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Split Analysis

QOC: Hemlock Overlook, Night O: Red


median leg score: 105.9
calculated time lost: 14:56 (+24.7%)

splitcumulative total
#disttimeplacedeltascorelost*pace  dist  timeplacedeltapace comments
1. 730m 6:56 2 +1:20 24% 106.2 30 9:29   730m 6:56 2 +1:20 24% 9:29 Took the road to the main trail and stopped at the Horseshoe Trailhead when I heard what I thought was a woman screaming. Another guy, who was standing there, and I listened for about 30 seconds and decided it wasn't a woman, but a Screech Owl. Then just took the trail to the next trail intersection and went in on a bearing. Just cruised down the trail. I took easy going into the first control because it's been quite a long time since I've night-O'ed.
2. 175m 1:59 2 +9 8% 114.8 5 11:20   905m 8:55 1 -2:28 -22% 9:51 Straight, no problems, a little hesitant though. Probably about 5 seconds lost because I'm still adjusting to the light, or rather, dark.
3. 260m 3:11 1 -7 -4% 103.3 12:14   1165m 12:06 1 -2:35 -18% 10:23 Down to stream intersection. Didn't see trail, but just climbed and found the root stock no problem.
4. 500m 7:26 2 +1:01 16% 100.1 40 14:52   1665m 19:32 1 -3:48 -16% 11:43 Wanted to go directly E out of # 3 around the ditches and then up to trail/property intersection, but ended up down in the ditches anyway. Then I drifted a little too far N and ended up a little N of trail/property line intersection. Ran trail S until I found where the small side trail intersected with the main trail and then went in on a bearing. Drifted a little too far S, but recorrected to the rootstock fairly quickly.
5. 175m 1:47 2 +11 11% 105.9 10:11   1840m 21:19 1 -4:18 -17% 11:35 No problems, just had to stop to read the map in the light every once in a while.
6. 350m 3:29 2 +6 3% 102.4 10 9:57   2190m 24:48 1 -4:39 -16% 11:19 Went straight and ended up getting caught up in the felled area. That slowed me down a little. Should have run the stream past that area, but didn't think about it. Still, on a bearing, I hit it right on.
7. 300m 10:20 3 +6:56 204% 67.8 5:00 3:42 34:26   2490m 35:08 1 -6:02 -15% 14:06 Ran down ditch to stream and thought I had a really good bearing, but I ended up drifting too far N of the control on the long sloping spur. I wasted too much time in red light mode searching down toward the stream and further N. Finally, relocated to the trail and ran it S and just shined my headlamp in the woods and saw it right there.
8. 275m 2:34 1 -31 -17% 120.1 9:20   2765m 37:42 1 -6:33 -15% 13:38 Back to trail, to the intersection and cut in. No problems. Ran right to it.
9. 545m 5:08 1 -1:02 -17% 117.2 20 9:25   3310m 42:50 1 -7:35 -15% 12:56 Ran down ditch, yes, literally in the ditch, until I hit the stream. Crossed over stream looking for trail, but didn't see it. Looked S and saw a trail head post and then found the trail. Ran it all the way around to the stream with the control and cut in. Lost about a total of 20 seconds due to my stupidity of running in the ditch and inability to find trail right away.
10. 370m 3:40 1 -29 -12% 117.0 5 9:54   3680m 46:30 1 -8:04 -15% 12:38 Back up the stream to the trail. At the next stream, cut up the spur and was dead on. Caught Bob Rush at the control bag and had to wait while he, ahem, took a long time to punch!
11. 350m 3:27 1 -24 -10% 107.7 5 9:51   4030m 49:57 1 -9:09 -15% 12:23 I didn't hesitate out of the bag. Ran straight to main E-W trail while Bob was still studying his map for a couple seconds. Stopped on trail to read map again. Took trail to bend and then on in to the root stock. I think I lead Bob right to it. No problems. Just a little map reading hesitation on the trail, which wouldn't have been a problem in the daylight.
12. 350m 17:18 4 +11:43 210% 37.1 11:30 11:14 49:25   4380m 1:07:15 2 +2:34 4% 15:21 Straight down the spur, stupidly through the green, and then over the trail. Walked up and passed the first reentrant. Saw Fred Ayres coming toward me. I thought he said "Who is it?" and I answered "Dave." What he actually asked me was "Is it there?" and he thought I said "It's there." Didn't like the map in this area. I probably originally passed within about 10-15 meters of this control, but I was reading the area as rock cliffs. In reality, there were rocks in the micro reentrant. Needless to say, I wandered for a while with several people in the same area, went down to the trail and tried to find it by looking up, but no luck. Finally tried sweeping the hill again by relocating from the ditch to the N and then heading S. Still no luck. So I dropped down to the trail, ran it S to the trail intersection, and then turned around and ran N on the trail and used a pace count. Cut in at what I thought was the correct count and started to climb and pray. When I got to what I thought was the right contour, I looked right and "Bingo." It was essentially within 10 meters of where I had passed at least a couple of times. Saw someone's map just laying by the control. The real problem with this control is I had become overconfident because of my "good" run so far (with the exception of # 7) and I didn't concentrate as well as I should have. Still, the map could be improved in this area.
13. 370m 5:34 1 -1:53 -25% 123.3 15:02   4750m 1:12:49 2 +34 1% 15:19 Straight. Ticked off the features as I went, the small E-W ditch at the top of the next hill, the small outdoor classroom theater, and then the powerlines. Followed the trail on down to the stream and just ran up the spur to the NE end of ditch. No problems. Saw Heidi and Mike Brooks on the way up the spur.
14. 300m 2:36 2 +15 11% 101.9 5 8:40   5050m 1:15:25 2 +49 1% 14:56 Took the trail to the open area. Stopped for about 5 seconds because I thought I was on private property, but then realized it was just the GMU cabins.

* red = reported, gray = calculated

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