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Split Analysis

QOC: Great Falls, MD: Blue


median leg score: 97.2
calculated time lost: 9:48 (+13.0%)

splitcumulative total
#disttimeplacedeltascorelost*pace  dist  timeplacedeltapace comments
1. 470m 5:05 3 +2:55 135% 63.9 2:00 1:44 10:48   470m 5:05 3 +2:55 135% 10:48 I was very confused only 100m into the run. I didn't expect the reentrant, shown as a gully and looking like a thick contour line, to be so pronounced this high. Going further following it and looking for recognizable clues, I was unsure of my reentrant count. I was about to pass what was control #4 when I saw it on my left and ran up to check. Finding the code to be wrong, it still didn't register that I was at #4, I only knew I had the wrong reentrant so I went further down to find it while running high on the side of the reentrant.
2. 500m 4:26 3 +1:36 56% 84.3 1:00 35 8:52   970m 9:31 3 +4:31 90% 9:48 Not brimming with confidence from the first control, I started this one off straight over the first ridge. Crossing the stream and intersecting the trail instead of continuing on straight, I made a poor decision to use it to go around the next ridge. In the process I lost elevation and had to climb it back on the big trail. I saw Peggy coming down this trail shortly before leaving it myself to attack to the control successfully.
3. 590m 7:09 4 +3:17 85% 73.7 2:30 1:43 12:07   1560m 16:40 4 +7:48 88% 10:41 Wanting to catch-up to Peggy, I didn't check my compass when leaving and expected to hit the trail down the hill. Instead, I found myself too far to the left, actually going a straighter route toward the control. However, I was hesitant and slow since I wasn't sure what I did. By checking my compass, I realized it when it was too late. I crossed the valley and climbed the next ridge. I felt better about my navigating when I avoided worsening the error by recognizing a spur which indicated I had drifted too far south. Upon correcting, I made the right reentrant selections to the control. I had once setup a Summer Short Series memory-O training with a control right at #3 which might have helped.
4. 670m 5:08 2 +1:10 29% 93.5 7:39   2230m 21:48 3 +8:58 70% 9:46 Coming out of #3 I planned to aim for the trail intersection. I drifted too far left but just came up the trail to the intersection. From there I ran across the shallow reentrant system and saw the control from far off. It still didn't register that I had been there earlier on the way to #1.
5. 410m 3:30 2 +57 37% 138.6 8:32   2640m 25:18 2 +9:55 64% 9:35 Again on the memory-O I had setup earlier, one of the controls was at #5 and came from the same direction as this leg. I ran smoothly to it benefitting from that memory.
6. 475m 3:08 2 +16 9% 97.2 6:35   3115m 28:26 2 +10:11 56% 9:07 I angled out to the trail and read the reentrants past the intersection. I attacked from the saddle, dropping down the curve the reentrant and over to the ditch
7. 310m 3:10 2 +44 30% 98.1 10 10:12   3425m 31:36 2 +10:55 53% 9:13 I had just caught someone at the control. He climbed straight toward the control while I contoured spiraling upward. I passed him, dipped a bit into the next reentrant, then spiraled upward again to the trail where I turned left. I went a bit too far and had to cut west (right) rather abruptly to spike it. Someone had just stepped on and broke the log which the control was hung on so I had to slide down into the deep pit to punch.
8. 1250m 12:54 4 +4:49 60% 81.1 3:30 2:08 10:19   4675m 44:30 2 +15:44 55% 9:31 Before leaving #7, I spent some time pulling the log and control out of the pit and arranging it at the edge. Having had a similar leg in a previous meet, I should have known better than to start by going high but only after I had started off in this way did I remember, then see the lower trail. I climbed all the way up around the first big reentrant system then cut left to use the trail--about 4 extra contours. The lower trail wasn't on the older maps so I attribute this to a bad habit. I didn't lose a great deal of time on this and once on the trail I moved well. I cut across at the bend as the trail turned abruptly northward. I think I was just a little low when I passed the control. I felt I had gone far enough but saw a rock and mistook it for another one on the map. This lead me to believe I had to go further. Still not seeing much I had gone almost 250m past the control before turning around at a steep drop-off near Stop Lock where I relocated. Coming back, I got within 100m before pausing. Seeing Peggy's movement in the mist directed me to seeing the control. I got there behind her.
9. 1340m 11:00 2 +2:29 29% 93.3 8:12   6015m 55:30 2 +18:13 49% 9:13 At first, I headed out toward Peggy. After reading on the run, I cut right to hit the trails. At the T-intersection with trolley line trail, I continued straight, down the reentrant to the road and ate a cold Gu on the way. I hoped there'd be water ahead (didn't read the control description codes) but that wasn't until much too late. Crossing the road at the lower bend, I crossed the creek and angled NE up the hill to the road remnant. I was a bit unsure and hesitant of the reentrant at the top but hit it w/o error.
10. 210m 1:25 2 +8 10% 97.3 6:44   6225m 56:55 2 +18:21 48% 9:08 Straight over to spike it.
11. 580m 5:06 2 +49 19% 98.3 8:47   6805m 1:02:01 2 +19:10 45% 9:06 Initially straight until just past the stream, I then cut NW up then down toward the trail. After making the right trail selections, I was a bit surprised to find the advanced control right on the trail.
12. 120m 1:37 2 +12 14% 104.1 13:28   6925m 1:03:38 2 +19:22 44% 9:11 Straight up, I walked some and went around the deadfall to the right. I paused once.
13. 430m 2:54 1 -1 -1% 106.9 6:44   7355m 1:06:32 2 +19:21 41% 9:02 Down to the trail intersection, then continuing this line straight toward the canal, I then paralleled it to the control. I had run much of this leg on memory from a look at #12. I expected the control sooner because I failed to remember how many ditches to cross.
14. 745m 5:21 2 +13 4% 106.6 7:10   8100m 1:11:53 2 +17:08 31% 8:52 Out to the trail, I didn't expect a fork because I didn't remember one. I went right, the lower route along the canal. I couldn't make sense of the parking lot and only after finishing realized that white was incorrectly used for the pavement. I attacked from the intersection with the maintenance road only pausing at the road remnant before seeing it.
15. 400m 7:48 4 +4:50 163% 51.7 3:00 3:38 19:30   8500m 1:19:41 2 +21:58 38% 9:22 I angled down toward the creek, crossing it to the road. It seemed to me that I was at the lower reentrant although I'm now unsure of this. As I climbed, I missed by cutting right out of the reentrant too late. I found myself pretty close to the Trolley Trail/road before looping back around and hitting it. Not a good way to finish. Note: Valerie alerted me to a problem measuring leg 15-16. It looks like I transcribed #15 wrong from the master which may help explain why I missed. I update the distance to #16.
16. 310m 2:14 1 -18 -12% 112.4 7:12   8810m 1:21:55 2 +21:40 36% 9:17 I went straightish, catching one runner as I did. After crossing the reentant and seeing the big rock to my right, I knew how much to adjust.
17. 480m 3:19 3 +39 24% 92.3 6:54   9290m 1:25:14 2 +22:19 35% 9:10 Initially going straight, I thought to save climb by going around the knoll on the left side. Downfall forced me out to the road briefly before cutting back at the bend and finishing on the trail.

* red = reported, gray = calculated

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