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Split Analysis

West Point Day 1: Red X


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1. 16:43 1 0% 13:00   16:43 1 0% Went for the safe route, the trail, and planned to attack from the bend, but 'slid by' and wasn't careful going in. Hey, it looked like it would be obvious - a cliff all by itself on an otherwise rockless slope - ha ha ha. I must have been right by it when I decided to bail, went back to the trail, attacked really carefully, paced, and still had to turn west a bit further to find it. Ugh.
2. 3:42 1 0% 1:00   20:25 1 0% Hesitant, unsurprisingly. Went high and read lots of features, probably too many.
3. 5:06 1 0% 30   25:31 1 0% Straight to road junction, on the road to the bend then up the broad reentrant. Carefully up the spur, leaning right to be sure to see the rocks.
4. 11:47 1 0% 8:00   37:18 1 0% Sloppy again. Thought it would be easy as I'd ssee the larger hill with the open top and the cliffs to the left, but in the fog I didn't. Slanting north lines threw me on this one, and I ended up back on the road. Re-attacked and hit it just fine. Why didn't I do that the first time!
5. 17:17 1 0% 8:00   54:35 1 0% Started well, confident, if tired arount the south end of the cliffs. Then made a poor route choice and headed up to the top of the hill. Should have stayed low past the swamp to the saddle then up. Instead wandered around in the fog, checking off things but never quite getting to the control. For the third time today, had to attack twice from the same place (the swamp).
6. 4:15 1 0%   58:50 1 0% Determined to nail this one. Attacked oh so carefully, and nailed it. Finally getting used to the slanted north lines.
7. 23:21:10 1 0%   1:06:00 1 0% Ah, a road run. Slow though.
8. 23:53:32 1 0%   1:11:52 1 0% Made a road run out of this too, went in from the bend with the clearing, checked off the line of bare rock, and spiked it ... slamming my compass into a rock as I came into the control.
9. 8:21 1 0% 1:00   1:16:53 1 0% Lost a few seconds putting the pieces of my compass in a neat pile at the base of the control, and then deciding to go on anyway. How could it get worse? Cautious and concentrating very hard - spiked it, but hesitant.
10. 23:59:26 1 0%   1:25:59 1 0% More confident now, took extra care to fix my direction in my mind when I left the water stop. Read my way in through as much detail as I could.
11. 23:52:21 1 0%   1:30:40 1 0% Picked up the trail for a little bit. Kept careful track of my contouring ... and hit it right on. Maybe I should stop using a compass all the time.
12. 11:20 1 0%   1:37:20 1 0% More contouring, between the cliffs, then crossed straight over the trail and contoured right to it.
13. 23:50:45 1 0%   1:41:05 1 0% Tried to run hard, but it was hard to care at this point (did I mention it was raining a lot?)
14. 1:53 1 0%   1:42:18 1 0%
15. 19 1 0%   1:42:37 1 0% Done, and cold. Didn't even notice all the fine food on offer.

* red = reported, gray = calculated

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