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Split Analysis

QOC: Great Falls, MD: Blue


median leg score: 97.2
calculated time lost: 3:06 (+4.7%)

splitcumulative total
#disttimeplacedeltascorelost*pace  dist  timeplacedeltapace comments
1. 665m 4:12 2 +25 11% 102.8 6:18   665m 4:12 2 +25 11% 6:18 Started off down the reentrant but crossed it as it turned south. Staying left of the line I ran the hillside to the spur then down the spur to the reentrant junction. Straight up from there. I felt I was reading and moving well at the same time.
2. 210m 1:26 4 +30 54% 78.3 20 6:49   875m 5:38 2 +55 19% 6:26 Going around the fallen tree on the right side, I then went straight at it. I saw the control ahead thinking it was something else since it came up so quickly. After pausing, I turned around 10 paces back to the control. Dave Alexander was punching.
3. 380m 2:33 2 +22 17% 97.2 6:42   1255m 8:11 2 +1:17 19% 6:31 Ignoring the trails, I went straight in between and crossed the reentrant to the top of the knoll. From there I could see knolls ahead on my right and left. I came along the side of the knoll on the left and dropped in to the green to spike the control.
4. 150m 56 1 -6 -10% 122.0 6:13   1405m 9:07 2 +30 6% 6:29 Just right of straight.
5. 400m 3:08 2 +31 20% 98.4 7:50   1805m 12:15 2 +1:01 9% 6:47 Down to the reentrant and along the trail for a while, I cut across at a side reentrant on my right. I went straight over and down through the green to spike it.
6. 250m 1:49 4 +32 42% 86.5 7:16   2055m 14:04 2 +1:33 12% 6:50 I ignored the trail but paused or slowed a lot when I got to the marshy pond. I went around it on the right, cut more left to cross the trail and go down the spur. The trail might have been faster.
7. 720m 5:58 2 +1:26 32% 94.4 8:17   2775m 20:02 2 +2:59 17% 7:13 I went NE to the trail and followed to the left. As I neared the next big reentrant, I left the trail to cut the corner. The footing wasn't bad but I tripped and fell once. I continued to stay above the trail and on the east side of the reentrant until the fork. From there I cut left and up the slope, then to my right at the reentrant with the control.
8. 1015m 6:52 2 +53 15% 106.4 30 6:45   3790m 26:54 2 +3:52 17% 7:05 As I left, I saw Tim Gilbert heading in the same direction. I erred a bit by going too much right up the reentrant toward the start. I realized it and cut left to see then pass Tim G. After crossing the trail I kept a rough bearing and used the knoll on the left as a handrail to the next trail crossing. I was a little uncertain of my location crossing that trail but kept going. When a big drop appeared in front of me I stopped and realized I was on the wrong spur, just SE of the control I could see it on the next hill.
9. 330m 2:24 2 +13 10% 108.1 7:16   4120m 29:18 2 +4:05 16% 7:06 I crossed the trolley line just west of the loop junction and kept a little left of straight to contour the hillside. I could see the control about 80m away.
10. 155m 51 2 +5 11% 99.3 5:29   4275m 30:09 2 +4:10 16% 7:03 Dave Hauver had just left #9 as I got there. I paused to set my own bearing then gave chase. Along the way I saw Dave Onkst heading the other direction. He later explained how when he was running near Ted that he forgot to punch #9. As I neared #10 using the reentrant to guide me, I sprinted ahead of Dave to get there first.
11. 210m 1:35 2 +5 6% 107.4 7:32   4485m 31:44 2 +4:15 15% 7:04 My transition out of #10 and to #11 was about as good as I ever do. I hardly stopped running when I punched #10. I could tell that Dave H. hadn't started for a while but was equally surprised to hear him near me when I climbed the steep reentrant. I felt confident and walked hard up the last of the steep 5 contours then trotted over to the rock.
12. 985m 5:47 2 +41 13% 103.5 5:52   5470m 37:31 2 +4:56 15% 6:51 Flipping the map, I just headed on bearing at first. I went to top of the knoll and crossed the trail just W of the junction. I cut E to use the trail but cut off the wiggle. After crossing the next junction I cut right somewhere near the indistinct junction. I ran toward the knoll that I had used earlier as a handrail to #8 and was surprised to see Ted Good ahead. He wasn't moving as fast as usual and I felt good on the down slope. I felt I was reading the map well though some experience in this area certainly helped. I passed Ted who was a bit more right and found the saddle leading to the rock.
