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Split Analysis

Rocky Mountain 1000 Day: Night-O - Red


median leg score: 86.9
calculated time lost: 3:59 (+5.1%)

splitcumulative total
#disttimeplacedeltascorelost*pace  dist  timeplacedeltapace comments
1. 840m 7:17 2 +45 11% 98.8 1:00 8:40   840m 7:17 2 +45 11% 8:40 Fine until I hit the woods, then it got really thick. I went up onto the spur on the right because the gully seemed gnarly, but the spur was nasty. So I worked my way back down into the reentrant, but wasn't sure how far I had gone, and finally went up on the left side to look for the open area. Turns out I wasn't as far along as I had been thinking, but when I did hit the open, I was able to figure out where the knoll was without much trouble.
2. 983m 7:39 3 +1:29 24% 91.5 7:46   1823m 14:56 2 +1:13 9% 8:11 Threaded the gapp between the trees, then kept the trees on my left as I went along. Wasn't positive where I was when I got near the control, but swinging my light around produced the reflector to my right.
3. 1260m 14:41 9 +5:15 56% 70.2 3:00 2:49 11:39   3083m 29:37 3 +1:58 7% 9:36 Headed toward the intesection of the forested reentrant and the dirt road, but missed by a fair bit to the right, and had to run down the reentrant a way. Crossed the wet and headed up the reentranttoward the control, but wasn't quite sure what was what. I saw some stuff in the terrain that I was sure must be mapped as green, but I couldn't see the green on the map. Finally climbed a spur to get a better look, and decided I must be short and to the right. Crossed the main reentrant, climbed toward a bit of forest, and didn't find a knoll or a control. Looked at the map, realized I was now long and left, and was able to go to the right place.
4. 1080m 8:35 3 +50 11% 93.7 7:56   4163m 38:12 3 +2:48 8% 9:10 Spotted a copse up ahead after crossing the road, and ran to it (the fenced area). Ran on compass from there, but drifted left and hit the two small white patches with stony ground (lone trees). Compass from there and spiked it.
5. 473m 3:07 3 +18 11% 93.8 6:35   4636m 41:19 3 +51 2% 8:54
6. 1121m 11:58 6 +3:30 41% 78.4 1:10 10:40   5757m 53:17 3 +3:07 6% 9:15 Kept the reentrant on my left at first, then ran up the centerline to the trail. Made a hard left on the trail, and took it around to the other open area, and headed in from there, reading the rocks. Surprised at how big the boulder was. Moving pretty slowly on this uphill leg.
7. 990m 8:50 6 +1:29 20% 86.9 8:55   6747m 1:02:07 3 +3:25 6% 9:12 Straight though the semi-open, and there was just enough moon to see the forested hill to my left, and I went through the saddle. Went left of the hill with rocks on top, and got concerned, but by swinging the high-beam around, I was able to spot the control from a very long way off.
8. 915m 9:00 5 +2:31 39% 83.8 9:50   7662m 1:11:07 5 +3:02 4% 9:16 A little cautious crossing the wet, skootched left and right a few steps to find a good-looking crossing point. Found a stream about a half-meter wide, but my foot slipped of the bank as I hopped across and I did get one foot wet. Up the erosion gully, the carefully read the sutle contours while climbing diagonally, and knew where I was when I entered the forested reentrant. Checked out one reentrant on the right, saw that it was forked, and knew that I had one to go, so I had confidence when I reached the one with the control. Again moved slowly due to the climb.
9. 480m 4:35 4 +51 23% 88.4 9:32   8142m 1:15:42 4 +1:47 2% 9:17 Got into the left reentrant by mistake, but that may have been okay because it was pretty open. Crossed over and still had a little juniper before I reached the control.
10. 450m 5:03 7 +58 24% 86.5 11:13   8592m 1:20:45 4 +2:36 3% 9:23 Sruggled through the nasty aspen woods, tending toward the left, and finally found a place to climb up and out. Went pretty far right at that point and hit the fence well before the control.
11. 210m 54 6 +8 17% 85.8 4:17   8802m 1:21:39 4 +2:44 3% 9:16 Would have been nice to have been a little cleaner on #3, but not a bad run, especially considering that I was feeling rather ill.

* red = reported, gray = calculated

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