m 14:50 5 +8:53 149% 48.2 8:45 5:47 22:49   7440m 1:51:13 5 +28:40 35% 14:56 I chased but John caught and passed both of us. Crossing the road, I was dismayed at not seeing the ruined stone wall on the map. I blindly went forward, still trying to catch-up. I soon saw John sitting at a control and reading his map. After he left, I got there and punched--wrong control again. My fatigue induced mistake here was not doing what John did--read the map. I climbed when I should have dropped and circled around eventually back to the same wrong control before figuring it out. The field and cliffs clued me in.
11. 380m 4:27 5 +1:22 44% 77.3 11:42   7820m 1:55:40 5 +30:02 35% 14:47 I went straight, wanting to walk. I went over the knoll on the other side of the stream, and could see it easily just off the trail.
12. 90m 2:09 5 +49 61% 70.8 23:53   7910m 1:57:49 5 +30:38 35% 14:53 I dipped to get around the boulder then walked most of the rest of the way.
13. 250m 1:51 5 +27 32% 83.5 6 7:24   8160m 1:59:40 5 +31:05 35% 14:39 I was hoping to break 2 hours but fell along the way. I cut across the campground and emerged near the finish. Coming back to the Go control, I figured I had no chance.
14. 130m 26 2 +8 44% 94.9 3:20   8290m 2:00:06 5 +31:13 35% 14:29 I was convinced I didn't have a chance to break 2:00:00 still but if I had kept at it on the way to the Go control, I might have.

* red = reported, gray = calculated

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