13. 660m 7:56 5 +4:02 103% 59.1 3:30 3:06 12:01   6130m 45:27 2 +8:58 25% 7:24 I drank quickly then left to try to stay ahead of Ted. I missed not having packed a Gu. Once across the reentrant I used the trail for a way. I surprised myself by finding the junction ahead so quickly. I cut right just before it then used the hillside for my next hand rail. I got a little too low and came down the first spur. I could see a woman ahead going left to right and thought it might be Peggy. The visibility was so good too that I saw a reentrant junction over 200m away and mistook it for the one W of the control--this was a bad error given the size of the reentrants. Catching the woman I found it to be Pat Zerfas. I didn't know what she was searching for but when I got to a reentrant fork and Pat turned left, I knew I was in the wrong place. I correctly surmized I was one reentrant too high but when I set off going straight toward the control, I was distracted by #7 on my right. I cut over to it and realized the error. However, not wanting to compound the error, I flipped the map to see exactly where #7 was. Since #13 was on the other side I had to memorize it. My brain wasn't functioning well at this point. I found it difficult and must have flipped back and forth 4 times before being sure. Finally I set a new bearing to go right to it. As I got there, Dave Onkst and Dave Hauver were approaching.
14. 260m 2:04 2 +27 28% 94.4 7:56   6390m 47:31 2 +9:25 25% 7:26 Wanting to put distance ahead of both Dave's I headed off on bearing w/o reading much. I was tired climbing but kept trudging and trying to read. Finally making sense of it, I regained composure and headed up the spur. I could see it far off. Dave Hauver fell off the pace.
15. 220m 1:28 2 +5 6% 99.6 6:40   6610m 48:59 2 +9:30 24% 7:24 Dave Onkst was right on my heels so again my map reading was minimal. I just went straight and was happy to realized this mine area was a place I'd been to before. I zig-zagged a bit more than needed to get around the pits.
16. 540m 3:42 2 +15 7% 98.8 6:51   7150m 52:41 2 +9:45 23% 7:22 Again trying to put distance on Dave Onkst, I went straight. At the trail, I decided to keep going straight though in retrospect using the trail might have been better. I felt it was safer to go straight and the running was not bad. I opened up a little distance between myself an Dave O.
17. 360m 2:40 2 +24 18% 96.7 7:24   7510m 55:21 2 +10:09 22% 7:22 I sought to save climb. In the process, I stayed in the green a bit much. I crossed the first trail and hit the next at the tip of the curve. I had seen Ted going straighter in the reentrant below. Using the trail bend I attacked over the knoll and got there just behind Ted.
18. 530m 3:43 2 +26 13% 96.4 7:00   8040m 59:04 2 +10:35 22% 7:20 Ted had gone straight but I went a little left to reduce climb. I passed him before we descended to the stream crossing. I saw the rock ahead but didn't see it on the map since the line was drawn over it. I next ran high crossing the next reentrant to the two cliffs. I used the shallow reentrant to guide me to the next with the control.
19. 280m 2:39 2 +32 25% 96.0 20 9:27   8320m 1:01:43 2 +11:07 22% 7:25 I went left of straight to smooth out the climb but still had to walk some up the 5 contours. Familiarity with the area again made me confident. I headed toward the rocks SW of the control but came too close. At the end I had to cut right a lot to drop in to the control.
20. 520m 4:40 2 +1:41 56% 91.9 1:15 8:58   8840m 1:06:23 2 +12:48 24% 7:30 Staying high, I ran to the trail on the right then took it past the junction. Cutting right I thought I was using the curve of the reentrant to guide me there but ended up too far north. I could see the cliff ahead on my right but refused to believe I was that far north. When I crossed the reentrant and climbed a way not seeing anything, I let myself understand the cliff position and made the correction of about 100m to the control.
21. 225m 1:16 2 +4 6% 98.7 5:37   9065m 1:07:39 2 +12:52 23% 7:27 Ticked at my bauble on #20, I left quickly going straight. I saw Dave Onkst just where I had been when I made the error and I told him I made the same error. I suspected that something was amiss with the map on the route of my aproach to #20 but am uncertain. I kept a good bearing and really wasn't certain when I got to the control whether or not it'd be it. Happily for me, it was though both Dave Onkst and Ted Good said later that it was actually one reentrant early (though still on the line).
22. 155m 1:01 2 +11 22% 96.7 6:33   9220m 1:08:40 2 +13:03 23% 7:26 I went straight, not seeing the trail option. I used the reentrant that I'd started down as a handrail. I thought I was moving good but those who took the trail were faster.

* red = reported, gray = calculated

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